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'85 LTD-LX Street/Strip.

This is a real LTD-LX, one of under 3,000 built.

Has a DSS Pro-Bullet low compression 306 with main support and windage tray.
Heads are Stage III ported Windsor Sr. irons.
Victor Junior Intake, Holley 650 DP.
Crane 286H cam, Crane Gold 1.7 roller rockers, hardened pushrods, Comp Cams polymer valve covers in Ford Blue.
High quality SEFI Balancer.
Tweaked Duraspark dizzy, Mallory Hy-Fire box.
Hedman Equal length 1 5/8 shorties.
Offroad H pipe.
MAC Pro-Dumps.
Full Manual C-4 with Art Carr 9 inch converter with anti-balloon plate.
Tranny Cooler.
Fresh 3 core radiator.
Manual rack conversion.
3.73 gears in perfect 7.5

Car is GUTTED. Weighs about 2700-2800 pounds. Plastic race bucket, no carpet, no sound deadener, aluminum door panels. I have all of the interior parts to return it to stock if so desired.

Fresh refrigerator white paint. Matching white mini-spares up front and black turbines out back. Brand new rubber up front and nearly new McCrearys out back.

Teardop hood scoop.

This motor made 500 RWHP with 12 pounds of boost and propelled a 2700 pound notchback to high 10's at 130 with a C-4 and 3.73 gears. This car is a solid mid 12's runner right now and is very reliable. Runs cool and can be driven. Add a blower, turbo or nitrous and run easy 10's all day.

I am asking $4,000 and this is very negotiable. I have more $$ in the motor, tranny and converter than this. I will consider splitting it up if I can find buyers for the major components. The car is currently in the local News On Wheels and will be going in the paper next week.

I WANT to SELL this car. It is sitting and not being used and it is a fabulous car....sounds amazing, hauls ass and is not your typical Mustang....yet all Mustang parts bolt on. Turn key fun for someone who is not a sheep following everyone else......

E-mail and I will send you a link to a video of the car in action so you can see it and hear it for yourself.

I can be reached at [email protected] or at 985-792-1720 home 985-807-3776 cell.

Here is a link to a folder full of pics:


Here are some pics:

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