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The car is tripple black with leather..
17" chrome factory wheels.
156,000 miles (car was used to daily commute between San Diego and LA for over a year)
I've been using mobil 1 10-30 at every oil change, and the engine
still runs as smooth as it always has.
Car has been in texas for 2 months (drove it straight here), and was originally purchased in San Diego. I already have changed to texas title and registration.

I had a full tune-up done with plugs, wires, cap & rotor, fuel filter, tranny fluid changed, etc right before I drove it here.
This car has never given me any problems, and has never had any engine work aside from a new water pump a few years back.
Front struts and rear shocks were changed approximately 1 year ago.

I also added an alarm and tinted the 5 windows. ( Which I did after I arrived, since they don't let you in california! )

I relocated out here to Dallas, and originally planned to keep the car, but now I am feeling the urge to go for a new one.

I'm asking $5k.

any questions, feel free to ask.

Pics added..

I had several request for pictures, so here they are.. sorry it took so long. You'll have to excuse the fact that the car is a little dirty. I've been quite busy lately and haven't been able to give the car much attention. I will be letting the car go for the first $4500 cash firm... which I think is quite a good deal...

P.S. I'm in the richardson area, and I'll be out of town for thanksgiving weekend, but will be back on Sunday. I will be checking my messages between that time, in case anyone has questions or would like to set up a time to see it.

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everything works? Especially the AC?

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Everything works, including the AC...

The car is 100% stock and has never had any sort of modifications. I'm sure I'm going to regret selling it, but I just 2 days ago purchased a grand prix GTP, and I plan to roll the money from this mustang into my 68 vette, of which I would like to redo the interior in leather...

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P.S. I'm back in the Dallas area, as of yesterday. I'm not looking for any trades, for the people who are asking or are thinking of asking.

I have 3 cars right now, so I am letting this one go...
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