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  1. The Back Porch
    I was at a party, me and this chick were half ass flirting and next thing I know she came up to me, smiled and kneed me in the balls. I was like WTF?? then adriline took over and I was in defense mode. She started throwing punches and slaps so I pushed her off of me and she was so wasted she...
  2. The Back Porch
    Troubled comic Artie Lange landed in the hospital after stabbing himself nine times in an apparent suicide attempt, sources told The Post. Lange's frantic mom called 911 Saturday morning after she entered his Hoboken apartment and found the bloodied funnyman, a law-enforcement source said. Lange...
  3. The Back Porch
    These things are GREAT! Have you tried them yet? Went grocery shopping this morning and spied them on the cookie isle. I rarely buy sweets to keep around the house, but I had to try these little bad johnnies out, and boy, oh BOY am I glad I did. Went ahead and bought the chocolate filled ones...
  4. The Back Porch
    Anyone know any good places thats sells a good Frito Pie around DFW? School use to call it corn chip pie. Sonic's pie sucks!!!
  5. The Back Porch
    Thought this little 2 part series "Alice" looked interesting and something to watch with the little lady. Ummmmmmmmm....it is SUPER kooky and gets weirder after every single commercial break. Oh well, she's enthrawled! :thinking:
1-7 of 7 Results