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6x6 lumber?

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I am going to need some 6"x6"x12' PT lumber for my pergola. Where can I get this stuff? The 'Depot only sells 4x6.
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Special order maybe?
lowes in Forney has 6x6x12 cedar and PT

check different Home Depot I have seen it at several different places...also you can check fence supplies they have all that stuff.
I am looking at building a pergola soon as well. There are alot of picture Ideas out there to go from. How are you going to set the posts? I want to put my post in before doing my patio so I can pour the concrete around them, but I am not sure if thats the best way.
Well, 2 of my posts are integrated into my deck. another one is going to be on the stone bar, the 4th on the slab. I plan to use stand offs (composite) to prevent rot on those 2. Not going to sink any of them in concrete, but plan to brace accordingly. my design weighs about 815lbs, of which a about 30% is on the bar.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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