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Last year several people had a copy of the ad that came out on Thanksgiving early. I got some awesome deals the day after Thanksgiving but I was in line at Best Buy for like 90 minutes. That's 90 minutes of just standing in line, after I did my shopping. Got a kick ass deal on a GeForce 3 Video Card and some other misc. stuff.

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evil jose said:
Last year several people had a copy of the ad that came out on Thanksgiving early. I got some awesome deals the day after Thanksgiving but I was in line at Best Buy for like 90 minutes. That's 90 minutes of just standing in line, after I did my shopping. Got a kick ass deal on a GeForce 3 Video Card and some other misc. stuff.

I get to replace my GF4 ti 4400 with an ATI Radion 9700 Pro for ~$140 in a few weeks!

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last year i bought a digital camera, 3-dvd players, and some other stuff that i am forgetting about. my wife forgot to send in the rebate for the camera ($80.00):mad: so that deal wasn't that great, but the other stuff was cheap.:D

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STANGGT40 said:
last year i bought a digital camera, 3-dvd players, and some other stuff that i am forgetting about. my wife forgot to send in the rebate for the camera ($80.00):mad: so that deal wasn't that great, but the other stuff was cheap.:D
Lot of the good deals came with instant rebates and mail in rebates in order to call it a good deal. But I didn't forget to mail in the rebate so it's all good :D

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All I gotta say is get there right when we open, at 6 so you can get what you want and get out of there.

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STANGGT40 said:
last year i bought a digital camera, 3-dvd players, and some other stuff that i am forgetting about. my wife forgot to send in the rebate for the camera ($80.00):mad: so that deal wasn't that great, but the other stuff was cheap.:D
;) It's gonna be the same this year, but some things are going to be cheaper. Some things will be the cheapest you have ever seen them.

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Post it up man!

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4DRSS said:
If you got an early copy of the ad I would think they would honor the prices today? :confused: That would save you having to fight through the crowd.
I know Kohl's does that. They'll honor it a day early, and better yet, they'll honor it a day after the sale ends. All you gotta do is ask. Now that's great customer service!

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yea last year someone had the ad, not ohhh wait and see

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Well bummer. The list that I was on is gone, and I didn't save the messages that had the complete listings.. Here's some from other boards..

Best Buy:

  • BEST BUY Black Friday Sale list.. Not complete

    Monsters Inc., Beauty & The Beast, Grease DVD $12.99
    Shania Twain Up, 8 Mile Soundtrack, Eminem The Eminem Show, 3 Doors Down, U2: The Best Of 1990-2000 CD $8.99
    Panasonic 45 sec No Skip CD Player(SLSX388) $39.99-$10 IR-$5 BB MIR= $24.99
    Precision CDR Discs 40x 80 Min 2 pack 150 total Disc bundle (5770075) $26-$26 MIR = FREE
    Curtis 3 CD Shelf System (RCD855) $37.99
    DVD/CD Player [model may vary by store] (CH-DVD 402/2110) $69.99-$30 MIR= $39.99
    ALL Wireless phones regularly $149.99 and below are FREE (after MIR) with new activation
    75GB 7200 WD (WD750BBRTL)/KByte 256MB PC133 RAM (6432ZZGSEM) BUNDLE $219.98-$60 IR-$109.99 Bundle MIR= $49.99
    AVorcent 48x12x48x CDRW (RWJ-481S) $59.99-$30 MIR-$20 MIR= $9.99
    Kodak EasyShare 2 Megapixel Digital Camera (CX4200) $99.99
    Daewoo 25" Stereo TV (DTQ25S3FC) $159.99-$10 MIR= $149.99
    KLH 160 Watt Home Theater System (HA7000/HA9000) $159.99-$30 MIR= $129.99
    eMachines Celeron 2.0Ghz Computer 256MB DDR SDRAM, 40GB HDD, 40x CDRW, 6 USB 2.0 ports (T2040) $549.99-$250 MIR = $299.99
    SAME MACHINE AS ABOVE + 15" Samsung LCD Monitor (151V) $919.98-$250 MIR-$100 MIR-$70 Samsung MIR= $499.98

    Prolly not a good idea to post as news though.. Best Buy threatening to sue sites with info.. doubt they'd find it here though.


  • List for Sears
    Saw this on another board...thought I would share it here...

    Starts 6:00 am "The day after"...

    "Price Match Plus we'll match any price plus give you 10% of the difference"


    Between 6-11 AM Friday Nov 29:

    - Receive 10$ sears gift card w/purch of any 4 tires
    -Receive 5$ sears gift card w/purch of any DieHard Gold, SUV, Truck&Van, or International battery

    50% off:

    -ALL outerwear for family
    -SELECT sleepwear for family
    -ALL holiday candles & decorative accessories
    (40% off after 11 am)
    -SELECT sweaters for family
    -ALL men's covington brushed fleece tops
    -Men or Women's reebok walk solec shoes (sale 24.99)
    (37.49 after 11)
    -Toastmaster toaster & toaster oven (sale 9.99)
    (14.99 after 11) (pic had 4 slice toaster)
    -David Taylor dress shirts (7-9$)
    (9.99 after 11)

    -All other luggage 50% off

    -Forecast select luggage on sale $29.99 (reg 79.99)
    (39.99 after 11)
    -Audiovox 5 cd music system 250 watts w/headphones 99.99
    (129.99 after 11)
    -Sharp 8mm camcorder 199.99 (reg 249.99)
    (229.99 after 11)
    -Sansui Dual Deck VCR/DVD player 129.99 before 11
    (149.99 after 11)

    TOOLS (still 6-11 am nov 29)

    50% off:

    175 pc mechanic's craftsman tool set (sale 99.99)
    19.2 volt cordless drill craftsman (sale 99.99)
    cutting tool w/case craftsman (sale 39.99)
    (49.99 after 11)
    Kenmore wide body gas grill (sale 89.99)
    (149.99 after 11)
    13.2 volt cordless drill/driver craftsman (sale 39.99)
    (49.99 after 11)
    13 pc screwdriver set craftsman (sale 9.99)
    (full price after 11)
    7 pc wrench set craftsman (sale 9.99)
    (14.99 after 11)
    14 pc nut driver set (sale 19.99)
    (29.99 after 11)
    2 pc strap wrench set craftsman (9.99)
    (full price after 11)
    speed lock 21/pc set craftsman (9.99)
    (19.99 after 11)
    4 pc mini pliers craftsman (9.99)
    (full price after 11)
    12 pc deep socket craftsman (9.99)
    (14.99 after 11)
    accutire digital air pressure (7.49)
    (full price after 11)

    stuff that is on sale Friday Nov 29-Sat Nov 30:

    Save 30-50% on all outerwear for her
    40% ALL misses covington sweaters
    40% ALL sweaters for juniors
    40% ALL misses Laura Scott mock turtleneck sweaters
    40% Sag Harbor sportswear
    40% ALL misses holiday sweaters
    40% ALL classic elements turtlenecks (petite,women,miss)
    40% ALL fall & holiday social dresses and pantsets
    50% ALL robes for her
    30% ALL slippers
    50% ALL boxed bras and shapewear
    30% nicetouch hosiery
    30% ladies fashion socks and tights
    $17.99 ALL misses Sag Harbor linen-like poly/rayon jackets
    $29.99 ALL juniors MUD & Lei fashion denim
    $7.99 Amanda Stewart knit sleep shirt (50% off)
    $7.99 Cuddl silks soft,comfortable underwear
    (pic looks like long johns)
    $10.99 Amanda Stewart flannel pjs (50% off)
    $19.99 Inner Most leopard print gown & wrap suit (50% off)

    40% off:

    ALL men's sportshirts
    ALL men's sweaters
    ALL men's flannel shirts
    ALL men's heavyweight outerwear
    Men's champion microfiber jog set
    ALL men's team apparel
    Men's flannel pjs
    Men's terry robes
    ALL men's gifts (pics of tie spinner,travel kit,manicure kit)

    $19.99 men's lee denim jeans
    $24.99 men's lee dungaree jeans
    $27.99 men's carhartt jeans
    25% off ALL men's ties
    Men's casual pants (pic of dockers reg 34.99 on sale 26.99)
    Men's dress shirts (pic of barrington reg 24-26 on sale 16.99)

    There is a page of 9 shoes on sale 50% off then it says all others are 25% off. Here are the 50% off:

    Women's Laura Scott leather zip up boot (sale 27.99)
    Women's Laura Scott double gore leather shoe boot (sale 21.99)
    ALL metaphor and mainframe dress shoes
    Men's or Women's new balance 572 walking shoes (sale 29.99)
    Women's apostrophe leather shoe boot (23.99)
    Women's I Love Comfort leather slip on (13.99)
    Girls' reebok diva frost ll athletic shoe (19.99
    Boys' reebok tip ln lll zip basketball shoe (19.99)
    Men's dockers Jefferson oxford (29.99)
    Men's wolverine 6 in workboot (39.99)

    40% off:

    ALL kids play sets (healthtex and kid cool)
    ALL kids chill stoppers sweaters
    boys 8-18 screen printed tees & hooded fleece
    ALL kids covington brand fashions
    ALL kids character playwear
    ALL Girl Identity fashion seperates
    ALL boys U kan BU fashions
    boys 8-18 Wilson velour warm-up suit
    ALL other boys activewear & team apparel
    Girls fun accessories (pic of fuzzy boxes w/lip gloss)
    ALL other teen accessories
    ALL girl 7-16 coordinates & girls 4-6x coordinates
    ALL girls' dresses


    $34.99 boys 8-18 bubble jacket (reg 49.99)
    $16.99 boys 8-18 Lee Sure-2-fit jeans
    $14.99 boys 8-16 or girls 7-16 canyon river blue jeans
    $24.99 girls 7-16 fashion jeans
    $39.99 boys 8-18 suit
    $8.99 girls lounge pants
    30% off all other kids 2T-16 sleepwear

    $34.99 kids pop star karaoke (plugs into tv) reg 49.99
    $19.99 Nokko remote control car reg 29.99
    FREE snowflake candleholder w/any 25$ or more fragrance or bath purchase
    FREE watch w/ $45 purchase of white diamonds, passion, aparkling white diamonds or brilliant white diamonds
    FREE tote w/$38 purch of eternity,escape,obsession,truth, or Ck One for women
    FREE weekender bag w/$49 purch of Tresor,Noa or J'adore
    FREE teapot & cup set w/$15 purch of The Healing Garden Products
    FREE desksize telescope w/$35 purch of eternity,escape, or obsession for men
    FREE duffel bag w/$47 purch of Cool Water of Men fragrance

    40% off Time Out bath and body products and gift sets
    50% off Traincase color kit (makeup set) reg 50$
    40% off all other kits
    $8.99 apostrophe boxed fashion jewelry
    $19.99 rose cut diamond accent jewelry
    $5.99 select boxed fashion jewelry
    40% off Laura Scott boxed jewelry
    50% off sterling silver jewelry
    40% off holiday fashion jewelry
    30% off all other fashion jewelry

    50% off:
    copco travel mug gift set (7.99 sale price)
    20 pc dinnerware set (19.99)
    Basic essentials tea kettle or lasagna pan (9.99)
    T-fal perfection nonstick cookware (11.99)
    Basic essentials 20 pc cutlery set or 8pc steak knives (9.99)
    Circulon 12 in grill pan or 11 in stir fry pan (29.99)
    wooden photo box (19.99)
    conair 1875 watt chrome hair dryer (9.99)
    forecast casa grande 2,4 pc luggage set (99.99)
    pollenex shower massage or conair massager (9.99)
    5 pc natural finish snack tray set (29.99)
    conair paraffin spa (item 22053) (14.99)
    feather/down comforters (39.99 any size)
    beyon big pillow (4.99)
    beyond big mattress pad (12.99)
    Twin 100% cotton flannel sheet set (14.99)
    kensington comforter set (24.99 any size)
    twin cuddle up heated throw (34.99)
    twin sunbeam elite automatic blanket (49.99)
    beyond big 30 x 54" bath towel (4.99)
    beyond big bath rug (12.99)
    pollenex massaging foot bath (19.99)
    george forman champ grill w/timer (14.99)
    norelco cordless/cord shaver (69.99)
    bunn 10 cup home pourover coffee brewer (99.99)
    Homedics back rejuvenator (69.99)
    Kitchenaid classics stand mixer (169.99)

    Save 40-50% on all fine jewelry plus take an extra 15% off sale prices...
    Save 20-25% plus an extra 15% off all watches (excludes swiss army and casio wrist watches)

    Fine print on jewelry and watches say "Excludes exceptional values, introductory offers, closeouts, special purchases and clearance"

    Some specific items include (but are not the only ones listed):

    $29.99 1/5 ct. tw diamond studd earrings in angel box (reg 99.99)
    $169.99 1/4 ct tw. 3 stone diamond pendant (reg 399.99)
    $59.99 14k gold 3-pair hoop earring set (reg 159.99)
    $99.99 8.5-9 mm cultured freshwater pearl strand 18 in 14k fancy clasp (reg 259.99)
    $99.99 14k gold rope necklace w/bracelet (reg 359.99)
    $219.99 seiko men's chronograph watch (reg 350)
    $124.99 citizen men's or women's eco-drive watch (reg $199)

KB Toys

    borrowed from another board:

    Rescue Heroes $3.99 (reg. 7.99)
    LEGO Technic Toa Bionicles $2.99 (reg. 5.99)
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card game starter decks $8.99 (reg. 12.99) Spider-Man Action Figures $3.99 (reg. 7.99)
    X-treme Motocross Racing $19.99 (reg.69.99)
    17” Locker Board with Bag $7.99 (reg. 9.99)
    Touch My Toes Pooh $12.99 (reg. 24.99)
    Amazing Babies $9.99
    Trouble, Clue, Operation or Sorry $7.99 (reg. 11.99-15.99) Deluxe Edition Monopoly $7.99 (reg. 16.99)
    Simon 2 Game $14.99 (reg. 24.99)
    Deluxe Scrabble $19.99 (reg. 34.99)
    Lite Brite $9.99 (reg. 16.99)
    Blo Pens Air Coloring Sets $5.99 (reg. 10.99)
    Creepy Crawler Oven $9.99 (reg. 19.99)
    159 Piece Art Set in Wood Case $14.99 (reg. 29.99)
    All Pokemon Card Booster Packs $.88 (reg. 1.99)
    Deluxe Power Ranger Isis Command Megazord $39.99 (reg.69.99)
    Easy Bake Oven $9.99 (reg. 19.99)
    Twirlin’ Whirlin’ Garden $14.99 (reg. 24.99)
    Selected Family Games ( Hi! Ho! Cherry-O, Memory, Ants In the Pants, Don’t Break the Ice, Don’t spill the Beans, Cootie or Dragon Tales $4.99 (reg. 7.99-10.99)
    Yahtze, Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders $4.99 (reg. 7.99-9.99)
    Upwords, Perfection or Jenga $9.99 (reg. 14.99-21.99)
    Silly Golf or Silly 6 Pin Game $14.99 (reg. 27.99)
    Barbie Take Along Case $12.99 (reg. 19.99)
    Harry Potter Lvitating Challenge or Whomping Willow game $24.99 (reg. 39.99)
    Trivial Pursuit 20th Aniversary Edition $24.44 (reg. 39.99)
    Skate Shoes $9.99 (reg. 19.99)
    Aluminum Scooter $7.99 (reg. 14.99)
    Barbie Corvette $7.99 (reg.12.99)
    Anne Geddes 15” Dolls $7.99 (reg.14.99)
    Porcelain 16” Dolls $9.99 (reg. 19.99)
    Beauty Salon with Chair $19.99 (reg. 39.99)
    Boxed GI Joe Figures $4.99 (reg. 9.99)
    Tech Deck Downhill Dude Playset $19.99 (reg. 29.99)
    Hot Wheels Octoblast Track set $29.99 (reg. 44.99)
    Hot Wheels Turbo Jet City Play Set $34.99 (reg. 54.99)
    Pixter $29.99 (reg. 49.99)
    Blue’s Clues Come Home $9.99 (reg. 14.99)
    Little People Farm or Garage $19.99 (reg. 39.99)
    Sesame Street Radio Control Construction Set $19.99 (reg. 29.99)
    Music & Lights Kick Start Gym or Air-tivity Gym $14.99 (reg. 24.99) Spring Zing, Hot Spot or Fruit Style Barbie $2.99 (reg. 4.99) Barbie 6 Fashion Gift Pack $4.99 (reg. 9.99)
    Barbie or Friends Styling Heads $8.99 (reg. 13.99)

Ace Hardware

  • Ace Black Friday Sale
    Got this in the mail today. Friday 11/29 Ace one day sale advance notice for helpful hardware club members. Also earn double points on all purchases that day only.

    Ace 25' tape measure-4.99-4.99mir=FREE
    Ace outlet strip 1.99-1.99mir=FREE,limit 2
    Black & Decker 7.2 volt cordless drill 19.99-10mir=9.99,limit 1
    7 1/4" piranha saw blade # 20156 OR 14pc Drill bit set 2115053 7.99-7.99mir=FREE, limit 1 for each
    Multi pack energizer batteries 7.99-7.00mir=.99 limit two rebates total
    6qt round slow cooker-24.99-10.00mir=14.99, limit 1
    CDR 25pack-8.99-8.99mir=FREE
    10pc Stanley Screwdriver set # 2015626. 4.99-4.99mir=FREE, limit 1.

    Stores open at 7am offer good only on 11/29/02. Good at participating ACe Stores. Some ACe hardware stores may vary in opening hours.

Circuit City

  • CIRCUT CITY - copied from another board

    HOT: All CDs under $13.99 will be $9.99 (yes, cd that was 5.99 will be 9.99, too - j/k ). This is Friday only

    Most of these stuff is 5 hour specials, dont remember which is which, and remember that web-order is disabled for all the 5-hour specials, you can order it, but it can't be store-pickup

    FREE Stuff :
    Free Binoculars: $19.99 - $20 CC MIR
    Free Surge protector : TRP SUPER6TEL $14.99 - $15 CC MIR
    Free Power Backup (UPS): APC BE350U : $39.99 - $20 mfg. MIR - $20 CC MIR
    Free Labeling kit : FEL 99940: $19.99 - $20 CC MIR
    Free CD Player case : CLC KSDM1 $14.99 - $20 CC MIR
    Free PCI 56k V92 modem (the model is so long, can't remember) $19.99 - 20 CC MIR
    Free 256 MB PC133: MEI 256PC133ONLY $39.99 - $40 CC MIR (there may be multiple rebates). this is the high density one.
    Free vanquish handsfree kit for cell phones: TNZ VANQUISH $14.99 - $15 CC MIR

    Other hot stuff:
    Norton Anti Virus 2003 Professional Edition : $4.99 after rebate : $69.99 - $30 Upgrade MIR - $30 CC MIR - $5 IR
    Bazooka sub : BAZ EL1004 $39.99 (regularly $119.99)
    Free installation on any in-dash car stereo over $99.99
    17" flat monitor Proview PRO PRO458 $89.99 after rebate : $139.99 - $50 CC MIR
    17" LCD monitor Proview PRO PRO758 very cheap after rebate (i forgot the price as well as the rebate, darn it)
    Toshiba laptop $699 after 200 IR and 200 MIR
    Emachine Athlon XP 2000 + 17 inch monitor + HP color printer for $599 after $200 IR and $200 MIR
    48X CDRW IMM DRCDRW4848 : $19.99 after rebate : $79.99 - $30 CC MIR - $30 mgr MIR
    Western Digital 120GB : WDC WD120BBRTL $89.99 after $110 combined rebate ($40 from CC and $70 from Mgr)
    Apex DVD player APX AD1200 : $49.99
    Apex 27" TV, stereo : APX SP271 $149.99 (regularly $199.99)
    GE 31" TV for $299.99
    Panasonic cordless phone with answering system : PAN KXTC1503B $29.99 (maybe after one rebate, i forgot)
    Govideo DVD/VCR combo GOV DVR2450 $149.99
    Classic 64 MB MP3 player for $29.99 after rebate (maybe free, there's still some confusion about this one)
    Onkyo Home theatre speaker sets ONK SKHST500 : $199.99 (regularly $299.99)
    Color scanner $14.99 after rebate (this one i'm not sure, don't quote me on this)



    These items are only on sale from 6 am till 11 AM

    Symphonic 27 in TV 148.62
    Symphonic dvd/vcr 98.87
    Apex DVD player 48.76
    Kodak CX4300 Digital camera .2 megapixel, 2X digital zoom amd 16 MD internal
    memory Dock n go cradle compatiable.154.00
    hotwheels , matchbox, tonka, or GI joe 20 pack vehicle assortment 10.00

    HP computerw/monitor,printer CD writer/DVD combo drive 698.00
    (Computer info: Intel celeron processor 2.0 Ghz, 256MB DDR SDRAM memory, Integrated
    Intel extreme graphics with up to 64MB shared video memory, 60MB hard drive, Built
    in CD_WRITER/DVD combo drive, v.90 K%^flex data/fax modem, 10/100 baseT
    network interface, HP pavilion 17 inch color monitor, HP Deskjet 3320V photo
    quality color printer USB cable included)

    game boy advance with screen protector 49.68
    Roadmaster 300 watt speaker system 14.88
    Symphonic tv vcr combo 13in 89.74
    Quasar camcorder 208.00
    Eureka boss vacuum 35.00
    Black and decker 4 pack tool, screwdriver,sander,jigsaw,drill 49.96
    regal 22 piece cookware 28.36
    30 Quart turkey fryer 29.97
    4 cup coffeemaker, mini chopper, electric knife,1 qt crockpot, sandwich maker 5.00 each
    Quest boys and girls 12,16,20 in bikes 24.00
    mens and ladies 24, 26 in bikes 45.00
    power wheels jeep 76.93 (wrangler jeep made for 1)
    Nikko radio controlled vehicle 20.00
    Monopoly or trouble 4.44
    Purse fun barbie 5.00
    barbie playset assortment or hotwheels playset 7.00
    Lego bionicles 5.88
    scooter Samantha 10.00
    250 mega blocks, Jake the snake radio controlled 10.00
    pop out skates 15.00
    ladies leather boots 10.00
    mens and youths hiking boots 10.00
    Mens and ladies fleece 4.36
    girls and boys fleece 3.36
    toddler and infants fleece 2.86
    boys rustler jeans 6.00
    infants and toddler jeans 5.
    girls boot cut jeans 6.
    ladies and mens faded glory jeans 7.00
    basketball goal 56.43
    special basketball 2.96
    20in 14kt rope chain 19.97
    25 count light set 3.00
    singer sewing machine 88.67
    6.5 pre lit Christmas tree 39.74
    mens and ladies assortment watches 2 for 5.00

    Walmart Ad November 29 - December 5th

    Leap frog Quantum pad 39.88
    My Scene barbie 13,67
    10 pack barbie fashions 7.96
    pop sensation Barbie 21.38
    Barbie talking townhouse 48.88
    Barbie Rapunzel carriage 26.82
    Barbie and ken as Rapunzel adn prince 17.76
    Fisher price sweet magic kitchen 72.84
    zip n zoom shannen 25.83
    power wheel jeep wrangler 197.00
    barbie power wheel jeep 197.00
    little tikes home improvement workshop 29.83
    little tikes kitchen or workshop 25.44
    hasbro magic start crawl and stand activity center 10.00
    play doh safari playset 7.00
    Tonka spiderman web cycle with figure 6.00
    Candy land, toy story, memory, chutes and ladders, cootie , ants in pants, 4.82
    harry potter twin size sheets 14.94
    guess who, twister,operation, bop it 10.96
    casio full size keyboard 88.72
    memorex karaoke machine 59.73
    lenoxx personal CD player 17.77
    venturer 5 cd stereo with remote 48.84
    XBOX woth 3 games, jetset radio future,sega gt 2002, and amped 199.94
    Toddler snoopy table and chairs 29.46
    14 foot trampoline 128.23
    Ozark trail 3 piece set 18.86 tent, sleeping bag, chair
    Stanley rolling tool chest 134.83
    Black and decker 14.4 cordless drill driver set 39.96
    Grab it go mop 23.74
    Eureka bagless Upright vacuum cleaner 86.44
    Gibson 116 piece dinnerware set 26.88


Television taste funny
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I sent out the Best Buy ad last year, but I didn't get one yet this year. I have had the Comp ad for about a week though.

Nothing special in it unless you are thinking about buying a PS2.
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