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another "what's it worth"

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to the mods...sorry, I wasn't sure where to post this...

I'm throwing around the idea of selling my car, but I hate to be one of those guys that tries to get way more than the car is worth. So, can you guys help me put a resonable price on this thing. Here's what I got

1990 Mustang GT

The Good:
Coilovers w/ Koni adjustables
Tubular a-arms and rear control arms
Strut tower brace
17” Cobra R (ford oem) with Nitto 555
Trick Flow upper and lower intake
Roller rockers
Ported E-7 heads
Mac longtubes w/ bbk offroad h-pipe and mac dumps
Beefed up t-5 transmission (built by Slim to handle 400+hp)
Pro 5.0 short shifter
K&N filter
Interior has no tears and the ashtray cover works (could use a good cleaning though)
A/C works
Car has never been wrecked and the body is pretty straight
4” Cowl hood

The Bad:
I think I threw a rod bearing (bad knocking/the car has been parked since that started)
The whiteface gauges are pealing
The clearcoat is fading in some places
Heater core has been bypassed
I can’t think of anything else….

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I'll give you $500 cash for it... Shake on it?
:( reminds me of my first stang... Whats the milage and color of the interior?
Hey why not by another motor, there is guy out there in springtown named Glen. He has just tons of those cars. I dont have his number. but pm me and I can tell you were he is at.
Honestly with the knock.... not much. the low baller in all of us will sing that it needs the motor replaced blah blah, so basically you have a good roller, with alot of goodies in it. I would say 4k to the right person. more if you fix the bearing.
Cool. Well, I posted it for 3k.
I dunno about 4k... w/ the "rod bearing" possibility, I wouldn't say a whole lot. I think if you got 3, you would be doing darn good. I remember selling my car, similar to yours 4 years ago for 3500 w/ 88k original miles and super clean. the market wasn't as good now for resale, but still the motor issue is going to be huge trying to sell this. If you can get anywhere close to 3k you better take it and run...

Why not fix the car though and keep it? There are tons of longblocks going for cheeeep.
Why not fix the car though and keep it? There are tons of longblocks going for cheeeep.
It's going to cost an arm and a leg to do what I want to do with it (I'd like around 400hp.) I just really can't afford it. I just figured I'd see about selling the car and getting a gixxer. I'm sure I can scare myself on that. If I can't get close to 3 I'll probably keep the car and hope to fix it some day.
looks like a prime candidate for an lsx swap:)
Man, if I was single and my wife didn't hate the Foxbodies...I'd be all over that for $2500...but alas..the 66' sucks my wallet dry and I don't need another car in the driveway.

But yeah, $2500 is what I would offer for it. The hood looks like it doesn't match the car, some paint issues (though it looks nice) and the engine makes it scream $2500 to me. Good luck with the sale.
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