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  1. Picture and Video Post Forum
    I spent many years building this car, got it about 95% finished, and traded it back in February of this year. It went through a few hands and finally got finished. 2 Friday nights ago it made it's first ever pass down a track, and ran a 9.28 off the trailer on 15#'s of boost on a partial pass...
  2. The Garage
    The alternator was starting to fail on my 87. I think one factor could have been it's proximity to the turbo. The original alternator was about 2" at it 's closest point. Even with the insulation, it still gets pretty toasty to me. I'm replacing the original with a 130A 3G style alternator...
  3. The Garage
    With the turbo on, the alternator moves over a little and I need to customize the upper radiator hose. I'm looking at the Vortech hose kit - but I was kinda thinking that it should be able to be done for less than $50. Basically it's a ~15" piece of 1.5" stainless and two hose clamp from...
1-3 of 5 Results