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06+ 4.6 vs. 5.4 Suggestions please.

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Talking both newer motors in the newer F150.

Which do you think would be more worth while, looking and pricing both. Dont plan to do too too much. Power adder in future finances and life permitting. haha

Ive heard of alot of smaller problems with the 3V 5.4 due to the FFV.(when it comes to modding anyway) Anyone able to school me alittle on this.

With the 4.6, the aftermarket is obvious due to our good ol buddy the mustang, but are the power plants pretty much the same? Will she react to the modifications alike, i know it will be somewhat of a dog cause i drive a truck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lookin to get rid of my shabby 4.2. But dont wanna make a mistake. I know torque wise the 5.4 takes it home, but what about in the long run?

Thanks in advance, trying to figure which one is going to replace the heart of my F150. Its a 07 Reg Cab.


Disclaimer, i know ill never be fast, just want more than what i have now.
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Get the 5.4 here is my 4.6 times

0-10 MPH: 1.17 sec
0-20 MPH: 2.63 sec
0-30 MPH: 4.38 sec
0-40 MPH: 6.09 sec
0-50 MPH: 8.47 sec
0-60 MPH: 11.45 sec
0-70 MPH: 14.75 sec

Elapsed Time

60': 3.21 sec @ 21.9 MPH
330': 8.16 sec @ 47.3 MPH
1/8 mi: 12.19 sec @ 61.6 MPH
1000': 15.62 sec @ 71.4 MPH
1/4 mi: 18.51 sec @ 78.2 MPH

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What is that in? Seems kinda slow. heh
The 4.6 is a total dog, it's right on par with a 4.7 Ram.
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