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Aluminum head repair?

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I just aquired a set of ported heads for my lsx build, Upon further inspection there is a pin hole in the exhaust port on one of them. Im unfamiliar with aluminum head repair, can they weld it back up? Epoxy? Any shop recomendations? id like too run these heads if at all possible as they have bigger valves and all...

You guys are the best....
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Fixing an exhaust port with epoxy won't last long.

I'd be very careful about fixing heads near the seats. That is VERY hard to get right, and it's best to pay the price and get a reputable shop to fix them. You get what you pay for when it comes to specialty work like this.

There's a guy in Dallas or Mesquite maybe, who's well known for only fixing aluminum heads. His name escapes me now, but I am sure SOMEONE on here knows him.

FWIW, part of the high prices in head repair come from needing specialty welding equipment.
I understand that. The hole is more toward the outside of the exhaust port thank goodness, nowhere near the seat....it would be real easy to get a torch or whatever too it, just finding a reputable place. Thanks for the tips brooks if you think of his name LMK.

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