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  1. Supreme Court has an axe to grind..
  2. Militia
  3. Repeal the bill
  4. Health Care FINAL VOTE is underway.
  5. Voting shortly
  6. Texas Attorney General Organizing Country Wide Conference Call For All State AGs
  7. Health Care Capital Gains Tax
  8. What I fear
  9. Amendments to the health care reform
  10. A win for transparency of government, for now....
  11. If you’re sick of talking about health care, you’d better move to Tahiti now.
  12. The Road to North Texas' Future Is Paved With Tolls
  13. Lockheed F-35 JSF is 62% OVERBUDGET
  14. No democrat in the Senate is safe if..
  15. Wachovia pays 160 million to stop drug probe.
  16. Good Read
  17. 2nd American Revolution
  18. KUCINICH to vote YES
  19. Oh the hilarity!
  20. Pelosi wants to pass Health bill without a vote
  21. Texas School Board moves to remove Jefferson from textbooks.
  22. Obama "out of patience with Israel"
  23. Stupid in America
  24. Yeesh, what is up with gas?
  25. Taxation is voluntary
  26. Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs
  27. 96.7 FM Reagan radio on now 3-13-10
  28. End of America
  29. Epic land grab probable.
  30. Homeland Security Unveils Mobile Mind Screening Checkpoints
  31. Yeas & Nays reporter booted from Sean Penn event
  32. harry reids focus
  33. Interesting Documentary
  34. Alert! You won't believe who Glenn Beck is after next!
  35. Obama gives away $1.4 million of his Peace Prize
  36. a thought while watching HURT LOCKER
  37. U.S. "cap and trade" rebranded "pollution reduction
  38. 'JihadJane' Charged With Recruiting Terrorists Online
  39. Nancy Pelosi is stupid
  40. Polosi : We must pass the bill to find out whats in it.
  41. Fishing article by espn
  42. Biometric card for everyone because of Immigration
  43. Goldman Sucks
  44. Interesting article on the collapse (potential) of The United States.
  45. Another Democratic Congressman forced out!
  46. Health Care Debate: Cutting Unnessicary Procedures
  47. Jesse Ventura's book
  48. Dan Rather "Obama couldn't sell a watermelon"
  49. 2010 Census
  50. Liberals, Atheists Are More Highly Evolved
  51. Iran/ Ahmadinejad thread #3456980375
  52. NYPD Police Officer Admits to arrest quotas
  53. Weekly Standard magazine cover
  54. Iran's Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a 'big lie'
  55. Hunting down the ones among us
  56. This is why I Love America!
  57. Should we keep rewarding companies/government agencies for failure?
  58. NCAA yanks Focus on the Family ad amid concerns
  59. New Fatwa condemns suicide bombers..
  60. Rat out a tax cheat and get a reward
  61. Where to find results on ballot questions?
  62. Tickets with a secret message on them
  63. Al Gore takes aim at climate change skeptics
  64. If the economy is doing so well........
  65. More HealthCare BS
  66. If George W. Bush........
  67. ATF hard at work confiscating toy guns
  68. Why cant our politicians be more like this?
  69. Frost and others... good news for our boys!
  70. McCain backs Obama in a corner live
  71. Ex cop pleads guilty in Katrina bridge shooting incident
  72. Democrats against the 51 majority.
  73. Let's take a trip back to the future.
  74. Your thoughts on the troop pull out?
  75. Harry Reid was right
  76. Senator Scott Brown... vote WITH the Democrats
  77. Get to spend Friday with Warren Buffett
  78. Citibank article
  79. Palin creates more jobs than Obama
  80. Ron Paul Leads CPAC Straw Poll
  81. Who will be involved in the next war/invasion/conflict?
  82. Obama Tried Bribing Arlen Specter’s Opponent
  83. Iran launches first domestically made destroyer.
  84. What a waste of time!!!
  85. Laptops issued to school kids have reverse web cam technology
  86. The first logical thing I've heard
  87. The pissed off pilots letter from the net.
  88. Crazy liberal attacks IRS
  89. National Popular Vote movement gaining traction.
  90. Second Falkland Islands War?
  91. Hamas leader hit
  92. perry,kay,medina----who are you for?
  93. Obama to build nuclear power plants
  94. Al Gore Donald Trump Wants Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize Stripped Read more: http://ne
  95. Texas sues EPA over anti-pollution plan
  96. What the hell is going on in AZ?!?!
  97. What do our financial gurus around here make of this
  98. Blackwater XE caught defrauding us
  99. Be on the look out for Obama followers they're murdering extremists
  100. Socializing the Banks
  101. I've had it
  102. another Democrat finds his party left him
  103. Drunk Dems...
  104. Judge talks about 16th amendment not being properly ratified in court transcripts
  105. Anybody see Debra Medina on Glenn Beck? Not good.......
  106. Anyone have Bill Clinton on their 2010 Death Pool
  107. Marvel apologizes for 'tea party' insult
  108. Medina closes the poll gap with Kay
  109. Obama has a "read my lips...
  110. Feds push for tracking cell phones
  111. Chris Matthews at it again attacking (Medina) this time
  112. Ahmadinejad declares Iran 'Nuclear State'
  113. The spy that couldn't spell
  114. I'm scared to think about...
  115. Food Inc
  116. Oh yeah?
  117. Bye Bye Murtha, you sack of monkey sh#t...
  118. Pakistan = Awesome
  119. Zomg!!! Global warming!!!!
  120. Pro Russkies might be back in power in Ukraine
  121. Women need to know their place
  122. The nanny state...
  123. Global economy sucks
  124. Did he just say "Corp-s" men?
  125. Houston people
  126. texas militia?
  127. Anyone heard about ....??
  128. LMAO at CNN!!!
  129. Unemployment peak?
  130. Obama Aunt To Go Before Judge Again
  131. I'm Sick of "Inherited"
  132. Medina gains, Hutchinson losing ground, Perry probably winning.
  133. Crotch bomber let on plane by us Officials
  134. Obama is a real slow learner
  135. I know you've heard me pushing this before, but...
  136. The State of the Union I saw...
  137. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  138. Found this very telling.....
  139. Obama approves offshore drilling..
  140. The NASA budget. The Moon program is dead.
  141. Listening to Robert Gates Live(Quadrennial Defense Review)
  142. Ed Wallace Business Week: Is Global Warming a "Crock of S*%t?"
  143. Newest recruit to the climate change farse....
  144. gov. debate pole numbers in
  145. Obama wants to change BCS
  146. Russia Unveils Its Stealth Fighter
  147. Debate #2
  148. Obama addressed GOP today...
  149. Keith Olbermann spewing racial shit again.
  150. Rush Limbaugh's Letter to President Obama
  151. Tonight's Address/ Drinking game.
  152. NASA could be Obama's greatest success.. if he doesn't screw it up.
  153. William Cohen Sec of defense admits there are weapons that can cause earthquakes
  154. GOP's biggest hurdles this year...
  155. Jon Stewart Mocks Obama for Using Teleprompters in a Sixth Grade Classroom
  156. France MPs' report backs Muslim face veil ban
  157. Damn Terrorists
  158. Indonesia mulls tearing down Obama statue
  159. “Reviving The Constitution” AN ONLINE TOWN HALL
  160. Evidence of Obama Astroturfing spreads(READ)
  161. Judge throws out NSA spy cases
  162. Obama's choice for the head of TSA
  163. No more restrictions on corporate campaign spending
  164. Drill being practiced by SOUTHCOM for a tornado in Haiti day before earthquake
  165. Latest and greatest Executive order
  166. Reporter vs DPS officer at the capitol where the shooting was yesterday
  167. Do you think our military is overpaid?
  168. Is it wrong?
  169. Congress for sale on Ebay
  170. Godfrey Bloom lets EURO Parliament know Global warming is a scam
  171. Perry for President...
  172. Son of's the economy fix!
  173. Air America takes a final, giant crap LOL.......
  174. Heath Care Bill is all but dead.....
  175. LOL at Obama...
  176. Shooting at the Capital (TX)
  177. Senator Scott Brown on Terrorists
  178. Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat
  179. Ted is dead.....
  180. I HATE the French!!!
  181. Its not about color, its about Principle....
  182. ACOGS are Unconstitutional!
  183. Sunday talk show...
  184. Big Election today
  185. W2s showing up and it has started
  186. Medina in the Belo debate
  187. 116k Dead voters on Massachusetts rolls
  188. Feds and gun sales in Texas
  189. Aid offered per country/org to Haiti
  190. Kabul under attack?
  191. Obama without a teleprompter
  192. Cambridge police support Scott Brown for US Senate.
  193. Interesting Point of view
  194. Here we go again...Internet WHO?
  195. Texas Republican Governor Debate
  196. Tax poem
  197. Sometime's Karma is a bitch...
  198. Fake gold bars in Bank of England and Fort Knox
  199. Obama picks Bush to go to Haiti
  200. Obama at it again...
  201. Can't even get security right...
  202. Haiti earthquake relief: Should it come from the US government?
  203. Eye opening chart on unemployment
  204. America Rising:An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians
  205. It's The People's Seat
  206. Sweet! Higher gas prices here we come!
  207. New court ruling on police tasers
  208. British MEP Daniel Hannan on Universal Health Care
  209. IRS too harsh on taxpayers
  210. VERY ACCURATE TSA video
  211. News flash from the UK
  212. Why you don't party in Dubai....
  213. harry reid on negros!
  214. Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China
  215. Mark Steyn Nails it... (Those Nutty Jihadis)
  216. Houston police testing a drone plane
  217. America Telling Aussies What's Offensive
  218. Is this where the USA is heading?
  219. Obama's 'buck' still often stops with Bush
  220. TSA over reaction 268, Richard Reid 0
  221. How to fix congress?!?! ***This is an email***
  222. Check this out. Inverted image on body scanners
  223. Detroit in ruins (how politics fail)
  224. Hey Hollywood! Do you still convince yourself
  225. Geithner under fire
  226. LMAO...Double-standard in Administration
  227. Universal Voter Registration ...
  228. Democrats will skip GOP road blocks to health care
  229. Maybe Joe Wilson was right after all
  230. The Dicklicker That Is Chris Dodd...
  231. 14 non existent zip codes got 9 million in stimulus money
  232. Cap & Trade = $.77 more per gallon of fuel... and that's only the beginning.
  233. CSPAN Challenging Obama...
  234. America is losing the free world..
  235. Interesting Article, VERY Interesting.
  236. Secret service investigating Obama doll Hung from building
  237. Rattling the House - Dems getting scared?
  238. Erasing obama's mistakes
  239. The obama deception
  240. My dog..... (joke)
  241. No rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in the last 160 years...
  242. Blackwater trial
  243. Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank
  244. Rush Limbaugh in the hospital
  245. More broken promises
  246. Patton on the War in Iraq
  247. Ron Paul nutswinger's...
  248. Comparison of the health care bills...
  249. I agree with this...
  250. Interpol given immunity in the US