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  1. An alleged plot by a Mexican drug cartel to blow up a dam along the Texas border
  2. AP attempts to blow smoke up America's ass
  3. The first of many
  4. Divorce Agreement
  5. Kid vs. Protesters
  6. National Anthem....
  7. Everything IS Bush's Fault
  8. Obama wants 2nd stimulus
  9. Turkey/Israel rift won't stop military deal with each other
  10. Gaza Activists Send New Boat to Try and Breach Israel Blockade
  11. Predator strike kills Al Queda #3 Man
  12. So Israeli Commando's Killed a bunch of people......
  13. Memorial Day at Arlington Memorial Cemetary
  14. China's real estate bubble bursts in bond market
  15. Australian Prime Minister does it again!!
  16. Obama admits to Stepak job
  17. DoD just got their excuse to keep the F-22..
  18. antique map of a new post war world order
  19. Can't call 'em Jihadists anymore...
  20. If this is true. The obama has gone too far.
  21. Cops Furious At 'Don't-Dill' Bill Shoot To Wound Not Kill
  22. Interesting census article
  23. Any good stocks out there?
  24. Debt clock
  25. Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov't payouts rise
  26. Questioning the authority of the Census Bureau
  27. Judge asked to dismiss Virginia's health reform challenge
  28. now this is a total joke
  29. american tourist in yemen
  30. Calderon urges U.S. to reinstate assault weapons ban
  31. Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona
  32. US Earns Net $840.37M Via Wells Fargo Warrants
  33. WHY is the Arizona law...
  34. SHTF in Greece again?
  35. Aviation groups band together to fight leaded fuel ban
  36. N.Korea warns of war if South retaliates over ship
  37. We need more Republicans like this man.
  38. One step closer to disarming Americans?
  39. Arizona retialiates against LA LMAO.......
  40. The People That Want To Boycott Arizona Should Take A Look At This:
  41. I'd like to offer up a LMFAO
  42. full coverage insurance on america
  43. Email I got today after emailing dallas city council and mayor.
  44. I think I am gonna go buy some John Voigt movies...
  45. Napolitano Admits She Hasn't Read Arizona Law But Says She Wouldn't Sign It
  46. Homeland security threatens to seize farmers land in Vermont
  47. Obama should be made dictator
  48. US court grants asylum to Obama's African aunt
  49. Who needs 8...
  50. How did this guy win the primary?
  51. Greek leader considers action against US banks
  52. So what are you going to do?
  53. anyone still scared of the word "militia"?
  54. Why I'm A Conservative Republican 2.0
  55. Now dallas is considering joining the anti-arizona bandwagon
  56. The cow and the ice cream
  57. Watch for illegal alien stamped from California
  58. Attorney General Eric Holder Admits To Not Reading Arizona’s Immigration Law
  59. Investing Abroad: Here's the List
  60. If Elected, I'll Live in Barracks and Be Paid $7.25 an Hour
  61. Machete film controversy
  62. Austin libs in full swing...
  63. Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan.
  64. Democrats shelf bill with anti-porn law for government workers
  65. Obama and his phony SS#????
  66. USCA Files Suit to Overturn Obamacare
  67. Illinois Republicans at fault for budget mess
  68. Israel/Palestine
  69. Obama at it again...
  70. California has terrible cuts coming
  71. What Does It Take For Gas To Drop?
  72. NY = Greece, atleast similar
  73. Inflation olympics
  74. A good example...
  75. More talk of Guaranteed Retirement Accounts
  76. And they call us
  77. Williamson County to stop footing health care bills of ID-less indigent people
  78. Paul Blart: Supreme Court nominee
  79. B#llsh%t Bingo!
  80. Fake census worker kills home owner
  81. Feds tell college grads that money is not going to make them happy
  82. Since when do we bail out other countries?
  83. Missed the elephant in the room this week
  84. Why are liberals so condescending to conservatives?
  85. swat raid on missouri family
  86. Dow was just down 983 points!!
  87. Round #2 has started !!!!
  88. healthcare is looking very promising.
  89. Students suspended for wearing American flag shirts
  90. Another plus for Arizona...
  91. School has field trip.... for only black students.
  92. border agents up north
  93. CIA man tells it
  94. 5113
  95. For the obama followers.
  96. Why can't they call it Terrorism?
  97. PA TAX ad
  98. Montebello HS in Cali.
  99. Anti-vitamin amendment in Wall Street reform bill
  100. CCX exposed
  101. Socialism works, till you run out of OPM
  102. branch davidians story
  103. Obama cheating on Michelle?
  104. How much of this is true?
  105. A touching story
  106. Immigration March today in Dallas. What are your thoughts?
  107. Deepwater Horizon Spill
  108. Army training to take on Tea Party, Militias, and Government protesters.
  109. So, with all of this illegal immigration stuff going on
  110. team obama calls out swat team on tea party
  111. Obama: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”
  112. Charlie Crist to Guarantee Dems a Senate Seat
  113. Alabama Speaks English
  114. Right wing celebrities
  115. my facebook really stired this guy up..
  116. This is how UNSECURE our borders are:
  117. Visualizing Obama's budget cuts.
  118. IOC Strips 2000 Games Bronze Medal From China
  119. Tougher Immigration for Tx too!
  120. mexican government tells mexican nartionals to stay clear of Arizona
  121. Time Magazine - Secrets Of Obama's Success
  122. NYC steals bikes
  123. FEDs sieze business that uses illegal aliens
  124. Great commentary posted in todays paper
  125. Small riot in Arizona
  126. SEC and pron
  127. Somebody help me out here. Gordon Kahl ring any bells?
  128. what do you think of this?
  129. The real agenda slips out.
  130. Fox news failed hit piece on Jesse Ventura raises more 9/11 questions
  131. Here's a duh: Obamacare to INCREASE costs
  132. SEC employees surfed porn as economy fell
  133. Obama hates bikes
  134. Blago wants to subpoena Obama
  135. Mexican gov't slams Arizona immigration law
  136. "F" obama and his Value Added Tax (VAT)
  137. Carbon Credits: No way! A Scam?!?
  138. Best Tea Party sign of the year?
  139. Arizona House adding new restriction on Candidacy.
  140. Tort reform needed
  141. anyone feel like our world is at war?
  142. Obam's top contributors
  143. Rasmussen Poll: Perry 48% White 44%
  144. According to Iraqi chick
  145. Slick Willie predicts....
  146. US "not ready" for a nuclear Iran
  147. Latest Round-Up of Obama Poll Ratings by State
  148. Invisible Empire
  149. The obama said we should thank him
  150. Interesting
  151. pass this on
  152. obama's made 5.5 million last year
  153. Happy tax day fellow slaves.
  154. Army to court marshall "Birther" officer
  155. Caucasian Police Officers Union
  156. Neil Armstrong is pissed
  157. 911 questions you haven't heard yet
  158. San Antonio Park police vs We are change San Antonio
  159. Whistleblower claims solid proof of Gold and Silver prices being manipulated
  160. WHO appoints one of it's own for "independent investigation"
  161. No-Obama Care Workers Union
  162. Who is Subservient to Hu
  163. Wow, Congress passes a resolution saying Obama was born in Hawaii
  164. Where is our 310 Million, State Farm?
  165. Obama creates Jobs (but where)
  166. Polish leader, 95 others dead in Russia jet crash
  167. This makes zero sense
  168. The Massachusetts Insurance Blackout
  169. Justice John Paul Stevens to retire
  170. Higher Taxes Can’t Eliminate The Deficit
  171. Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax
  172. Obama's buddy Manning
  173. No mention of Kyrgyzstan?
  174. Billboard in Clearwater
  175. Wanna pay15-20% more for everything?
  176. Rare look into North Korea
  177. Iran: Obama ‘can’t do a damn thing’
  178. Wow, impressed with the ole Don
  179. Universal Retirement System: NEXT
  180. re: birth certificate
  181. got warrant?
  182. If you are Muslim you can opt out of the Obamacare health care reform laws with no pe
  183. DFW Scholars Pt. 2.
  184. $109K a year not enough
  185. Oil rises to near $87 barrel
  186. Wikileaks leaked video of Civilians killed in Baghdad — Full video
  187. A Story About Dinner with Obama
  188. vote for your gun rights online poll
  189. Sibel edmonds: The traitors among us
  190. Democrats switching sides
  191. County in Wyoming vs the feds
  192. So is this proof that the Tea Party is about racism?
  193. Hundreds of Children Found in Mass Grave
  194. Guam's in trouble! Forget global warming!
  195. 30 governors asked to stand down
  196. The invasion is near.
  197. Sign of the times
  198. More crap from the feds.
  199. Was Palin right about the death panels?
  200. hank johnson, "guam might tip over"
  201. Timothy Geithner
  202. Is more Sanctions really the answer?
  203. DNA evidence can be fabricated
  204. Any of you guys seen this? Inside HR2487
  205. Cilmate Gate Scientists Cleared -- After One-Day Probe
  206. Who will bail out America?
  207. Pictures worth a million words
  208. And you wonder why obama got elected
  209. NATO won't destroy Afghan poppy fields
  210. WTF is going on with this country
  211. So I have a cause for a proposed law
  212. So whats going on with attention on militia's?
  213. Article 1 section 9 clause 8 of the constitution
  214. Barry Soetoro has some interesting friends
  215. World mourns as communist darkness falls on America
  216. Couple that was exposing cps found dead
  217. WashPost: Apple, others boycotting Fox News
  218. feds going after the militia.
  219. Obama's Brown shirts in the health bill
  220. Democrats really don't like vets
  221. Obama care creates INdia
  222. I've been posting it here for a while now
  223. Companies already reporting potential profit loss due to Obamacare
  224. Obama to reduce our long range nukes by 1/3
  225. Debt to rise to 90% of GDP
  226. Oh shit...
  227. Nancy Pelosi and the minimum wage
  228. Obama dares you to repeal health care
  229. France to ban veil says Nicolas Sarkozy
  230. Obama flip flopped on healthcare
  231. A Tale of Two Cities:Washington and Hollywood, both tone-deaf to American attitudes
  232. The Turner Diaries
  233. Gohmert Calls for Amendment Convention by States
  234. New fines for those who go without Obama healthcare.695 per uninsured adult.
  235. This is priceless
  236. What exactly are the bad pts to healthcare ( no opinion)
  237. Revolution
  238. Obama Calculator
  239. Acorn going under.
  240. Excellent Video Possibly a repost.
  241. Some good news on the health bill...
  242. Who will step up, forsake everything, and lead the growing angry masses?
  243. If you havent read it yet...
  244. At what point will patriotism equal domestic terrorism?
  245. Cool website...
  246. MSNBC poll 66% against
  247. Should all drugs be legal?
  248. Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine
  249. California to outlaw 'open carry'
  250. Obama Restores ACORN's Funding