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  1. ATF busts 74 year old man
  2. How should I reply?
  3. german death camp official
  4. 28% of troop votes didn’t count in 2008
  5. Judge Orders Chemo Against Family's Will
  6. Alan Keyes Aressted
  7. No wonder we didn't have the votes
  8. Obama close to making NASA appointment
  9. Obama: U.S. Long-Term Debt Load ‘Unsustainable’
  10. Best description of Obama
  11. pelosi making friends at the CIA
  12. Government Motors: Chinese-Made Cars to the USA
  13. Democrats to Raise Gas Prices
  14. Man made drought
  15. Bingo. Here it is, the ultimate goal of the "green" agenda finally realized.
  16. Nancy Pelosi sweating to the socialists
  17. SSI running out sooner than planned
  18. Taxing Health Care benefits
  19. the new Obama era racism is alive
  20. Georgia Guidestones
  21. Fucknuts want to raise gas tax now
  22. Messed up day in Baghdad
  23. Barack Obama's rich supporters fear his tax plans show he's a class warrior
  24. funny article...
  25. Free Cars!!!!
  26. Should Obama Control the Internet?
  27. The growth of the Muslim nation
  28. So GM lost $6Billion last quater.... that's nothing..
  29. Oil...needs to come back down
  30. Thomas Jefferson quotes.
  31. Where's Eric when you need him?!?!
  32. This impreseed me (stock market)
  33. I think this is BS
  34. Germany...a socialist PARADISE!!
  35. Abusive Power and the Culture of Obedience
  36. Things you won't learn from the drive-by media
  37. The Okies are standing up
  38. How realistic is...
  39. 75 year old cartoon from chicago tribune
  40. Who benefits from swine flu?
  41. any interesting articles on health care?
  42. Teen Homeschooler Arrested Under Patriot Act
  43. Sit...Stand...Sit...Stand -- It's a conspiracy!
  44. So...we scare the hell out of New Yorkers...
  45. Oil price crap
  46. Guilty until proven innocent? ...if Obama has his way.
  47. Holder and Obama to possibly help Spain prosecute US officials
  48. Outsourcing
  49. GM: The Government Is in Charge
  50. Alex Jones calls the whitehouse
  51. Al quieda threatens the US again.
  52. Homelands New List
  53. RIP Jack Kemp
  54. Something for the Libs to think about.
  55. Your opinion on my thoughts.
  56. The GOP After Specter
  57. Souter to retire... Obama will get to make SCOTUS appointment
  58. Chrysler is bankrupt
  59. 100 days of failure
  60. 3,400,000,000,000 Obama budget
  61. Not a bad read: Obama to be success -- or failure?
  62. I just had to post this here..anyone want to Cruise off Somolia?
  63. "swine flu"....
  64. Specter prooves to be a waffling POS
  65. Interesting thing about this swine flu
  66. Plane in New York
  67. Poll: When does Israel go after Iran's nuke facilities?
  68. American NCO tells it like it is...
  69. So, what does a Muslim do...
  70. You ever get embarrassed for someone.. but just can't look away from the train wreck?
  71. Baxter, almost started a pandemic back in Dec 2008
  72. Speaking of Pirates...
  73. New flue? There getting their stories crossed.
  74. Frost/Nixon.
  75. So you think waterboarding is bad? Russian anti-terrorist "Death Squads" laugh at you
  76. LMFAO @ David Duke!!!
  77. Awesome! 'Debt Day' earliest EVER
  78. Obama coming after more of your rights.
  79. Gates Goals Undercut Air Force Capabilities and Leaders
  80. Just wow.
  81. love japan! we need to do this
  82. Dems considering bypassing GOP for vote
  83. Anyone else have a balance on their CC?
  84. Do we nee a credit card bill of rights?
  85. Americans are high alright...
  86. Michigan republicans left out of white house meeting
  87. Your 4th amendment righ it gone.
  88. 50% top tax rate for the UK...
  89. The Border for Dummies...
  90. Anti-gun protesters get (peacefully) owned
  91. Not sofast Obama.......
  92. Freddie Mac chief commits suicide?
  93. Americans to volunteer
  94. Anybody that say's "waterboarding" doesn't give intel...
  95. Next on Congress' list ...
  96. The Treasury also has estimated that it will spend up to $1.25 billion...
  97. American pirate?
  98. Rate the great one !!!
  99. Imagine that.. another Obamanation screw up.
  100. Bac
  101. Two years ago today...Senator Reid "The Iraq War is Lost"
  102. thomas jefferson quotes
  103. 14 years already?!?!
  104. stupidity to the extreme
  105. This just keeps getting better and better.
  106. A case for doing nothing for the economy
  107. The wheels on the bus go round and round
  108. obama asks congress for $448 million
  109. obama wants another 13 billion for high speed rail
  110. Michael Savage suing Homeland Security
  111. Nothing but the best for our veterans (effin' VA)
  112. Another Obama staffer under investigation...
  113. and for his next trick...
  114. 2010 Gov race
  115. Jobs lost
  116. Ignore the elephant in the room...
  117. SWYV Invested
  118. Something Interesting I Heard From A Friend (Gun Collector)...
  119. Old nazi
  120. Where your tax money goes (in visual form)... LARGE pic
  121. Ford
  122. So are you a right wing radical?
  123. Obama's Change In Cuba Policy
  124. Anyone in "no loss" funds?
  125. im curious to hear the thoughts on this..
  126. Homeland Security on guard for 'right-wing extremists'
  127. Captain Richard Phillips Freed From Somali Pirates
  128. Our Reprimitivized Future - When all the world’s a “distraction"...
  129. Ring of power
  130. Creative applications of extortion
  131. 4-15-09 a tea party near you.
  133. Biden = Liar
  134. Gun registration on the horizon - "GLOVES ARE OFF"
  135. Obama's Bows???
  136. here we go again...
  137. another obama flip flop
  138. Obama Wants To Block The Sun To Solve Global Warming!
  139. Harvard Student Takes On Rep. Barney Frank
  140. 33 minutes
  141. US Electric Grid Penetrated By Spies From Russia, China
  142. Lmao.....
  143. He was against it, before he was for it
  144. "Reagan's got a fantasy foreign policy" - Newt Gingrich
  145. Whats your take on those that actually get away with avoiding Taxes
  146. Gee, I can't figure out why commercial real estate is such a mess...
  147. More Obama nut-hugging
  148. tax increase vote for income over $104,425
  149. Empire State building going green
  150. Check this out.
  151. This needs to be on the radio
  152. What's your political leaning?
  153. Obama Wants to Control the Banks
  154. Chavez: 'Reset' relations with U.S.
  155. Hedge Fund paid Obama advisor $5.2million.
  156. Fate of the F-22 to be decided on Monday..
  157. How does a broke nation survive?
  158. The cure for homosexuality
  159. NWO still a conspiracy theory?
  160. Party like it's 1931
  161. This is ridiculous. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
  162. Obama's Address Today
  163. Fannie, Freddie worker bonuses total $210M
  164. MORE - MORE & MORE of our money gone
  165. prime example of the problems with unions
  166. Mrs. Obama touches the Queen
  167. Obama is "uuuuh" speaking!
  168. Republican Budget Vs. Obama
  169. Oopz Obama: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S.
  170. Throw away boats
  171. Fed' Tax on Cigarettes - 4/1 update ....
  172. Obama gives IPOD to Queen
  173. I love it when old people make sense.
  174. Even flaming liberal michael moore gets it now
  175. Penn Jillette's take on the economy
  176. Obama's most perilous legal pick
  177. Maybe I love Texas too much...
  179. Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR
  180. yet ANOTHER tax cheat!
  181. Obama in the g20 meetings
  182. Obama works on new law to allow searching of PC's, Laptops, and media devices
  183. Thanks Mr. President
  184. Wagoner leaving GM with compensation worth $23M
  185. $12.8 Trillion
  186. do you think we should be concerned with this nut in North Korea?
  187. Obama asserts gov't control over the auto industry
  188. Since gpamp and Paladin phucked up the GOP thread...
  189. Chapter 11's begin
  190. Derivatives explained
  191. Obama gas tax
  192. Obama forces out Rick Wagoner as CEO of GM.
  193. North Koreas bullshit
  194. The Quiet Coup
  195. 'Thomas Paine' youtube star summoned to White House ?
  196. Obama's "first 100 days"
  197. Alan Keyes--FTW!
  198. Bernanke Inserts Gun In Mouth
  199. White? Blue eyes? You're to blame!
  200. Pro-Taliban Journalist Kidnapped, Awaiting Beheading By....Guess Who? The Taliban!
  201. 2nd American Revolution
  202. The GOP answer to the budget issue.
  203. [email protected] fail
  204. Oblahma holding a townhall meeting
  205. Shocks and electricutions in Iraq
  206. Pinnacle of a throw away society
  207. Dan Hannan's denunciation of Gordon Brown
  208. So, did gpamp finally off himself?
  209. Another one bites the dust! Yes another one
  210. Obama answers your questions
  211. Texas can only send Democrat Nominees - White House States
  212. So Obama takes days to say anything about AIG bonuses
  213. Global War on Terror is over, celebrate!
  214. crisis of credit
  215. Montana H.B. 639: Get Back To Gold And Silver
  216. California's new enemy...TV's
  217. Obama administration: "Let us seize everything"
  218. China warned US and asked for guarantee
  219. This is scary.
  220. human ego vs reality --
  221. global warming -- effect of man????
  222. Dow and S&P soar... Thoughts
  223. Is this Presidential?
  224. Fundamentally Sound Economy
  225. What happens when America goes bankrupt?
  226. Another $1 Trillion
  227. Crash Course - A must learn
  228. This is where that AIG money went
  229. Gold for bread
  230. wtf?
  231. Stimulus bill bad? Try $1Trillion deficit each year
  232. Obama and special olympics
  233. Obama throws due process out the window with 90% tax
  234. Are you a domestic terrorist?
  235. anyone watch FNM stock recently
  236. Coworker QOTD
  237. LMAO bunch of damn hypocrites
  238. Whoops ........
  239. Portrayal me Thomas Payne
  240. Who say's Obama's a puppet?
  241. Pelosi say, Immigration laws are Un-American!
  242. A must watch 2
  243. The RFID chips are showing up
  244. A MUST Watch
  245. Hybrid sales plummet
  246. Wounded? Soldier? Uncle Obama says tough...
  247. Congress does something right!
  248. 3.55 Trillion Dollar New Obama Budget
  249. Count the broken promises.
  250. After standing in line at DPS for two hours...