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  1. evacuation arrests start sept 1
  2. Think I found a copy of the Health care bill
  3. F.E.M.A. NLE 09 exercise. 7/27-7/31
  4. At Least Someone's Getting A Raise: Minimum Wage Rises To $7.25
  5. Ordering pizza in the future
  6. Former mayor of belgium says Chemtrails are real
  7. Don't tread on me bumper sticker
  8. First cigs and then......
  9. 5 key freedoms you will lose in Health Care Reform
  10. New kind of poll
  11. Perry: Healthcare State Rights
  12. Dow Closes above 9k
  13. The International Banking Cartel is the New World Order
  14. Dems are asking Pelosi to step down....
  15. Why do people vote for this guy?
  16. You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal
  17. Health care change
  18. fuckface is speaking of his health care
  19. The fed just gives away money but can't remember to who
  20. US Senate cuts F-22.
  21. obamacare: goodbye to private health insurance
  22. DC Gets the right to vote...
  23. Me thinks something's afoot
  24. Me thinks something's afoot
  25. Doesn't suprise me...
  26. VA mental health review..
  27. Barney Frank: Don't Blame Me for the Housing Bubble
  28. Do you wonder what the feds health care will be like?
  29. My Letter to John Cornyn and Joe Barton
  30. Goldman Sachs and record bonuses
  31. CZAR article
  32. And here's a sample of gub'ment healthcare...
  33. Perhaps the greatest danger to the US... and it isn't Obama
  34. Our New Gangster Government
  35. What Obama did his 1st day in office
  36. What's the deal with the 2010 Census?
  37. Are you smarter than our politician's ?
  38. US officials suggest we pay Chinas taxes
  39. Are you wondering why the STIMULUS isn't working?
  40. US Terror conference.
  41. Vaccine makers get Immunity
  42. For those asking "is it time yet"
  43. Could Conservatives really be THAT much of a minority?
  44. Senator Barbara Boxer Accused Of Race-Baiting At Energy Hearing
  45. Social Security spends 700k on retreat
  46. Sotomyer's Hearing
  47. Gangster Government
  48. Watching CSPAN
  49. Economists Warn Fed Independence at Risk
  50. Do you support a millionaires tax?
  51. Obama comment during the All Star Game
  52. Obama may have to show birth certificate
  53. I promise, we got it right this time...
  54. W00t! Its a new record! $1.1 Trillion!!!
  55. They even be gettin' change in Mississippi..
  56. Russia and chinas new world currency
  57. recession chart, job losses
  58. How long till we attack Iran?
  59. Uh oh...
  60. Obama- "Nobody wants to do business with a country where the govt. skims 20% off the
  61. Immigration News...
  62. Mandatory Blood Draws being expanded...
  63. Nice 'crop circle' here in DFW
  64. New GM emerges from bankruptcy
  65. Obama eyes up 16 year old
  66. Terror at home
  67. Intresting #'s read along
  68. Democratic pork, round #2
  69. Hass Point #1
  70. He's Barack Obama
  71. North Korea Attacking our computers
  72. Obama's approval rating
  73. Ron Paul is right we should audit the Feds
  74. OF NICE & MEN Who will say how much?
  75. 2,500 Israeli Settlements Approved By US: Israeli Newspaper
  76. Micheal Jackson BILL WTF!!!!
  77. Government computers hacked
  78. jesus in toast? virgin mary in cookies? michael in a tree?
  79. How many nations are left without a Rothchild central bank?
  80. Bama's New Deal I fails and now it's time for New Deal II
  81. “constitutionality clause.” I hope it passes
  82. The history & coincidences of 9/11 and throughout history
  83. Al Gore compares global warming objectors to the Nazis
  84. Weapons inspector/whistleblower turns up dead
  85. Attorney General to decide who's a terrorist
  86. Now we get to the heart of the matter re: global warming
  87. WTF he is thinking
  88. Biden Acknowledges Administration 'Misread' The Economy
  89. Washington Post Apologies
  90. Hahaha this guy cracks me up.
  91. WOW! Just WOW! Going to jail without a trial for how long?
  92. Money shell game our gov is running.
  93. Now that we have Washington's attention
  94. Palin Resigns
  95. North Korea fires 4 more missiles
  96. slow99 and W01C would be proud...
  97. Founding Fathers' quotes
  98. Gov Sanford...
  99. North Korea honors America with celebration
  100. Can't afford healthcare?
  101. Obama flip-flops, hypocrisy, and outright lies
  102. Hey everyone Micheal Jackson is DEAD
  103. Is the media starting to wake up?
  104. Interesting way to save money
  105. I thought they said Iraq would be a complete failure?
  106. EPA and global warming CRAP.
  107. Murders in New York
  108. US Senator Al Franken..
  109. Whats going to happen to my dear country?
  110. Senator Fuckface
  111. Qaeda warns France of revenge for burka stance
  112. The Feds WON'T save California..
  113. Reaverse discrimination case reversed/
  114. Hondurus says get the F**k out!
  115. Does this insain shit ever stop?
  116. Health care trying to be rushed without reading
  117. Dem's Pass the Bill Cap & Trade Bill
  118. We The People Stimulus Package
  119. President Obama threatens to veto the F-22 Raptor
  120. Corrupt politicians and the SC governor
  121. Neda Agha Soltan assasination *nsfw*
  122. Terrorists get home base
  123. Dems trying to pass another tax increase
  124. N.Korea threatens to wipe the US off the map.
  125. I learned something new today..... And it
  126. Troops to retreat if firefights involve homes? WTF?
  127. Someone line this out for me.
  128. hes barack obama!
  129. Democrats cancel armed forces benefit legislation
  130. A word from our leader
  131. Obama passes anti smoking bill
  132. Wow, score one for France
  133. I think I see a trend here
  134. What about a hybrid type of governemnt?
  135. Where are your papers comrade?
  136. The Dream: Realized
  137. Obama' s Healthcare hits speed bumps
  138. Iran
  139. Pentagon Pulls Question That Called Protests a Form of Terrorism
  140. Newsweek Editor Evan Thomas: Obama Is "Sort Of God"
  141. N.Korea Plans to fire a Missle towards Hawaii on/about July 4
  142. Glenn Beck, "The Letter"
  143. Buyers remorse
  144. F-22A Raptor kept alive
  145. Obaminoes
  146. ok, really?
  147. Presidential redemption?
  148. Great. Now look what he's done..
  149. Hamas thwarts Carter assassination attempt
  150. An open letter to president obama
  151. insurance
  152. Transparency? Ha!
  153. ABC - All Barack Channel
  154. What would the US be like without.....
  155. Obama time capsule
  156. $25.00 Stimulus cost people hundreds
  157. Blow Out Congress Campain Today @ 11 AM!!!
  158. Nancy Pelosi in Houston tonight
  159. John Ziegler 1 Contessa Brewer 0
  160. $134.5 billion dollars un US bonds seized
  161. california - 50 days till death
  162. It begins: not 1, but 535 CEOs of GM
  163. LMAO, Rev. Wright ain't bitter, is he??
  164. Finally, the face of the Republican party
  165. Someone in Hollywood that isn't a Liberal?
  166. Fed being questioned....Again
  167. Where is all this money coming from?
  168. Chrysler could crash and burn..
  169. A Texan is going to run GM
  170. Crysler Forgot to divulge their WAS a buyer for the Viper Brand...
  171. FMLA Update
  172. Bush passed on GM bankruptcy
  173. Your action needed: Proposed Increase of tax on Beer!!!
  174. It was only a matter of time...
  175. California considering ditching welfare
  176. Stop the Cap and Trade Horseshit
  177. American Legion Interviews Dude from Harvard
  178. Here's a real shocker: New report finds big problems in war spending
  179. Glenn Beck in Houston
  180. Pretty much explains it
  181. New Baskin-Robbins flavor Barocky Road
  182. so why are the gas prices going up again?
  183. Words for thought
  184. Gender and heritage a frequent topic for Sotomayor
  185. Man tazered for not giving 2nd DNA swab
  186. So the liberlas on here are too scared to actually comment they just delete post
  187. Tiananmen Square 20 year anniversary
  188. Have there been a lot less deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan
  189. Obama: "We are one of the Largest Muslim Nations"
  190. goerge w. bush to be under oath..
  191. The Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition
  192. I thought we were told OBL would love us....
  193. Al-queida threatens biological attack via Mexico border.
  194. From ordering steak and lobster to serving it...
  195. I wonder
  196. Report: GM to Sell Hummer to Chinese Company
  197. Let's start a movement to oust ALL incumbent politicians.
  198. Congress getting ready to RUN GM.
  199. Recruiting Center Shooting
  200. Real ID
  201. Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit
  202. The 31-Year-Old in Charge of Dismantling G.M.
  203. Citi Group taken off the Dow Jones
  204. And now the Russians are calling us 'RED'
  205. Journalists who don't kiss Obama's feet
  206. California Leads Nation to Bond Default Abyss
  207. Ron paul on the N Korea bs
  208. GM is gonna file bankruptcy after we gave it $20 billion
  209. Texas Budget
  210. 150% true READ THIS a 4th grade techer sent to hobama
  211. Disturbing video......
  212. wonder where the money goes
  213. Texas bill authorizing freeway spy cameras and travel database passes state Senate
  214. North Korea- "We will retaliate if sanctions are imposed."
  215. GM: The U.S. Treasury will own 72.5% of GM, leaving bondholders with 10%
  216. UAW: Hypocrites?
  217. Time for Obama to grow some balls
  218. Is Sotomayor all about race?
  219. Obama approves intimidation against voters
  220. Obama/Democrats want a 25% sales tax
  221. Seems Obama didn't know what he was talking about
  222. Looks like N. Korea is going to fuck up S. Korea...
  223. Obama says he would "put his first 4 months against any administration since FDR."
  224. Socialism in Florida
  225. im really embarassed with our country...
  226. Sotomayor: Right to Bear Arms Is Unconstitutional
  227. Supervisor Asks Woman To Take Down American Flag
  228. No more American Flag hanging???
  229. You too can drive a new OMW!
  230. New SCOTUS Nomination
  231. I wonder if ahmeanjihad....
  232. Wonder what Obummer is gonna do about Korea now..
  233. USA may loose AAA rating
  234. Losing your right to not have insurance
  235. .40 s&w/ ammo being numbered now?
  236. Letter from a Dodge dealer
  237. Jesse Jackson's newest staff member!
  238. Women of The View gangbang Glenn Beck
  239. Creditors file to halt chrysler restructuring
  240. It is going to be a great summer in California...
  241. The 81% tax increase
  242. Military Personnel Ordered To Comply With Illegal Private Firearms Registration
  243. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  244. Obama to KILL high horspower cars
  245. Nice vid about AL Gores BS global warming
  246. What you won't see on the American news
  247. Whatever happened to Thomes Paine?
  248. $50,000 six cylinder Mustang coming to a dealer near you...
  249. Police Arrest Man for Ammo Hoarding
  250. My neice has been deployed to Afghanistan....