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  1. The Back Porch
    If you want to say something to me, say it to me directly. Don't hide behind your pussy ass tags. I've left your ass alone-even when you've left that door wide open, but if you want to open that can of worms again, go right ahead. ;) btw-sorry guys for the late Friday drama, but I was just...
  2. The Back Porch
    Good luck and post up when done. Also, pass out some of the meds you're certainly going to get. ;) David
  3. The Back Porch
    well im getting to the point where my car will be running very soon and was wondering what i should go with to keep the hood secure, should i go hood pins, hood locks, or nothing but the latch its a 93gt
  4. The Back Porch
    Kids in town have been talking shit for awhile now wanting me and a few buddies to race them.. I keep telling them I'll run them when the stang is fixed just to shut them up. But now they are trying to hustle kids in town.. It's pretty rediculous.. Here's what the little ******* drive.. 2001...
  5. The Back Porch
    I have a car for sale and there is a guy telling me he will pay for it with his credit card through paypal because it will be interest free for him that way. im not necessarily saying he will rip me off but im used to seeing cash in my hand when i do this. is there any way that i can get ripped...
  6. The Back Porch
    I could eat these damn things all day. Throw them on a burner one at a time until slighty crunchy and butter em up! Love that shit!
  7. The Back Porch
    What is the best stuff for fleas, I noticed my dog had some on him and want to get it takin care of.
  8. The Back Porch
    Who all plays some kind of instrument...and what all can you play? I used to play the Trumpet and Baritone in School and I just picked up a Didgeridoo and man this thing is hard to learn. Anyone else tried it?
  9. The Back Porch
    I have finally found a California burrito in Texas... Marianas Taco Shop in Frisco sells them. Here's a description from wikipedia: California burrito is a Mexican-American dish created in San Diego, and has been described as a staple of local cuisine.[3] It is served in many casual Mexican...
  10. The Back Porch
    My wife and I are having a discussion on which phase is the right one. I say it's "Make ends meet", like make something whole, in a sense of prosperity. She says it's "Make ends meat", which apparently refers to being in a financial bind because you can only afford the ends meat or scraps.
  11. The Back Porch
    Pretty good stuff...I like the few Belgian beers that I have tried. Any other recommendations for beer similar?
  12. The Back Porch
    A few years ago I bought a framed autographed Brett Hull Stars Jersey from the '99 Stanley Cup Finals. I bought it at a silent auction thinking I'd just hold onto it until he went into the Hall of Fame and then try to sell it for a profit. This thing was packaged together by Bud Light and it...
  13. The Back Porch
    http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-world/obama-gives-himself-b-for-first-year-20091214-krt7.html There is alot to be discussed here. His first year was no B+ year IMO.
  14. The Back Porch
    so me and the wife were out at a bar, anyways we met the really hot *****. she starts telling my wife she wants to eat her out and do all kinds of freaky stuff:) my wife tells me and im like see if she's up for a threesome. the ***** says no:yell: that she's not into guys at all. so is it wrong...
  15. The Back Porch
    I consider yall my family outside of my family. I dont know where to ever start. Just that I am sorry for how I act sometimes & how emotinonal I can be. I dont like how alot of some of you percieve me & I want that to change. I didnt come to X-Mas party for one I was picked up Friday morning...
  16. The Back Porch
    one dollar giftcards are an awesome idea to show em how you really feel. anyone else seen these commercials? im surprised no one has come up with this before :nutkick:
  17. The Back Porch
    I hope that fucking loogie I hit you in the mouth with, tasted better than the Whataburger that was important enough to hit my car for. Die slow, you fat fucking slob of a human. That is all.
1-20 of 25 Results