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  1. political humor
  2. 47% won't pay taxes....
  3. Weather modification
  4. Everyone seen this?
  5. Not sure what to think of this.....
  6. Wtf!!!!!
  7. two women suing neighbor for smoking in her home.
  8. I think that they did the "public insurance" option wrong
  9. Dem goes off on doctor
  10. What happened to vetting?
  11. are you fu**ing kidding me?
  12. Time to boycott Google
  13. Really, Palin?
  14. And some of you idiots trust the government with healthcare?
  15. What's your take on this Mr Tinfoil Hat?
  16. A Marine tells a Congressman how it is.
  17. Do you think we will see an Israeli/Iran conflict soon?
  18. Dr. doesn't trust H1N1 vaccination
  19. More movie star opinions
  20. G20 The signs of the future
  21. michael moore at it again.
  22. The next General Motors
  23. Have your kids been shown "The Story of Stuff"?
  24. And here's what people were worried about for the school children...
  25. If Acorn Goes Down, So Might The Military-Industrial Complex?
  26. You know something is wrong with Obama...
  27. That hope and change thing...
  28. This is what happens when you don't know what the F your're talking about....
  29. H1N1 rfid chip
  30. Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal
  31. CNN's Rick Sanchez Calls FOX News Liars
  32. U.S.S. of A
  33. Obama and Dr. Joseph Goebbels both Propaganda masters
  34. Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care
  35. Sums up our entire situation.
  36. A little government math on Cash for Clunkers
  37. IAEA now says Iran can build...
  38. Do you feel richer?
  39. Nancy Pelosi is scared.. Spirit of Thomas Jefferson dances a jig..
  40. Ken Fisher is fucking retarded. US has "too little debt" Needs more.
  41. Who DIDN'T vote to defund ACORN?
  42. Obama campaign tries to fix oops
  43. Common Sense
  44. that the shoe is on the other foot...
  45. Obamas first "TRUE" test.
  46. The boy who cried racist
  47. House guidelines for presidential put-downs
  48. obama actually calling a successful black man a jackass?
  49. Bush takes aim at Palin, Obama, and Hillary!!
  50. No healthcare for illegals?...
  51. Is this picture Racist?
  52. History of terrorism
  53. They just don't get it, do they?
  54. Which party do you align yourself with?
  55. I know this isn't going to win me any friends here...
  56. Cash for clunkers tab.
  57. MSNBC says tenth amendment is BOLOGNA
  58. C-Span live streaming vid protest
  59. Street cam's in DC
  60. Thoughts on the new Tariff put on Chinese Tires?
  61. Anyone going to the 9-12 Rally in Ft Worth?
  62. Watching 9/11 special on history channel
  63. Census Bureau Fires ACORN
  64. Need a laugh? Bama in Idiocracy the movie
  65. Fair & Balanced
  66. John Stossel jumps to Fox
  67. Cap and Trade begins...
  68. Rick perry needs to be scared of losing his job more often.
  69. Joe Friday schools Obama
  70. A cash for clunkers program I like
  71. Acorn Pimping
  72. The Convenient Fantasies of President Obama
  73. Obama's emergency congressional address official thread.
  74. Documentary Zero.
  75. Acorn NUTS arrested
  76. Partnership for a Secure America
  77. So after all that jazz the govt accomplished...
  78. Baron Hill (IN-09): This Is My Town Hall Meeting. I Set the Rules.
  79. Yahoo McClatchy claiming NEW WORLD ORDER emerging
  80. Poll : taxes or deflation ?
  81. Interesting video...
  82. Mandatory Vaccines for h1n1 in China
  83. Duck tales, Obamanomics, and inflation.
  84. Obamanomics explained
  85. Russia beats Saudi in oil sales
  86. I sure am glad Obama knows what's best for me!
  87. Chicken soup vs H1N1
  88. Another promise he'll back out on
  89. Propaganda commercial
  90. The plan to wipe out our nations debt!
  91. Hyperinflation nation
  92. This is the speech your kids will see tomorrow
  93. A gun control law I would like
  94. UN Says Global Currency Is Needed to Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’
  95. Van Jones Resigns!
  96. State of Texas locks up elderly couple.. a MUST see.
  97. Beware
  98. Obama wanting to limit the internet?
  99. Oh...this is good....
  100. All righty sports fans!
  101. Obama's Hitler speech to kids.
  102. just try it, see where you "stand"
  103. What source of news should I be watching?
  104. 5th grader expelled for Kool-Aid dealing
  105. This is my town hall
  106. Finger bitten off during HC protest...
  107. 9.7% jobless rate
  108. Addison Tea Party today at 11:00 AM
  109. SEC botched Madoff
  110. Here's one to get our Liberal Friends riled up...
  111. obama czar and admitted communist Van Jones calling Republicans A-holes
  112. Give me a "T"... Give me an "A".... Give me an "X"
  113. What obama wants you to do to remember 9/11
  114. Here they go trying to pass bills to force vaccines
  115. The Southern National Convenant
  116. I'm opening a 7-11 on Illinois' border!!!
  117. People pulling kids out of School because of the President?
  118. The useful idiots of the left
  119. Time to tax every stock trade!
  120. Finally, an email worth posting...
  121. Debra Medina for Governor
  122. Obama praises Islam as "Great Religion"
  123. So the VA is late with my money...
  124. liberal govt can't even make money as a bookie.
  125. Interesting similarities...... Collection of quotes from history.
  126. National pull your kid out of school day?
  127. YAY!!!! We're savin money! :sarcasm:
  128. Here you go fellas...
  129. The pending FDIC bailout
  130. Good dog
  131. Some articles from today
  132. Kennedy = Wellstone?
  133. Profit from bank bailout
  134. Obamacare includes implant chip for all enrolled
  135. Obama regrets?
  136. No longer America
  137. What if...
  138. Was the country founded on peace? Or domination?
  139. .Gov = Cookies?
  140. If only we had these guys nowadays....
  141. What do you think about Mike Rogers' statements to Congress?
  142. Need a ride on 9/12/09 ? (tea party)
  143. The Sky is Falling
  144. Obama wants to be able to turn off the internet
  145. More media bias
  146. Make sure to shop at Whole Foods
  147. Abortion and illegals in healthcare proposals
  148. Kennedy
  149. "Bernanke Victimized by Identity Fraud Ring"
  150. Nothing on Kennedy?
  151. The government can
  152. What's a few trillion between friends?
  153. Now that Cash for Clunkers is dead...
  154. Trailer Fall of the Republic The Presidency of B.O.
  155. Attorney General Holder is about to really screw up the CIA..
  156. Town Hall Meeting
  157. -14
  158. dr manning on obama
  159. The British Betrayal of the United States.
  160. Seems Obama was wrong again
  161. Any one ever heard of Mike Vanderboegh
  162. Lockerbie Bomber
  163. Who would you vote for in 2012?
  164. Obama camp plants fake doc, Che fan at Jackson Lee forum
  165. Michelle Obama has 26 servants that we pay for.
  166. What do you think about the credit card rules that changed this week
  167. America losing confidence in Obama...
  168. Bama says Rev Wright represents "best of what the black church has to offer"
  169. MSNBC Blatant Bias
  170. What does it mean to be an American?
  171. Dems going it alone on health care
  172. US Army gets $117,000,000 for emotional resiliency training
  173. Joe Barton Town Hall Meeting
  174. LOL...NBC bias?
  175. Ronnie warned you!
  176. National Debt road trip.
  177. Obama panel said No to nasa
  178. If you watch Glenn Beck or support his views, or generally against OBAMA
  179. Man visits Carolyn McCarthy's office, gets raided and guns confiscated. WTF?!
  180. So when will we finally know the outcome?
  181. People Who Need to be voted ou
  182. So where are the Obama supporters?
  183. My first report
  184. Dangers of printing money
  185. Who am I? (a good read)
  186. Obama Lifting Ban on HIV Immigrants
  187. A gun near Obama!!! OMG!!
  188. Lmao
  189. Famous presidential quotes
  190. obama Myspace?
  191. Solution to health care......Really
  192. screen shot
  193. Quotes from Ezekiel Emanuel
  194. BS article on CNN over the Gates Arrest
  195. Obama's Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as Population Growth
  196. Sign this petition for War Memorial Cross
  197. Government "Report misinformation on Healthcare
  198. FEMA Red Yellow Blue list?
  199. Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
  200. So remind me again why the police don't arrest known illegals
  201. Out-gun The Tea-baggers
  202. Why am i not fucking suprised!?!?!
  203. how's this
  205. More unhappy americans (health bill)
  206. White Folks Will Riot!!
  207. Healthcare Video
  208. No more earmarks?
  209. Democrats Become the Pay Police
  210. LMAO Fox host Trace Gallagher just say what I think he said..
  211. Louisiana Congressman convicted...
  212. Rand Paul announces candidacy for US senator from Kentucky
  213. LOL The Libs are all turned sideways
  214. So i was over at the liberal forum...
  215. 25 million Dollar Reward for Obama's Birth Certificate
  216. Malkin on "The View"!!!
  217. So, when Liberals protest, its what the people want, but...
  218. Liberal legislation coming to your town.....soon
  219. Interesting poster pooping up around LA and Atlana
  220. Slick Willie Got the two Journalist pardoned
  221. How the mighty fall
  222. Sweet: Dems vow health bill with or without Republicans
  223. Young Americans for Liberty vs DC police and swat
  224. America on the wake up? Kathleen Sebelius and Arlen Spector Town Hall Meeting...
  225. Page 425 of health care bill
  226. Obama birth Certificate...
  227. Who didn't see this coming?
  228. will take all your computer info legally
  229. uncle Ted tells it like it is
  230. Pieces, pieces, pieces, have you put them together yet?
  231. OMFG - The Obama Generation....
  232. Gulf War pilots remains finally found
  233. How many of you actually voted?
  234. Cops suspended for Obama check
  235. Out of money already? Gee, who'd a thunk it?
  236. Are you alone in your thinking?
  237. Can a 50 year old cartoon predict the future?
  238. This makes me sick..
  239. Buy a truck get a free AK47
  240. w00t! Latest poll!
  241. I think she posts here
  242. Health Care in Crisis: How We Got into This Mess
  243. MO Vet Driving Tractor to Washington DC
  244. Soldiers returning from Iraq
  245. So Gates is here...
  246. Write your congressman?
  247. Here's an interesting one
  248. US is now India's primary weapons supplier
  249. Would atheists make better police officers?
  250. left right left right left right w/no uuuh's