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  1. The Garage
    So i think my clutch is slipping, when i pull hard the car "stutters" until i lower the RPMs, it is not constant so i can drive normally, is just when i pull hard. At the beginning i thought it was the belt but i still have boost as a matter of fact the needle goes all the way to 10 PSI (car...
  2. The Garage
    ok i am looking to get some good word for an 01 cobra suspension. i'd like to beef up the rear end for straight line racing but still be able to play on the street. lower an inch all the way around on 17" wheels. coil overs? brands? i'm thinking a 4 link in the rear but honestly not too sure...
  3. The Garage
    soo like the title states; i just invested a hell of a lot of money for a "measly" 70 rwhp gain. i would like to actaully be able to justify spending some g's when i get into the deep 10's at ennis. does anyone know what tthe hell i am talking about? well anyways i have a remanufactured 4.6L...
  4. The Garage
    Clutch was recently replaced, shifts fine; however, after I release the clutch i can hear (and feel) this "pop" in the rear end. It doesnt matter how slow or fast im going. Any suggestions???
  5. Picture and Video Post Forum
    just curious if anyone has an 03,04 termi with a mach1 hood. or if anyone has pics of 1?
  6. The Garage
    i have been told that there is an adapter plate to fit and 03-04 eaton onto a 4.6L 2V engine, is this true and if so where can i purchase on of these plates?
  7. The Garage
    I have an 03 Terminator and lost the drive belt for the ps/ac/water pump. After reading through my trusted Chilton book and research on alldata, I began to remove everything as instructed. Everything was well and good until I came to removing the accessory crank pulley. I attempted to remove the...
  8. The Garage
    Attn. modded 03/04 Cobra owners. If you plan on or already have heavily modified your Terminator, take a look at these links. Very important if you don't wanna end up dumping tons of cash into a new motor. http://dagostinoracing.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2678_122_1420_1785...
  9. The Garage
    I've just installed a clutch in a friend's 04 Cobra. I pulled out a Centerforce clutch, which I'm pretty sure is backed by a Fidanza flywheel (not too sure that anyone else has one with a replaceable center section). Anyways, I installed the clutch he provided (RAM PN 88951) which was specified...
  10. The Garage
    I have heard that the cobra intakes will suck oil into the intake. I am pretty sure that I am haveing that problem. The connection where the hose hooks up at from the lower intake to the upper has oil on the conection. Also I am using about a quart of oil every tank of fuel. What can I do...
1-10 of 12 Results