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  1. The Armory
    i need to run numbers on a handgun to see if its hot or not. will any PD run the numbers for me?
  2. The Armory
    at alpine probably... who can make it?
  3. The Armory
    I've been putting this off and need to get it done. Looking for a class in Sherman/Mckinney/Greenville area. Anyone know one? Is there still a huge backlog in getting the license? What all do I need to have prior to the test?
  4. The Armory
    let's say you stop someone for a minor violation and once you walk up to the driver and they hand over their driver's license & CHL and announce that they are carrying, what's your initial responce/feelings/actions? i have heard of cops being cool about it and some not. i know there have been...
  5. The Armory
    I've accumulated quite a bit of FMJ ammo I can't use at any ranges, and I have a few pounds of tannerite that's been burning a hole in the closet for some time. We've gone back and forth with a few board members with land about how we could get together and shoot - but is there anyone willing...
1-7 of 8 Results