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  1. Top three Presidents with Lowest Approval Ratings:
  2. Secretary of State Rice
  3. Finally someone speaks out againt extremist in Saudi Arbia
  4. does anyone else feel this way
  5. Jihad against movies
  6. Religion of Tolerance in Algeria
  7. WTF: Iran's nuclear ambitions
  8. Pour some gas on the fire
  9. Belgium's 3rd day
  10. Interesting read, China doing a little poking around?
  11. Saddam Defense Team say Trail Illegitimate
  12. Socialized medicine
  13. How much longer in France?
  14. muslim = cultural time bomb is argued
  15. Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands
  16. How it started article
  17. Riots in Denmark
  18. Cult of destruction
  19. We'll never win the hearts and minds with people like this
  20. From 10 billion to taxes
  21. October's Death Toll for Global War on Terror
  22. 10 Billion Dollars
  23. Riots in Paris
  24. NO residents want to kill whitey!
  25. To think we could have easily avoided the whole middle eastern crisis
  26. Why France?
  27. Religion of tolerance
  28. Consistency?
  29. Will Bush have the balls...
  30. Iran leader calls for Israel's destruction
  31. I guess she gave up.
  32. Jihad in Baltimore
  33. US security chief strives to expel all illegal immigrants
  34. Groups Sue to Overturn Video Game Curbs
  35. What is with all the liberals
  36. National Homeless count: 727,304
  37. North Korea is so backwards
  38. Conspiracy for NO residents...
  39. NO cops beat old man
  40. First smart move for NO mayor...
  41. Would be Ruh-Roh Shaggy Part 3 but...
  42. Jihad at Texas OU game
  43. ruh-roh shaggy part 2
  44. Britain blames Iran for attacks
  45. Now.... seriously...
  46. Eminent Domain
  47. Bring your gun to work everyday
  48. It descends from the heavens, ironicly it unleashes hell
  49. Jihad against Piglet
  50. Jihad in Algiers
  51. Indonesia bombing, I bet it was Jews
  52. Two Buddist Indicted for Terror Charges
  53. Iran Nuclear program and Isreal
  54. Christian groups threaten to destroy a muslim school
  55. What does the ACLU gain from this?
  56. Ruh-roh shaggy
  57. Be careful what you wish for!
  58. LA senators asking for more money
  59. So I wonder what Sheehan's dead son would be thinking
  60. All Canadians aren't so bad
  61. LA sold
  62. So how is America in your eyes now?
  63. Clinton's fame grows
  64. Global Warming is getting really bad
  65. Once a muslim, always a muslim
  66. From TDD to his sons...
  67. OPEC to increase green house gasses
  68. Great... great... great...
  69. The Bush Family Legacy
  70. Immigration bill with meat
  71. Political lesson
  72. A plan to bring peace to the US
  73. Nagin charged with murder
  74. Time-Mag issue 9-5-2005
  75. Searching in NOLA for survivors
  76. Blame Bush Again
  77. Question about the current issue of flags.
  78. Funny Bush animation!
  79. Article on the hurricane and all the people blaming the govt.....
  80. Preemptive Nuclear Strikes
  81. Weatherman Claims Japanese Mafia Behind Hurricane Katrina
  82. Hmmmmm was the Govt ready???
  83. Latest Gallop Poll
  84. Illegal immigration Petition
  85. why blame FEMA
  86. the parties....
  87. Minorities on this board
  88. Reagan eulogy i ran across
  89. Kuwait says thanks...
  90. Evacuees at Duncanville 1st Baptist Church
  91. Rehnquist dead
  92. Bush's take on evolution
  93. I wonder if ym brother will get hazzard pay for this????(Military)
  94. Polls... what a crock!
  95. At the the next military budget cuts
  96. The Hurricane
  97. Bush Denies Foreign Aid for New Orleans
  98. RFK blames RNC for Katrina....
  99. Cindy Sheehan blames W for Hurricane Katrina
  100. Bush’s approval rating falls to new low
  101. How lucky are we ?
  102. that Sheehan bit** and "families for peace"
  103. SOME Anti War/Bush tpes just boggle my mind sometimes
  104. Australia says get out
  105. Who's ready?
  106. islamic extremists = Nazis
  107. Learn from History
  108. Wtf?!
  109. RPG's
  110. Global Warming is getting worse
  111. Jihad in Ireland
  112. 100 people arrested for misunderstanding islam
  113. illegals sue rancher and get his land.
  114. China & Russia war games
  115. Dang, she'd fit right in here...
  116. President speaks out against Islam
  117. John Stewart on John Roberts
  118. A$$hole runs over crosses near Crawford protest site
  119. Bush administration opposed to .xxx domain.
  120. Good for the husband of Cindy Sheehan
  121. Kosovo
  122. Moving the nuclear clock's hands
  123. Canadain View of US Health Care
  124. Border Patrol Posse
  125. Explosive dogs.....
  126. has anyone seen "loose change"
  127. must preach holy war, says teacher
  128. Things heating up for European Muslims.
  129. Muslims who hate us can get out
  130. Who would you vote for? Condoleezza or Hillary
  131. Hitler youth summer camp
  132. Jews poisoning bananas
  133. Senate slaps ACLU
  134. Condemning "Killing in the name of God"
  135. London Telegraph poll
  136. Islam is "a terrorist organization"
  137. Finally, a liberal speaks out with common sense...
  138. Lt. gov. crashed Marine's funeral
  139. Police Kill Man at London Subway Station
  140. Why do we wait for an attack to respond?...
  141. Chirac has a new back bone growing
  142. Dayum
  143. Blame the Raped woman
  144. The Theocracy of Iraq
  145. Jihad against the giant teapot
  146. Tom Tancredo for President
  147. Stand by for an important announcement
  148. People love to sue!!
  149. Disney scanning fingers
  150. And he is shocked he was fired...
  151. Land for Peace in Israel
  152. Clinton up in arms over GTA game
  153. Chinese Diplomat Visits N. Korea
  154. Terrorists not involved in London bombing
  155. Van Gogh's killer speaks.
  156. Great Wall of Israel
  157. American Hiroshima
  158. Where do muslim leaders stand?
  159. Message from London Bomber
  160. Rehnquist to Retire
  161. Kyoto Protocol signatories
  162. Religion on Trial
  163. Are Iraqi insurgents and terrorists the same thing?
  164. Karl Rove worse than Osama?
  165. Filibuster Deal Puts Democrats In a Bind
  166. Belgium doesn't Waffle, but has back bone
  167. Sandra Day O'Connor announces retirement
  168. Corporate Jobs contracting in foreign countrys
  169. Name that Person contest
  170. Cowboy Stadium Eminent Domain
  171. Anyone else agree that this is the last straw?
  172. Scary article on china's economy & military build up
  173. This is BS.
  174. Media
  175. Rick Perry's new tax plan...
  176. Tolerance for other cultures
  177. Entering the USA for Terrorist 101
  178. New hate crime in TN
  179. Anti-War - What are your thoughts?
  180. Supreme Court overturns the 5th Amendment.
  181. Crooks, all of them
  182. short word Travis (Prostreet)
  183. Saddam wants the good ol' days back...
  184. Hey RAGHEADS..............I'M SORRY!!!!!
  185. Recruiters in Public Schools
  186. And they needed a poll for this?
  187. Arrested the wrong guy
  188. Addendum to WTC professor post: Aggies, you guys rock.
  189. College Professor: WTC story "bogus." "inside job" a compelling story.
  190. more new Kerry war record coverups
  191. "I'm going back to my cottage to rape my wife."-- Bill Clinton
  192. Here is a good site for lefty watching...
  193. Saudis say they got enough oil
  194. Silly liberals
  195. No free speech in UK
  196. This is ART
  197. "Oh Muslims! Do you know your enemy? Isn't it obvious?"
  198. Kerry dumber than we were lead to believe
  199. You just have to love the unions.
  200. New Toll system...charger by mile via GPS
  201. Islamofascist Bumper Stickers
  202. Recruiting Goals?
  203. It's been confirmed: In the capital of _________ they burned the American flag!!!
  204. Are we actually getting BLAMED for Iraq's enviro woes?
  205. War on Terror? ? ?
  206. Jihad on market
  207. Without Shedding a Drop of Blood
  208. Jihad on KFC
  209. It's already starting...
  210. Doctors say knives are too pointed
  211. Stop the madness!
  212. France about to implode
  213. Osama bin Laden to claim caliphate
  214. If You Are Not A Republican...
  215. Tillman actually killed by friendly Fire
  216. What happens when a muslim becomes a christian
  217. Newsweek
  218. Someone from the "left" that gets it...
  219. This is not protected speach
  220. Jihad is ok, in certain cases
  221. Global Warming
  222. So are the dems obstructing lawmaking?
  223. Why don't the Iraqi's stand up and fight the insurgents?
  224. >UPDATE<Forsake the Troops website.
  225. communist murderers
  226. newsweek Quran in the toilet article false
  227. Kay Bailey Hutchison gets it.. (toll roads)
  228. Sad commentary about the "War on Terror"
  229. Religion of Peace
  230. Liberals in the military
  231. Mexico pissed at american border "tightening"
  232. Why the hell are they planning on closing so many military bases?!?!
  233. Border patrol told to "stand down" in AZ to make minuteman look ineffective
  234. Food for thought on Manufacturing
  235. Is this true?
  236. Sec. Rice: Gun Rights Important As Free Speech
  237. This ticks me off?
  238. This is scary...
  239. Grenade thrown at President Bush at event in Soviet republic of Georgia!!!!
  240. Dean endorses socialist in senate bid
  241. Cool Vid_
  242. makes ya want to cry
  243. North Korea possible test of Nukes
  244. suspension of student for talking on cell phone to mom in Iraq
  245. Sign Oreilly's petition
  246. Alleged al-Qaida No. 3 ARRESTED! What the hell happened to his face!?!? hahah
  247. PRE-EMPTIVE Nuclear Strikes
  248. Lmao
  249. Thanks... from Iraq
  250. Britain's Elections, Jihad style