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  1. The Back Porch
    Let me start by saying I have a lot of respect for the good officers out there who really serve to help make their communities better. Now with that said, my girlfriend's sister is going through the initial stages of a divorce. Her (soon to be ex) husband is a police officer and their brother...
  2. Picture and Video Post Forum
    with this girl, i dont know what it is about her but dayum:yumyum:
  3. The Back Porch
    A guy I work with was burglarized a few weeks ago here in Denton. The theif got a couple of laptops, XBOX360, and some other random things. Luckily this happened early morning and his neighbors saw the guy (ninja) fleeing the scene in bright orange work boots with a suitcase and garbage bag...
1-3 of 3 Results