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  1. Let Us Reason Together
  2. Ole George Serving in the National Guard
  3. Why Hanoi Kerry must be stopped
  4. The Words and Wisdom of talisman...
  5. Rep(Cons.) and Dem.(Libs) Relief is here
  6. Civilian's arming themselves in Iraq
  7. Fuck the FCC song
  8. The Real Story Behind the April 9th Insurgency in Iraq (long)
  9. Airport "Security."
  10. Is Shrek 2 anti-Bush?
  11. More Kerry double talk?
  12. Kerry's daughter
  13. Bowling for Columbine exposed
  14. Fahrenheit 9/11
  15. John 15:13
  16. Nothing like a little fresh Vonnegut to put things in perspective.
  17. wow, rumsfield didn't waste any time did he?
  18. Al Qaeda's Poison Gas plot---hear about this?
  19. Proof of Al Quaeda in Iraq?
  20. Cool Pics from base...
  21. Freaky shi... stuff
  22. Should more prison abuse photo's be released?
  23. I just watched the video of the US civilian getting beheaded...
  24. Good Article about this prisoner BS
  25. What do the Iraqi people think? Poll
  26. U.S. civilian beheaded on video in Iraq
  27. Where is the outrage over this?
  28. register to vote url ask everyone ," do you vote"
  29. Prisoner abuse
  30. Registration for the draft has begun...
  31. Kerry out-Kerry's himself with latest revelations
  32. Humanity from the rubble of 9/11
  33. Ketchup Chick owns three SUVs...hahahaha
  34. Green Beret speaks out against Kerry
  35. Vets agaisnt KErry
  36. Steve Benson Cartoons
  37. Bad news for Bush..KErry's overseas support grows
  38. What's with the Conservative Cult on DFWStangs??
  39. NEW AC-130 Gunship Video
  40. New vids from the Kerry Campaign
  41. Don't Loot
  42. politics?
  43. Why are liberals against the war in iraq?
  44. is mudfish anti-american
  45. is John Kerry unpatroitic?
  46. Justice Souter Attacked While Jogging
  47. Should Sinclair have canceled Nightline?
  48. A rebuttal to "The 'Con' in Conservative"
  49. The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos
  50. What is it with these rabid EVIL BUSH fanatics???
  51. Quotes from Junta leader Bush
  52. Hack the Vote
  53. Scapegoating those who disagree with you
  54. Where do you stand?
  55. The "Con" in Conservative
  56. The War Hero Vs. The deserter
  57. why I'm liberal
  58. this is what Purple hearts were ment to be for-- not scratches
  59. A good idea perhaps
  60. Are libs this desperate?
  61. spain connects 9/11 to Spanish bombings
  62. Get your new Iraqi flag while it's still HOT!!!
  63. messages of support from home
  64. WMD's have been found
  65. Pat Tillman...
  66. Pat Tillman killed in action
  67. Covering Up an Environmental Disaster Larger Than Exxon Valdez
  68. Cousin Shot
  69. Characteristics of Fascism
  70. So Kerry, what are you trying to hide?
  71. Oh where, oh where have the WMD's gone?
  72. Sobering picture on drudge report
  73. In a parallel universe called 'what if.'
  74. A first hand report, no media BS
  75. Gold mine
  76. A plan for peace
  77. What is a Liberal?
  78. Anybody know why in the hell we still have troops in IRAQ??
  79. Grunt reporting in!!
  80. 4 American bodies drug through streets in Iraq
  81. Terror Level in France has been raised
  82. I guess Kerry put his foot in his mouth
  83. Spain Empowers Terrorists
  84. Flip flopping in the face of profiteering
  85. Al-Zarqawi possibly dead?
  86. Dems and the Fast and the Furious
  87. Nader gets in the fray! YES!
  88. Republican Meetup..originally posted in wrong forum
  89. Bastid
  90. Wonder if there is ice in H E L *
  91. Bush's military record's...
  92. LMAO, wonder what they'll beatch about now
  93. Fort Worth Welcomes 25 Injured Soldiers!
  94. The hypocritical Dem's leadership
  95. For those with HBO
  96. Are our borders the weakest link?
  97. Pics of Saddams hideout
  98. Something I thought about after 9/11...
  99. Saddam Game
  100. They gotta be joking...
  101. Vatican doesn't think Saddam was handled properly
  102. Billary tries to lift troop morale....
  103. We Got SADDAM!!!!!
  104. The military is using tougher tactics now.
  105. Is the holding of prisoners at Gitmo a violation of the Geneva Convention?
  106. Help our troops get home for the holidays...
  107. 12 killed when 2 Black Hawks crash in Mosul
  108. Case Closed
  109. US blunder?
  110. Latest intel on Iraq.
  111. Iraq - 300,000 mass graves
  112. 85,000 troops going to Iraq
  113. cool poem
  114. This really pisses me off
  115. This is some real B.S.
  116. Let the crusades begin!
  117. People really need to understand this.
  118. If anyone wants to fight terrorism:
  119. look.
  120. Post Your Patriotic Pictures
  121. Thought this was a pretty good article on MSNBC
  122. stuck in the gulf
  123. Osama Bin Ladin's Son caught.
  124. Oo-rah
  125. Napalm back in fasion
  126. Gulf War Syndrome 2?
  127. What I think about the killing of Saddams boys!
  128. Bush phone call...
  129. Bush just went up 10 pts on my respectometer...
  130. Hey Sam, Your President
  131. this is for sam
  132. Patriotic Americans, or Cowards and Traitors.
  133. should we be on HIGH alert....
  134. Centcom confirms Sadam's boys are gone...
  135. The sh*t has officially hit the fan...
  136. History will judge us
  137. Wtf!
  138. More US soldiers killed
  139. Does anyone still believe anything that Bush says these days?
  140. I guess we DID lie!
  141. Guerilla warefare or not?
  142. The UN is hopeless, should we withdraw
  143. Iraqi Scientist Turns Over Nuke Component Buried In His Backyard
  144. July 4 Texas Terror Threat
  145. Lmao!!
  146. Man hid in wall for 20 years!
  147. New Africa terror threat.
  148. Petition calls on Congress instead to sell guns to help pay for Iraq war.
  149. They just found number 4.
  150. Another barb to the French...
  151. Has terror been eliminated yet?
  152. Finally WMD found!
  153. Uday Wants to Know...
  154. May 24th Carshow
  155. Why does terrorism exist?
  156. To sum up this week in the war on terror
  157. The Iraqi Information Minister
  158. Now I'm pissed...
  159. Is the Anthrax case close to being solved?
  160. Thought some of you might want to see this..
  161. Interesting web site hollywood wants to shut down
  162. I guess all the French aren't so bad...
  163. Just a thank you from my country to yours
  164. MSNBC: A brief, bitter war for Iraqi officers
  165. Bush decides to take matters into his own hands...
  166. My enemy's enemy is my friend...
  167. Bush Hits Paydirt!!!
  168. Iraq-Al Qaeda Link Found
  169. JetBlue turns traitor!
  170. N. Korea say's they will prove they have nukes.
  171. Three Kings
  172. That didn't take long...
  173. Some more French things to boycott...
  174. Halliburton to get contracts and Military to use bases?
  175. vice president????
  176. colin powell???
  177. Anyone hear about the Iraqi protesting?
  178. Interesting fact
  179. what's up syria
  180. Saddam-gay porn star?
  181. Need To Read!
  182. Iraq Renames Major Cities and Towns...
  183. Let the games begin
  184. 7 POW's freed
  185. Dennis Miller on france
  186. French's mustard
  187. Some light reading...
  188. Honest discussion point...
  189. Congratulations to the free people of Iraq ...
  190. Bush translated
  191. French Military Uniforms
  192. iraqi troops take shea stadium!
  193. Baghdad Bob, from the Holy Grail, to the death Star!
  194. Sean Penn, peace activist, got his car stolen
  195. Silly democrats
  196. Weapons Grade Plutonium
  197. War Pic of the Day
  198. Oops!
  199. Well put.
  200. Hussein's statue was just dismembered...
  201. So what do the anti-war pacifists have to say about Iraq today.
  202. To the French.
  203. got a cool email...
  204. the marine that died from north texas...
  205. Anti-War reactions
  206. Iraqi UN Ambassador says...
  207. Jane! STFU!
  208. Latest pictures of the War on Terror
  209. IRaqis want human shields out
  210. Great Pics.....
  211. Looking for a better news site
  212. Turn on the TV
  213. Romanian ODe to America
  214. British Navy recognizes liberal spin of press
  215. Did anyone hear about the reconstruction spending bill?
  216. Favorite quotes of the war
  217. Looting, Iraqi style
  218. PLO, Hezbollah, palestinians...bring em.....we kill them all....
  219. Lots of pics
  220. Saddam just bought the farm????
  221. They think that Saddam and his sons are dead...
  222. Leadership target of opportunity...
  223. Protesters got bean bagged, lol
  224. funny shit
  225. How fucking stupid can arabs be?
  226. NPR and Reuters reporting chemical filled shells?
  227. Dixie Chicks trying to spin it now
  228. My old unit
  229. Barrels of chemical weapons found in Iraq!
  230. sadam statue just blown up in baghdad
  231. Noble peace laureate says war justified
  232. Where are we now
  233. Bomb Iraq
  234. Just a thought...
  235. We are in Baghdad!
  236. leaving for basic in 12 days right/wrong
  237. Ricin and Botulinum found in Iraq
  238. Sitting here watching the lightning and listening
  239. Troops
  240. I just watched this again.
  241. The French fly their true colors...
  242. Lights out in Baghdad
  243. When I get 'em in my sights,
  244. War protesters are terrorists.....
  245. U.P.S. /Security Alert
  246. All Saddams base are belong to us
  247. Saddam's Hidden Bunkers
  248. How to deal with protestors ...
  249. Rescued POW Jessica Lynch...
  250. No one posted this yet?!?!?!