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  1. The Back Porch
    I find it very interesting that they won't release the 911 call, sounds to me that the Costco rent-a-cop freaked out at the sight of a gun, and misled 911 into thinking that the situation was far more escalated than it really was. If the cops are truly justified, why conceal the 911 call? I...
  2. The Back Porch
    if a persons car is 100% legit and they make no traffic violations but say they have a warrant for speeding or say they have an invalid DL. Can a police pull up behind you, randomly run your plate and pull you over? What if the person that the car is registered to is not driving?
  3. The Back Porch
    Who was doing almost 40% over the posted limit. I'm not going to give any names, but you're lucky I recognized the Ubil sticker on your car!
1-3 of 3 Results