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  1. more of your classy police doing what they do is
  2. Fukushima getting worse
  3. Fox news dallas "dallas police officers fired for negligent criminal homicide
  4. More abuse by the police. This was found on Fox News Dallas
  5. Very Political real video message from George Carlin and Bill Hicks.
  6. Blue days for Ft.Worthless again..
  7. DPS settles roadside search lawsuit
  8. Dallas Police run over bicyclist several times on purpose killing him..
  9. Fox news Headline 5-27-2013 Dallas Police officer arrested for DWI
  10. Police Beat a Father To Death While He Begs For Help
  11. Judge Napolitano speaking about out of control Gov
  12. Police officer gets 10years in prison.. Justice served
  13. Kaufman County Da Murders.. Starting to look like it was all a inside job
  14. More cop love out of Richardson. Police shoot and kill woman
  15. Fort Worthless Top DWI enforcement officer fired for Drunk driving
  16. Ex LAPD officer Dorner. Part of the story the media does not Mention
  17. on duty police officer masturbating in patrol car while camera is on and running
  18. DPS officer conduct butthole cavity search in public on two women
  19. American Freedom by Bill Hicks
  20. disabled combat vet jailed on memorial day for allegedly not coming to a complet stop
  21. More muders and blood shed by the Police in Dallas
  22. Wow, less than 10 years and you guys have forgotten
  23. So yeah. North Korea. Bout to get their asses whooped.
  24. Palin says....
  25. The Dems have still not figured it out...
  26. Obama wants "unreviewable authority to
  27. Hand Carved Constitution
  28. US Constitution, First Amendment
  29. Is this too hard to believe?
  30. School Forces Boy To Take Flag Off Bike
  31. Pelosi losing support of fellow dems
  32. no mention of the mystery missle launch off Los Angeles
  33. Bankers above the law
  34. Banking holiday?!?!
  35. 100 years of the Fed
  36. Is this possibility too hard to believe?
  37. Olbermann suspended from MSNBC
  38. Currency War
  39. Democrat Campaign Workers Left Without Paychecks
  40. Happy days are here again.
  41. Win the World Series, then ban toys in Happy Meals
  42. “I believe that this is your donkey?”
  43. JSF Costs Up At Least $2.5B: Rumor
  44. Obama's Tax increase is paying off
  45. Fed Monetizing $600B in Government Bonds
  46. Israel and the UK aren't talking
  47. Republicans want to return to the cotton fields of Jim Crow
  48. Harry Reid Still Senate Majority Leader
  49. Dear Harry Reid
  50. John Boehner, the next House Speaker
  51. republicans take obama's old senate seat!
  52. Nancy pelosi goes out delusional....
  53. Republicans in control
  54. Head-Stompers, Wrench-Swingers and Wide Awakes Election Season 1860
  55. Shocking!!!!!
  56. Here's the ad that the American mainstream media refuses to air
  57. Banks own almost million properties, 107 months to clear
  58. France and UK plan unprecedented military cooperation
  59. WikiLeaks death wish?
  60. Any one else running into this?
  61. Brutal new attack ad: John Adams is kind of a hermaphrodite, isn’t he?
  62. Morgan Freeman narrates for republican Ad
  63. Record-low mortgage rates will be gone in 2011
  64. JPMorgan, HSBC sued for alleged silver conspiracy
  65. Jon Stewart addresses a sitting US President to his face as "dude"
  66. About sums it up
  67. Rubio campaigns for American Exceptionalism.
  68. Mortgage interest deduction on chopping block?
  69. Interesting article on NATO becoming weaker
  70. Looking for some proof
  71. Is Wikileaks accurate? WMDs were found!
  72. More proof that environmentalists are the ultimate killjoys
  73. Big brother at 24 hour fitness
  74. Oh this is good...On my B-day no less
  75. TX Midterm Candidates
  76. Tinfoil hat is going to giddy..
  77. Brutal new ad: “The Chinese professor”
  78. Chances are your effective tax rate is higher than Google's
  79. At least one Tea Partier denied the right to vote in Texas
  80. For some, jobless benefits trump a job
  81. Vote Rick Perry!
  82. Here's How 16 US Cities Have Left The Recession In The Dust
  83. Oklahoma...Is this email true or false?
  84. Pilot to TSA, Pilot to TSA..... Fuck off
  85. Obama administration requests emergency stay of don't ask don't tell...
  86. Britain gets serious with their budget.
  87. China expands embargo of rare earth metals..
  88. Gunmen storm Parliament in Chechnya, 6 dead
  89. LMAO @ the French!
  90. The deficit Texas didn't see coming
  91. Get out and VOTE!
  92. The Great Deflation
  93. I want your money
  95. Michelle Obama violates Voting Law
  96. Obama: Not my fault
  97. And this is what I see when they speak
  98. More Troubles for Banks? Suspended Foreclosures Discussion
  99. What is a heavily liberal forum?
  100. This increases my blood pressure a tiny bit...
  101. China wants Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas
  102. Rep. Burgess on Stimulus signs
  103. Obamacare lawsuit to go forward...
  104. Ex CIA and Former LT COL of intelligence say 911 commission report a white wash
  105. Obama admits he was wrong
  106. Obama agency busts plan to sell rifles to Americans
  107. Dude looks like a lady..wants to play golf
  108. 15% Ethanol blend gets the go-ahead?
  109. SC Islamic Center Defaced with Bacon Slices
  110. .Gulf fraud smoking guns. U.S. crime against humanity in-country continues
  111. I need this T-shirt
  112. 10/12/2000, Never Forget!
  113. Casting call for Obama town hall
  114. Socialist by Conduct
  115. Gah... time for a gas prices thread I guess
  116. Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper's New Born From Hospital
  117. RIP PFC Cody Board.
  118. NIST FOI request reveals interesting video of first responders
  119. Judge locks up attorney for not reciting Pledge of Allegiance...
  120. Interesting Video
  121. 9th circuit invites 11 foriegn countries to join AZ lawsuit
  122. Hopefully this is a sign of what's coming in 2012.
  123. Still-defiant Times Sq. bomber gets life sentence
  124. Hi Greenies.. tell us how you really feel..
  125. Yet another fwd email.....but a damn good example
  126. New Border Patrol Vehicle
  127. 22 ways to be a good democrat...
  128. Army judge tells officer: Shut up and be punished!
  129. ideologies using 2 cows
  130. More Border Crap....
  131. Obama-care Rawks!
  132. All 9 troops killed in the worst helicopter crash for the coalition in Afghanistan...
  133. Union pride kills another plant
  134. Well since we can't stop Iran from getting nukes, Venezuela might as well have them.
  135. Rahm Emanuel to resign?
  136. Face-camera collision
  137. Economy and Market
  138. Video: The campaign ad that sums up the election
  139. Six months of ObamaCare: Two Minnesota insurers stop selling individual policies
  140. Chris Christie gets in heckler’s face at Meg Whitman rally
  141. Dems off the f'n rockers... Stephen Colbert testifies at Immigration hearing.
  142. Another gem from Mark Steyn...
  143. This gonna be the Dems big FU?
  144. Obama's Aunt
  145. A Nation of Peasants?
  146. Bailed Out Union Auto Workers Busted Boozing, Smoking Weed
  147. The Change in the Tea Party Movement
  148. New "supervirus" targets Iranian nuclear facilities?
  149. For anyone interested and unsure of who to vote for.
  150. Setting the Record Straight on George W. Bush
  151. They just won't give up on the climate change bullshit
  152. Healthcare premium increase?
  153. No US Air Superiority
  154. Obama's Teleprompter SNAFU
  155. Facebook Conversation
  156. Carter superior x-president?
  157. Finally, Congress Does Some Good!
  158. Obama: People still hurting despite recession end
  159. Top 20 Pro-Socialism Sound Bites From Obama, Advisers, & Allies
  160. All your paycheck belong to us
  161. Check this out. BP oil spill related.
  162. Any Glen Beck fans?
  163. What I see when they advertise
  164. New Designs For The Dollar Bill
  165. O'Donnell's Fundraising Skyrockets
  166. China's SAIC Motor Corp to "invest" in GM
  167. Fort Worth needs to declare bankruptcy to void these deal
  168. Texas Sues to Block Bizarre "Global Warming" EPA Rules
  169. Jihad on the pope
  170. Comments on Illegals by a rancher in Apache, Arizona
  171. How is BHO handling the economy?
  172. $Trillions down the drain
  173. Bush tax policy good now
  174. Obama's DREAM Act
  175. More well spent stimuls money: $800K to African genital cleaning...
  176. School trip to Mosque
  177. Culture Crisis and not Healthcare Crisis...
  178. O'Donnell wins! GOP acting like brats, now...
  179. New T Shirt: Islam: Religion of Peace; The World Tour
  180. A&M scientist has gulf samples and notes taken by Feds for "national security"
  181. Obama really wants to help small businesses....
  182. French Senate passes burqa ban
  183. Musical commercial real-estate bodes deflation
  184. Buffett: I See A Huge Recovery Across All Of Our Businesses Happening Right Now
  185. Gangster government stifles criticism of Obamacare
  186. So Obama is a Prick?
  187. Arms to Saudis?
  188. Peace and tolerance
  189. Look at all these people that owe the IRS
  190. U.N. Looks to Take Charge of World's Agenda
  191. CIA ties to 9/11 mosque
  192. 9/11 remembrance: Spitting on their graves
  193. Why do the pro-muslim people choose today, a day to remember the ones who died, to de
  194. I Want Your Money Trailer (2010) HD
  195. Tolerance (pic of Google headline)
  196. Another Black Congressman with a Scholoarship Scandal...
  197. quran burning VS Flag Burning.
  198. new stamp?
  199. Paintings by Jon McNaughton
  200. Dont Ask, Dont Tell declared unconstitutional...
  201. When Political Passion Goes Wrong
  202. Jobs Data better than expected....Due to "Estimates"
  203. NJ Gov. Christie Clashes with Teacher at Town Hall
  204. Quran burning canceled
  205. 3rd world America: Detroit - documentary
  206. HOLY CHIT!! Kennybo is running for Congress!!
  207. Where was that quote about money...
  208. More BO eligibility news
  209. Michelle Obama Hosts First White House Dance Event
  210. Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47
  211. Psalm 2010 lol
  212. Rare Color Footage of London Blitzkrieg Found in Attic
  213. lmao
  214. HOLIDAY SEGREGATION: NY Governor Says Blacks Can’t Really Celebrate 4th of July
  215. German Economist:Obama's Misguided Approach--America Has Become Too European-
  216. ‘Machete’ producers lied about racist bloodbath
  217. FAREED ZAKARIA: It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.
  218. Imam Hitler Learns of Ground Zero Mosque’s Downfall
  219. New evidence undermines feds' case against Arizona
  220. Scholarship Scandal Congresswoman Falls Apart in Anderson Cooper
  221. Dean to Socialist: Don’t Exit the Financial Crisis — Let’s Work For Global New Deal
  222. Jesse Jackson gets his Escalade stolen
  223. Obama is suing Sheriff Joe
  224. Union Irony
  225. Joe Miller wins Republican Nominee
  226. Just Friggin Wow....
  227. Never impressed with academia "credentials",
  228. IL DEM Candidate Sicks FEC on Veterans Group, for supporting his Opponent.
  229. Deval Patrick on Beck rally: “It’s a free country. I wish it weren’t.”
  230. One less nut bag....
  231. Actually help change Congress: Eddie Bernice Johnson self-dealing' in scholarships
  232. Harry Reid is planning a revenge session if we throw the libs out of power.
  233. Oval office: Churchill bust thrown out, MLK bust replaces.
  234. Hawt Conservative chick owns Lefty on Anderson Cooper- a show on CNN, a tv channel
  235. New Ratings are out. Olbemann 4.5 mil Viewers?
  236. General: Obama records 'critical' to 'our Republic'
  237. John Cusack Calls for 'Satanic Death' of Fox News, GOP Leaders
  238. NY Times Columnist on Beck: ‘I Underestimated the Man’
  239. Oil should be $10 a barrel...
  240. anyone see drudge this morning?
  241. Compare Garbage After Glenn Beck Rally Vs. Obama Inauguration
  242. Sharpton bitch slapped twice in a row on CSPAN
  243. Obama, Dems got 88 percent of 2008 contrbutions by TV execs, writers, personalities
  244. Beck's Restoring Honor Rally free stream
  245. Mosque eligible for public funding
  246. Friday night bombshell: Petraeus is … an Enya fan
  247. Obama giving backdoor amnesty
  248. Sarah Pailn...
  249. Where's your congressmen?
  250. Three year olds can't vote