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  1. Picture and Video Post Forum
    A new Pimp My ride forum! http://www.youdrivewhat.com/
  2. The Back Porch
    while i usually find him as racist and ignorant as some of our little family here, it seems i agree with him on this subject. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/2010/01/05/2010-01-05_sharpton_urges_nba_to_get_stern_on_arenas.html god bless.
  3. The Back Porch
    If so, what do you do and what about it do you love? I don't know if I have ever loved a job. Well, maybe my first job at 12, flying styrofoam airplanes in the mall...
  4. The Back Porch
    Okay, I like that other thread so lets do this again. How many posts will you have on 1/1/2011? Be specific, whoever is closest gets a cookie. Also, make sure you list how many posts you have when making yor guess: I have 11,870 right now, I am going with 14,030 by 1/1/2011.
  5. The Back Porch
    So yeah I know its a gay show to watch but the dude Jake is from Dallas and There is SOME SMOKING hott chicks! Personally I dig the burnette with the blue dress.The divorced one thats only been with the one guy.... woowee! But there is about 8 I'd take NOW! any other guys watch this?
  6. The Back Porch
    So we are playing with fireworks and we accidentally set a palm tree with all these dead leaves on fire!! Video to come soon! Have to upload on break.
  7. The Back Porch
    So we were good friends since junior high. He had been going out with this chick, but all the sudden he started going crazy on her. He was texting her all the time asking where she was and when she wouldn't reply, he would cry. So his ex calls me one night trying to figure out what the hell is...
  8. The Back Porch
    A guy I work with was burglarized a few weeks ago here in Denton. The theif got a couple of laptops, XBOX360, and some other random things. Luckily this happened early morning and his neighbors saw the guy (ninja) fleeing the scene in bright orange work boots with a suitcase and garbage bag...
  9. The Back Porch
    RIP. http://www.realtvaddict.com/2009/12/30/mythbusters-regular-erik-gates-dies-at-47-in-tragic-fall/ On December 21st, Erik Gates passed away after a 30-foot fall. Gates was a regular on Discovery Channel’s popular show, Mythbusters, and owner of Gateco Electric. Gates was walking across the...
  10. The Back Porch
    I've got some old tires that are junk and I didn't know if there was a place I take them to recycle or just throw in the trash. What about an old broken camaro wheel w/ tire?
  11. The Back Porch
    http://www.tomsguide.com/us/Xbox-Console-Game-Stolen-thief,news-5441.html LMFAO! A thief was caught playing a stolen Xbox 360 online...
  12. The Back Porch
    Figure I'd go ahead and start it out, post up what you got. My girl hooked it up with a 16Gb iPod Touch, which was really cool of her cause I sold my 8Gb iPod Touch a few months back to help pay off a ticket.
  13. The Back Porch
    Wife just called, said a lady just came to the door asking for me and had a subpoena for me. She told her I wasn't in, but would be tonight after 6pm. So, those who have received one- what was yours for? What are subpoena's served for?
  14. The Back Porch
    So I come in thru automotive to grab an item quickly and avoid the mad cow herds in the main area of the store. I get up to the automotive cashier to attempt to quickly checkout, when I see two retarded (seriously jerry's kids- no dig on retards, just calling it like I see it) employees...
  15. The Back Porch
    I've had someone screwing with me sending text messages from a websight txt2day.com but this time it says it was sent by ip can I trace that back to someone? I don't mind if it cost money.
1-16 of 18 Results