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  1. Cool Vid_
  2. makes ya want to cry
  3. North Korea possible test of Nukes
  4. suspension of student for talking on cell phone to mom in Iraq
  5. Sign Oreilly's petition
  6. Alleged al-Qaida No. 3 ARRESTED! What the hell happened to his face!?!? hahah
  7. PRE-EMPTIVE Nuclear Strikes
  8. Lmao
  9. Thanks... from Iraq
  10. Britain's Elections, Jihad style
  11. Ohio's Die-In
  12. How to End the Income Tax and the IRS
  13. Spread the joy
  14. Blair Makes Political Promises, he can't keep
  15. bush lovers
  16. Tax and Spend Republicans
  17. Real news from Iraq
  18. Army Recruiting Goals
  19. red usa
  20. Campaign
  21. Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Usama
  22. Privatizing Social security..good or bad??
  23. UN Backs Total Ban on Human Cloning
  24. In the tradition of Sore-Loserman, Ketchup Chick now claims election was hacked
  25. The Prez is making an address about Terrorism at 9:15.
  26. Hillary is going to Korea
  27. Clinton deserves props.
  28. U.N.: 80 Million Africans Could Die From AIDS
  29. High Court Ends Death Penalty for Youths
  30. Favorite Bush quote
  31. Oh great another Communist?!?
  32. Recent Bush visit
  33. Bush solves the middle east peace problem!
  34. anyone read VILFREDO PARETO
  35. Iran's lashes for sex
  36. WTF, anyone else have code words setup for your family
  37. HA! In your face hollywood
  38. Cool special on KLRN
  39. Five Misconceptions about Islam that could kill Democracy
  40. kyoto nonsense
  41. 60 Minutes has gone conservative?
  42. list of actors who's films I won't support
  43. Denzel Washington is a class act
  44. China surpasses the US as the world's biggest consumer
  45. Montana anti feds
  46. International Relations people inside...
  47. Why do we have multiple intelligence agencies anyway?
  48. Iran's blackmail
  49. Call it Eurabia
  50. noble Democrat words
  51. Another nut emerges on the world scene (long)
  52. Dems rally around Dean
  53. Ward Churchill in the news again
  54. Korea?
  55. President Condi???
  56. EXCLUSIVE: We go undercover at mosque
  57. How is Islam spread?
  58. Do you agree, Islam = Political Party?
  59. Do the Muslims not realize they have a PR problem?
  60. This wasn't recorded in the middle east.
  61. Remember the Shoe Bomber?
  62. Iran is next, right?
  63. Has anyone been following this case?
  64. It's fun to shoot people
  65. Should we censor art?
  66. One German Who Gets It
  67. Religion of peace calls for attacks on US citizens and soldiers....on our tax dime
  68. F!#$ the Sunnis!
  69. People that hate dogs
  70. and we're worried about prisoners rights
  71. What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?
  72. Iraqi militants amaze me...
  73. Why are Muslims such pu$$ies about WOMEN?
  74. Religious Vilification Law Coming Soon
  75. Apostasy
  76. Kerry Still Delusional About Election
  77. As our focus on the Middle East continues...
  78. How much liberty would you give up for security?
  79. Islam's Law of Warfare
  80. Soros speaks about Kerry
  81. Classic from Democratic Underground
  82. New Baghdad Mayor wants to erect statue of W
  83. KErry is still a whiny bitch
  84. Denmark is having problems too
  85. Dutch feelings strained
  86. A fallen Marine
  87. Is it only the radicals?
  88. war on terror hits close to home
  89. Interogation Tactcs at Gitmo
  90. Americas Strong Points
  91. Punish the raped victim in France
  92. Honor Killings
  93. Iran: Next up
  94. Way to go Arizona!!
  95. Jihadists in Oregon
  96. Terrorist Attack since 9-11
  97. Did Republican Activists Do This?
  98. Some good news! Top lieutenant to al-Zarqawi captured!!
  99. al-Taqiyya 101 for Infidels
  100. Maybe the Washington Times is getting it
  101. France and Jihad
  102. Nobel Prize winner gets it
  103. Germany gets it.
  104. Bush haters.
  105. Bush is going wacko
  106. Hillary Clinton for President in 08.
  107. New Jihad in London
  108. Jihad against school bus
  109. What kind of jihad is this?
  110. Well, that sucks
  111. Anyone worried about this?
  112. ok.....No WMD so oh well???
  113. What is THIS crap?
  114. tsunami relief??? why?
  115. damn why is everyone blaming the US for sh!t!!! sick & tired of this bull$%^!
  116. Cell phones and war?
  117. Your Tax Dollars at Work ----->
  118. Mark Cuban, STFU
  119. Our Prayers...
  120. ...
  121. Osama Bin Laden supporters in Tsunami ravaged areas?
  122. America Dollar vs. Euro/Yen/lb etc,.
  123. US Contractors withdrawing from Iraq
  124. French spy satellite launched into orbit
  125. Thoughts on this budget idea?
  126. Makes You Think!!!
  127. Just one thing.
  128. Black Bush?
  129. Did y'all see this?
  130. Ex-Marine testifies of killing Iraq civilians
  131. Haha - those crazy Haji's....donkey-borne IED
  132. Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7 1941
  133. NAACP fired Mfume
  134. UPDATE: Soldiers refuse to drive convoy in Iraq
  135. Message to a serviceman/woman
  136. A threat to vaporize 100 Muslim cities
  137. Did anyone watch the O'reilly Factor last night?
  138. I am sickened by this.....
  139. Pictures from Iraq, a more positive light
  140. thoughts on this
  141. Fallujah Battle Analysis
  142. Terror expert: Qaida WMD attack on US likely soon
  143. Yemen Frees 113 Al Qaeda Members
  144. Protesting cyber task force
  145. Border security
  146. In a way, I'm glad Nov. 2 has come and gone...
  147. Oops. It's the beginning of the Clone Wars
  148. Speaking of China. War? Maybe?
  149. Mo money
  150. Another side to the......
  151. Help fund flights home for our troops.
  152. Trashing Condi Rice...the left gets the usual pass..
  153. The lefties are straight up f'n crazy
  154. This is BS!!!!
  155. So who do I thank at NBC?
  156. MY Michael Moore Epiphany
  157. Chirac / French President going at it again!! :rollseyes:
  158. Disscussion Topic about FCC
  159. What criteria to judge a successful Bush Presidency?...
  160. Such a loss.
  161. So are we progressing in finding Bin Laden?
  162. This is the reason the media needs to stay out!
  163. Pics from the Bush Rally
  164. Jihad at San Francisco State
  165. Falluja Video
  166. Clinton's Mobile Home Library
  167. Colin Powell Steps Down?!?!
  168. Good for CBS
  169. Stand Proud America!
  170. Picked mine up today, anyone else got one?
  171. thoughts on this
  172. Anyone else see the French flags flying at Arafat's funeral?
  173. Anyone see the Palestinians (sp?) Rush Arafat's Heliocopter?
  174. First time I agree with the WTO
  175. I love this.
  176. FALLUJAH, Iraq
  177. Arafat Died
  178. Hate mongering lefties?
  179. Hell yeah
  180. Howard Dean, the new Chair of the DNC?
  181. How is this idiot still alive?
  182. This is a good start
  183. The bare essentials...
  184. Everyone should enjoy this.
  185. Exit Polls Results Inside
  186. The Democratic State
  187. Election of the stupid
  188. Welcome back to Toolman
  189. what the Hell is Wrong
  190. Kerry in his new wardrobe
  191. micheal moores first thoughts about the election...
  192. *(*&Y*&^%$ french at it again
  193. You've seen how many states went red. Now look at it by county!
  194. Remains of campaign war chest go where?
  195. Musicians political views
  196. Government Run Healthcare
  197. John Edwards' wife has breast cancer.
  198. what is the truth?
  199. Arafat Dead!!!
  200. Free Muslim congratulates President George Bush
  201. Who Needs 8
  202. Immagration Draft
  203. Left wing liberals should be punished for this campaign
  204. Personal insults need to stop
  205. UK Paper Trashes Bush
  206. Presidental Election Results from Texas
  207. F-ing Michael Moore!!!
  208. Enough President, How about Dallas' new Dike Sheriff
  209. Anti-war Kerry supporters II
  210. W more popular than Clinton
  211. Now that the elections are over
  212. Are we safer today than before 9/11?
  213. Does This Mean We See Hillary in '08?
  214. No sense in beating dead horse, the dems are taking the ball and going home!
  215. Vermont's Governor's Race!
  216. Anyone else feel that stress melting away?
  217. So are Kerry and Edwards...
  218. Friends dont let friends
  219. Report: Kerry Calls Bush to Concede Election
  220. buy bye Dasc-ole and Frost....later Hanoi John
  221. Laugh out loud..
  222. I'm cautiously optimistic this morning..
  223. Well, can AL P call it or what?
  224. More right than wrong on my prediction
  225. 4 more years - Bush is your president - Kerry supporters speak.
  226. so whats they odds that kerry can win
  227. Election day here who voted for who?
  228. Absentee ballots not being counted till maybe Thurs...
  229. Is this what Bush really did?
  230. LOL @ google
  231. Questions for Bush supports
  232. Ohio exit poll....49% Bush, 41% Kerry...
  233. do you actually think he will win
  234. PEaceful protesters my ass
  235. what method did you use to vote?
  236. Results
  237. Whos going to win Cali?
  238. AD of a Republican
  239. Voting fraud apparently already starting...
  240. Bush was enfuego!
  241. Check out Frontline on channel 13. They're doing an article about Kerry and Bush.
  242. How would you feel about a Constitutional Amendment..
  243. Whoever wins,
  244. Do you think
  245. What if Kerry is elected?
  246. Tomorrow is the big show down!!! Who will win?
  247. Why would someone lie about whom they voted for?
  248. Bin LAden strongly supports KErry
  249. Kerry's step son calls Bush a "Coke Head", talk about class!
  250. Osama Bin Laden endorses John Kerry