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AbecX said:
I think he is letting you know he's happy :D

No.... I think he is letting on his young age and lack of perspective.

Listen, young Jedi - there was a time back when you had to put "tokens" (look it up in webster's) into "game machines" in order to "play", and in fact there were emporiums that had many machines that had many machines which took these "tokens" and allowed you to play these games (ie: Dave and Busters).

Now, there were many games back in these days such as "Frogger", "Centipede", "Duck Hunt", "Pac Man" (and "Ms Pac Man"), "Caligula", and perhaps "Defender" and some actual by God pinball machines that you could shake and tilt. There was also "Tapper", an apparently "gay" game LOL.....

PCs and game consoles were much more limited and for real play you had to go these emporiums.

Now of course it's much different, and anyone that has played the old games is "gay" (ie: stupid).

Youngins..... :rolleyes:

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