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2003 Cobra and the serpentine saga

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I have an 03 Terminator and lost the drive belt for the ps/ac/water pump. After reading through my trusted Chilton book and research on alldata, I began to remove everything as instructed. Everything was well and good until I came to removing the accessory crank pulley. I attempted to remove the pulley with by simply removing the "bolt" in the center of the pully...could not break it loose. So back to alldata and Chilton. After researching the topic of removing the accessory crank pulley and found that I needed to lock the flywheel in place using part number 303-673, so after an extensive search of local part houses and the local Ford house, I had turned up nothing. Online I finally found the tool....$185 :damnit1: Anyone that can offer any advice or has the tool to lend would be more than appreciated. Who knew that it would be such a pain in the ass to change a belt. Whatever happened to loosen the alternator, pull the belt, put the new one on and be on the way...fuckin technology...:lame:
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that is a super evil bolt to loosen. Been there, done that....

go to SVTperformance.com, look in the cobra( terminator section), and find the how to post. Look for the one of the lower pulley.

That bolt actually tightens itself when placed under a load... I had a HUGE breaker bar (4 foot) and it took a lot of force to get it to break loose.
I've never had to replace that belt before but I wish you luck. It looks like a bitch to do.
Am I reading this right? You have to remove the dampener to replace a belt???

Never been around a DOHC mod motor so I have no idea but fuck all that mess!
the 03-04 cobras have two serp belts. The inner belt ( p/s, water pump, ) is a bitch to replace. the outer belt ( s/c and alt) is easy.
couldnt you just leave it in gear and set the e-brake to lock the flywheel into place?
couldnt you just leave it in gear and set the e-brake to lock the flywheel into place?

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