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302 short block

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Can anybody recommend a good machine shop that sells short blocks ready to go in dallas area. Nothing crazy just prefer forged pistons. I heard of blaines but what shops are out there. My buddy needs one for his car but we dont want to buy another 100 thousand mile junker.
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I can tell you that Blaines do not hold up in Circle track for anything. At least not if it is making any power. I've fixed..no wait...completely re-done mountains of stuff they have messed with. I am in disbelief at the things I have seen they didn't do that I consider to be some of the most basic but critical operations in the game.

Funny you mention a short block as I was just mulling over building one to sell. That is not a normal thing for me as I only build specific engines that are pre paid. But I'm bored. LOL!

PM me and I can discuss specifics with you if you are interested in talking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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