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  1. Drove by a confused voter's house this morning...
  2. "Election determines fate of nation" Must Read...
  3. Wanna see Bush speak, live?
  4. Electoral update: Possible Bush landslide
  5. Did everyone vote?
  6. John Edwards getting pretty...
  7. And his johnson is...
  8. A bird from the Bush
  9. Silly Republican
  10. Silly democrat...
  11. Busted
  12. John Kerry's resume - job application ......
  13. PA and NJ may go Bush, Hawaii likely Bush
  14. Does any have a link to the video...
  15. Never trust a Russkie! Russia tied to Iraq's missing arms
  16. LEtter in UT newspaper:how to beaqt cheating Democrats
  17. This is not good information.
  18. Arafat at death's door...
  19. John Stewart on Crossfire
  20. 60,000 votes lost
  21. If you can't beat'em, run them over
  22. How will you Vote
  23. Who is the enemy for in the elections?
  24. Where to vote?
  25. A textbook example of media bias:
  26. Missing explosives in Iraq.... Real Story
  27. When is the hurricane when you need it?
  28. Who's gonna win?
  29. What party are you?
  30. President Bush the great crime fighter....
  31. Let's Talk About Voter Intimidation.
  32. For you hardcore Kerry activists...
  33. votin problem
  34. Caught part of a Kerry campaign speech....
  35. good read
  36. LOL, Anybody But Bush
  37. Miami-Dade posting of a political rally on guvmit property
  38. Give Dubya a brain
  39. Edwards Wife: No Riots If We Win
  40. Okay, Kerry struck again and how come the media hasn't mentioned this???
  41. KErry camp in trouble: Few dozen turn out for RosieODonnel FL get out the vote speech
  42. KErry supporters call for Bush to be assasinated
  43. Flu shots anyone?
  44. An email I got....
  45. Eurotrash stops plans to interfere with election: GOP volunteerism skyrockets
  46. Cher: Bush to segregate gays into one state by themselves
  47. Team America
  48. watch stolen honor on line free
  49. President Kerry??
  50. All will enjoy this!
  51. That ain't ketchup!
  52. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  53. How about you butt out of our election?
  54. Bush or kerry
  55. Today's Poll updates: Bush all over Hanoi John
  56. video about winter soldier
  57. Open Letter Signed By 121 Retired Flag Officers
  58. Michael Moore die already
  59. What does socialist medicine get you?
  60. Still Undecided?
  61. Ah.... so that is the strategy...
  62. Pure Class!
  63. When Kerry Wins
  64. Kerry joke
  65. Normandy invasion written today
  66. Are we also voting for a first lady as well as President and Vice President?
  67. when bush wins
  68. This is my prediction for the election.
  69. National Sales Tax Vs. Federal Income Tax?
  70. 10 truths that prove how desperate the demoncraps are
  71. Kerry will Lose
  72. Bush will lose
  73. If you think the Iraq war is so just
  74. More proof Edwards is gay...
  75. The Kerry Cabinet
  76. Job Application
  77. Is Mary Poppins a Democrat, Republican, or Independant
  78. Laid off
  79. Can you believe this sh...t? I feel like Dick Cheney right now...
  80. early voting
  81. What Kerry doesn't want you to see...
  82. Cheney vows to attack the US:
  83. stadium
  84. Fellowship 9/11
  85. Kerry's Claims about what Bush will do
  86. This is really messed
  87. This sucks
  88. New polls showing Bush is leading
  89. Local Politics: Stadium
  90. Study: Recession Widened Racial Wealth Gap
  91. in the first prez debate bush said the phase(new world order)
  92. Kerry for the middle-class taxes...
  93. Build in America
  94. This sums it up for me
  95. Bunch of Pansy soldiers
  96. Bush Tax Cuts, was it enough?
  97. John Kerry's Enlistment contract
  98. Osama met with Saddams lawyer in 1998?
  99. Kerry's Senate Record
  100. Clinton price fixing results in no flu vaccine -- Kerry blames Bush
  101. Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support
  102. awsome speech
  103. Kerry Cancels Visit to West Virginia Church
  104. Big Kerry Lie, where is the fact check police!
  105. Cmon guys, lets give Kerry a hand
  106. Typical Democratic BS, how can any of you Dems agree with this????
  107. Just to let y'all know...
  108. If you HAD TO vote for...
  109. Guess who else is supporting Kerry...........
  110. Guess Who's Supporting Kerry?
  111. running for the second term
  112. And here come the Europeans....
  113. Yea! for outsourcing
  114. More good news.
  115. That crazy Nader...
  116. Republican Pantering???
  117. Bill O'Reilly hit with lawsuit: Sexual Harassment
  118. Latest Gallup Poll
  119. Bush Would End Stem Cell Research Involving Human Embryos
  120. Oh my head, more disenfranchised in PA
  121. SO about those "LOST" Jobs
  122. Dems get another Pass
  123. Why I will never be Elected President
  124. John Kerry and the Constitution
  125. Who won the debate.
  126. Debate 10/13
  127. O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit
  128. Does anyone actually "like" Kerry?
  129. John Kerry's "The New Soldier"
  130. More disenfranchised voters in Florida
  131. The real Bush killed superman quote
  132. Is anybody still undecided?
  133. I wonder why he hasn't released his military record?
  134. If Kerry Wins, I will... (post yours up to)
  135. Kerry wants book banned
  136. If John Kerry was president
  137. Kerry's website plan
  138. The Frost / Sessions campainge takes a new low.
  139. Things the Middle East and US have in common
  140. 10 Commandments
  141. George Bush killed Superman.....
  142. Nobel Peace Prize Winner?
  143. Well, here's a bit of good news.
  144. Rumsfeld stopped by to say what's up...
  145. Post your Anti-Kerry pictures.
  146. to vote for Kerry
  147. If you want some good arguments...
  148. Stem Cell Research
  149. John McCain for pres????
  150. Kerry supporters, in here!
  151. Voting has started
  152. What I didn't like to hear from Kerry
  153. Forget about J Kerry vs. G Bush, lets decide on first ladies...
  154. Hope you guys can handle Kerry as your president.
  155. Embassy in France Bombed
  156. The GLobal Test...
  157. If this doesnt SCARE you....
  158. Fascism alive and well...
  159. John Edwards for President?
  160. I'd like to comment here. No flame intended
  161. Kerry's plan for 2 new army div.
  162. So, about those WMD we haven't found..
  163. Two Cows
  164. For the ignorant ones...
  165. Kerry on Iraq
  166. The Kerry/Edwards bullsh#t tax plan....
  167. "How Kerry Won"
  168. Michael Moore bribing voters
  169. Give your view to the Brits
  170. Anyone watching/watched the VP debate?
  171. La. Judge Throws Out Gay Marriage Ban
  172. Why you never buy a used submarine
  173. Fahrenheit 9/11 Exposed
  174. Stars and Stripes series of articles about us...
  175. Fun way to decide
  176. GW could get my vote if this keeps up
  177. New "Americans with No Abilities" Legislation Passed
  178. Troops prefer Bush....
  179. Unfit for Command
  180. For all you libs... Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties
  181. Voter Registration question
  182. The Debate Toons....
  183. Make your own bush
  184. FOX admits anti-Kerry article based on lies!
  185. What did Kerry pull out....
  186. Kerry Picture
  187. Kerry to get tough on the border
  188. If You Didn't Register to Vote...
  189. Kerrys the right man for you
  190. Kerry on saddam and WMD's
  191. Kerry on schools and education
  192. 10 Kerry flipflops in debate #1
  193. major democrat political humor
  194. Kerry video, 1/11/04
  195. Reagan movie on limited screens...
  196. Come on! Place your bets!
  197. Distortions and Misstatements At First Presidential Debate
  198. Follow the money
  199. If today was Election Day...
  200. Project Toolman(political weapon)
  201. Presidential Debate
  202. Media ACTIVELY Trying to Mislead Us.
  203. Terrorist win another PR point
  204. What about those 2000 florida elections???
  205. Let's go ahead and hedge our bets now, so we can sue later....
  206. NO bid contracts for Haliburton
  207. John Edwards interesting statement...
  208. Little Republican Political Humor
  209. GAO: White House Violated Law on Medicare
  210. Families of Iraq War Dead Target Bush in Ads
  211. Presidential Debate Rules
  212. Little ted kennedy political humor
  213. John Kerry's new tan
  214. Kerry says that he has inarticulate disease
  215. Flordia news
  216. LMAO! Check this out
  217. Political Test
  218. Voter Registration Drive and Get the vote out
  219. Hurricane Warning
  220. unreal Iran Gouv. music video about America
  221. What kinda crap is this?
  222. Mens club
  223. How the media will spin Kerry and Bush on the debates
  224. How To Negotiate Against a Terrorist:
  225. One down...
  226. Politics / Voting
  227. C41.11 video
  228. 30 days and Counting to Nov. 2...
  229. Are we conrtibuting to the problem?
  230. Requiring ID to vote
  231. The Rape Jihad
  232. Pro Trash
  233. CBS Liberal Dem Boss now supports Bush
  234. I don't like this one bit.
  235. New Kerry Swift Boat Video Game!
  236. what do the troops leaving for Iraq think of Bush
  237. Bush girls campaign for dad
  238. Democrats for Bush coalition gains another member
  239. Kerry's latest full page ad
  240. You are so very welcome.
  241. If you were held hostage in Iraq....
  242. Oooh baby baby it's a wild world.
  243. Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election!!
  244. Is something "big" about to go down in Iraq?
  245. I thought about it last night.
  246. Why not up roar over CBS?
  247. Kerry Camp LINKED to FAKE documents
  248. I wonder what the "world's reaction" will be..
  249. Fight terror with terror
  250. Debates: Make or break?