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Allright Guys I Need To Get Rid Of My 98gt.

I Have Just Rebuildt The Shortblock. Has 550 Miles On It At The Time It Is A Daily Driver So The Miles Will Go Up.

The Motor Is A 2000gt Motor That Had 35k And Spun A Rod I Rebuildt It And Stuck It In My 98 Gt. The Motor Is Really Strong.

It Also Has Mac Off Road H Pipe And A Mac Catback.

Stock Cobra 11" Flywheel With An 11" Clutch To Match.

Also It Has Fms 4.10 Gears.

The Tranny Has About 88500 Miles On It Same As The Chassis.

The Paint Is A 9 Out Of 10 And The Interior Is Also A 9 Out Of 10.

It Is Lowered With Stock Cut Springs And Rides Just A Little Rough But Not Too Bad.

The Car Is Over All In Great Shape And Runs Great Also.

It Cost Me $750 In Parts To Rebuild This Motor And I Have Reciepts.

That Includes One New Piston All New Rods, Rod And Main Bearings. Turing The Crank And Getting The Heads Checked Out And Replacing The Lifters.

Im Asking $7500 That Is Allready Lowered From The Last Time I Posted It And That Is As Low As I Can Go.

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ttt for ya. hope you sell this car, it is a nice car he is a close friend of mine and he takes good care of it, so it is a good deal for the price he is asking, good luck
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