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  1. If you were held hostage in Iraq....
  2. Oooh baby baby it's a wild world.
  3. Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election!!
  4. Is something "big" about to go down in Iraq?
  5. I thought about it last night.
  6. Why not up roar over CBS?
  7. Kerry Camp LINKED to FAKE documents
  8. I wonder what the "world's reaction" will be..
  9. Fight terror with terror
  10. Debates: Make or break?
  11. Should we worry about UN opinion?
  12. Top 10 Bush Tax Proposals
  13. I went to San Francisco last week, and saw..
  14. Lockhart was consulted about forged documents
  15. did Kerry join the Navy to fight?
  16. Could this be why we didn't get unanimous support from the UN?
  17. Let's Talk About Security.
  18. Why we are at war
  19. Let's Talk About Population.
  20. CBS News ADMITS Bush Documents are Fake
  21. Libs / Dems, would you vote for GWB if..
  22. Kerry's petition
  23. listening to Kerry speak is drivng me crazy...
  24. How about the issue of the Draft?
  25. mcain and flordia
  26. Today's media coverage....
  27. Kerry fighting back
  28. Why did we go to Iraq Again, honestly?
  29. John Kerry and the men of Swift Boat PCF-94 GAME
  30. Us #1
  31. Hit me like lightning
  32. Everytime a Kerry opens their mouth they
  33. The cold hard facts about liberals
  34. Top 11 reasons the U.S. still holds Saddam Hussein after ceding legal custody to Iraq
  35. Communism, let's give it another shot!!!
  36. OOPS, caught in assault weapons ban lie....
  37. Dallas News reporting
  38. Can you guys give me any good reasons
  39. An Article from the Daily Texan
  40. The most scandalous president in our country's history....
  41. Commonalties between Bush and Bin Laden
  42. Sweeping change for the Republican Party
  43. Who is going to win
  44. war based on weapons of mass destruction?
  45. DNC lies again?
  46. Good story.....
  47. Bush questions
  48. Divert Attention!!
  49. Saw Michael Moore Hates America...
  50. Disabled Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  51. Lost a friend in Iraq this week and.....
  52. Patriotic film festival in Dallas this weekend
  53. Muslims apologize and take responsibility for 9/11
  54. Beep Beep Cheney backing that big butt up
  55. OOOO Rah!
  56. Bad news for bush
  57. stolen honor documentary clips
  58. Kerrys silver star with V counterfeit
  59. Kerry was a draft dodger
  60. Kerry committed treason
  61. Kerry AWOL from reserves, refuses to release records
  62. Democrats forged documents about Bush
  63. most pro-gay presidential candidate ever
  64. hiding in our trenches
  65. Party on sept 11th this is not cool
  66. Fraud seems to run in the Bush family
  67. Bush suspended from flying duty during his tour
  68. Bush and OBGYNs
  69. oli rules
  70. Deaths in Iraq pass 1000
  71. Bush's New Non-Work-Freindly Ad Campaign WW
  72. Halliburton's ties to the Bush administration
  73. The Breakfast Crowd
  74. Bush opens up double digit lead
  75. Removal of the Electoral College?
  76. shipboard life in the navy
  77. Maybe the best....
  78. Kerry being investigated, Medals, Anti-War Actions
  79. Now I know how Kerry does it!!
  80. Talking crap
  81. video from Iraq
  82. LOL! Liberal Personality Disorder
  83. Peace Lovin Muslims Strike Again!
  84. Bug you
  85. Did anyone else see the Zell Miller speech?
  86. Backdoor Found In Diebold Vote Counting Program
  87. Zell Miller just put
  88. Zell Miller's speech was awesome!
  89. Gotta love Gov. Arnold!
  90. nat. gas prices,, dam
  91. Kerry Faults Bush for WTO Sanctions Threat
  92. As of today....
  93. I wonder if these people are animals??
  94. Not all liberals are bad..
  95. Rudy Giuliani
  96. Finally, France takes a stand
  97. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  98. Bill Clinton makes himself look more like an idiot
  99. Swift Boat Vets
  100. Convention Protests...
  101. So W and Kerry go into a barbershop...
  102. War Hero or Anti-War Hero...
  103. Another rocker speaks out on Bush
  104. Bush isnt so bad
  105. I don't feel like coming up for a title for this thread...
  106. French Terror Alert
  107. A little quiz..............
  108. Show your support
  109. John Kerry's first Purple Heart was...
  110. America kicks Ass
  111. Kerry Honored by Vietnamese Communists
  112. letters from husband in Afganistan to his wife
  113. How to stop Jihad
  114. Latest update from Altus AFB online newspaper The Patriot
  115. Big shocker, the Iraqi Olympians are ungrateful.
  116. Irag is another Vietnam
  117. who is John O'Neill, Kerrys attacker
  118. It's August and I already know what I am going to be for Halloween...
  119. Iran strike on US targets???
  120. John Kerry Taxes Flash
  121. John Kerry cant even defend his own record
  122. "I see you donated 100 bucks to Bush"
  123. I received this email about Al Qaeda crossing Mexican Border: READ
  124. Where Bush Got His Marching Orders
  125. Shoulda just dropped a bomb instead.
  126. What a great idea!
  127. World Peace
  128. The Hypocrisy of the DNC
  129. Looks like we were visited by the post fairy last night.
  130. Gap Between Rich And Poor Widens
  131. Washington Times article today: Iraq wmds in Syria?
  132. PETA vs. Nancy Reagan
  133. Tax Cuts..dont be Fooled
  134. Typical Democratic response
  135. Iranian Judo: When in doubt, chicken out
  136. flipper
  137. Kerry On The Fair Tax Plan --- Ignorant Or Lying?
  138. Now President Bush is evil for NOT drilling on federal land...
  139. swift boat vets dont like kerry
  140. Great Leaders
  141. Theresa and John in seperate hotel rooms?
  142. Conservatives vs Liberals
  143. E-Mail I got off of Mike Gallagher's site
  144. Assasination plot/new attacks???
  145. Let's have a little honesty about Kerry's heroism.
  146. John Kerry Drinking Game
  147. Kerrys fellow swiftboat commanders use the big guns
  148. Heinz Foundation supporting radical groups?
  149. John Kerry's truck is for sale....
  150. New Kerry Flip Flop
  151. Did Kerry just make a major tactical error?
  152. Election monitoring
  153. Afgan exchange students
  154. Kerry blocks vote for communist sanctions
  155. kerry on terrorism
  156. A most impossible task here!
  157. National Guard facts
  158. W in a landslide
  159. the url says it all:
  160. Kerrys plan for the military
  161. former POW Air Force Colonels opinion of Kerry
  162. lol, the GOP needs to screen its candidates better
  163. 24 Congressional Medal of Honor winners slam Kerry
  164. LOL, and the Dems invite Moore to the DNC..
  165. Are you guys a bunch of Drudge groupies?
  166. KErry needs to be prosecuted for war crimes
  167. Go Charlie... Go Charlie...
  168. 911: the Road to Tyranny
  169. So... THAT'S how they get campaign money...
  170. Kerry - Unfit for command part 2
  171. Kerry - Unfit for command
  172. No-Show Senator Kerry Takes Home Full Senate Paycheck
  173. "America will embrace Theresa Heinz Kerry"
  174. Kerry Flip Flop video
  175. John F. Kerry SUPPORTED this Vietnam peace plan
  176. Bush's economy!!!
  177. For all you Kerry supporters!
  178. Where can I find some "Bush for Pres" signs?
  179. Always good for an afternoon chuckle...
  180. LOL! Flush the Johns.....
  181. Bin Laden's half brother says Michael Moore is full of sh*t...
  182. ABC Reports DNC funded by Mob Money
  183. Kerry's "War" movies were faked
  184. Kerry & Edwards = Gay
  185. Bush's 16 words.....
  186. All I can say is...
  187. I can't stand the liberal media!
  188. Next Terrorist Attack in Planning Stages?
  189. Funny..
  190. Kerrys plan to prevent future wars?
  191. We have become a nation of women.
  192. Bush and KErry: Who's land is this?
  193. the real Bush plan
  194. The Difference Between the Military Branches
  195. For my Republican Friends
  196. Proud to Be a Democrat
  197. I received this email:
  198. Are you feeling the love?
  199. The George W. Bush Conspiracy Theory Generator!
  200. the Black Widow returns
  201. Who are these guys?
  202. Patriotism at the airport
  203. Who decided..?
  204. Facts and Explanations wanted, explain the overtime legislation
  205. Nice Read
  206. In reply to the Kerry & Edwards bumper sticker
  207. Bush's Speech on 7/12/04
  208. Kerry & Edwards bumper sticker
  209. christians and the republicans
  210. Political Humor on both sides
  211. They train their terrorists young in Palestine...
  212. No wonder Arabs are so confused!
  213. I received this in my email... Osama's Revenge:
  214. Economy keeps getting better: trade gap falls
  215. Edwards helps BUSH in North Carolina
  216. One by One Bush Exonerated
  217. still hosting hitler ad
  218. Ya, who needs to fight terrorism...
  219. bush vindicated in Saddam - Niger uranium state of the union claim
  220. It's good to be President
  221. Kerry
  222. The Johns seeking out the gay vote?
  223. Who thinks Bush caused this idea?
  224. slowly, the Arab world is coming around
  225. Marine Cpl. Wassef Hassoun
  226. democracy in the Middle East
  227. Edwards is the best thing Kerry could do
  228. what you didn't see in the news this weekend
  229. Yea for m&m's
  230. Another American Beheaded
  231. AL Qaeda claims it be-headed Paul Johnson
  232. I received this in my email: Has anyone seen this?
  233. I received this in my email:
  234. Battle Ground States Polls
  235. We're not all bad.
  236. Colon Powell as VP
  237. I guess Iran wants some now......
  238. Hmmmm...
  239. It's Time To Re-evaluate Our Involvement...
  240. from elsewhere: LA Times Poll - INVALID - Proof of Liberal Bias
  241. WHY do they do this $hit?
  242. If John Kerry had gotten his way in Defense Spending Votes.
  243. Patriotic duty
  244. Abortion = WMD
  245. KErry suspends campaining because....
  246. Why Would You Vote for John Kerry?
  247. George Tenet resigns as CIA director
  248. John Kerry says the darndest things
  249. Rolling Thunder
  250. UN threatens force against the USA