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  1. The Back Porch
    I've read some of the posts about people speeding and getting dinked here. Big tires or whatever, this is going to make your blood boil he he he. The cop that wrote you your ticket, is on overtime! DPS is paying the salaries read overtime to the officers to write you your ticket! If I was a...
  2. The Back Porch
    I am sure this has been covered but saw lots and lots of the dr. Pepper 12 pk cans, that are made with real sugar at the Wal Mart in Grapevine. Just a heads up to the dr pepper lovers like myself. Posted via Mobile Device
  3. Picture and Video Post Forum
    My new ride. 2001 Grand Prix GTP, This is how it looked the first week I bought it This is it after 99 Cobra Rims & New Tires & a Eibach Pro Kit Drop & Tinted the Taillights I love the car itself. But still on the fence about the FWD Transmisson. Its like you have to really mash the gas...
  4. The Back Porch
    Boats. Went out this past 4th of July with some friends who had a 2002 inboard Baja with a 370 cubic inch Fuel Injected Motor. Man I so want a boat. I just dont know anything about them. I know I cant afford anything newer. But I know I want a Ski boat. I hear Crowns are the Cadillac of boats...
  5. The Racing Bench
    This car makes my peepee wiggle.:eek5:
  6. The Back Porch
    so if you go to a party that is BYOB do you DYOB? The invite does say YO so does that mean that its yours or do you have to share it or put it in with what everybody else brought? Ive never been to a BYOB party. maybe i should just bring a keg and sit on it and be all like "wtf are you looking...
  7. The Back Porch
    214-779-7278. Would like to square up. Sold my truck & have a little money coming back in. I owe a couple people on back bets. But I think that is maybe $70 bucks. $20 to Nate & $50 to this guy who said dont worry about it. But keeps bitching about it. You know who you are. PM me or call me
1-8 of 8 Results