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Another timing question

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I replaced my intake gaskets, harmonic balancer, timing gear, and dist. I had a degree wheel and piston stops to put the motor at top dead center. The cam was pointing straight down and the balancer was showing to be at 2 degrees btdc. I put the dist back in with #1 towards the back passenger side and put the pointer at one. Timing set at 12 degrees.

It almost sounds like it is backfiring a little when I get to high rpms say above 4k. Did I miss something?
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First - don't confuse ignition timing with cam timing. They are not the same, but they are related. IF that makes any sense.

If you used the piston stop properly, you should have marked your balancer when it was at TDC - from the sounds of it, you'd actually be at 0, when your balancer is marked at 2* BTDC.

Regardless, it appears that, at most, you'd have a 2* error. Not enough to make it misfire or do anything wierd. Double check your math, double check your piston stop measurements and all of your ignition components. IMHO, a 2* error is not a problem - there's something else wrong.
You are correct ignition timing(distributor) relates to position of the piston to when it sparks. I think I need to restab my dist.
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