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69 RANGER update pics

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We have started putting the sheetmetal back on...hope you like... then again its not everyones cup of tea...


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Looks good!

Any non-artistic shots?:p

Whats under the hood?
Its a 302 w/ a e-cam, and an automatic... nothing fancy, just to get it to move around...sorry those pics where taken with my cell phone and thats the only way to get them to fit in screen....
looks good
is that joel and delphino's trk?......could be wrong...
That looks sweet.
Looks good man bitch is laying frame
looks good

is that joel and delphino's trk?......could be wrong...
yes it is. that thing is LOW!! very nice.
thanks guys... Yea Im Delfino... we've had this truck since my sophmore year in high school so it'll stay with us for a while... I take some engine pics tomorrow..:)
great looking truck! I've got a '70 short bed that I would like to lower but not quite that much.
nice work...post more detailed pics when you can
Looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I just finished my 72' this week. Although, mine was more of a restoration, than a custom build.

I guess it would be a waist of time, to ask you if you would sell that truck, but if you ever get around to it, and I'm still on DFW...please hit me up.
looks great any motor pics?
Wanna sell it or trade it for a newer truck?
That shit looks good man!

When's it gonna run?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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