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  1. Video: Chris Christie rips feds after clerical error costs New Jersey $400 million in
  2. Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans
  3. EPA Considering Ban on Traditional Ammunition
  4. Qotd
  5. Discussing the Atomic Bomb
  6. The Government's new right to track your every move
  7. Pre-crime software to be used in Washington DC
  8. More Obama thinking America is...crap
  9. Yes Folks, Hindenburg Omen Tripped Again
  10. Fox News: Evil or Stupid
  11. Spending with and without the Iraq war
  12. Join Andrew Breitbart and Ginny Thomas for the Dallas Tea Party Symposium
  13. Dinar trading
  14. Iran unveils 'ambassador of death' bomber
  15. ShoreBank of Chicago Said to Be Closed Today by FDIC
  16. Health care. Let the raping of the public commence
  17. 6 police arrested for killing Mexican mayor
  18. Example of the economy is still tough
  19. Yummm, fresh foot for lunch.
  20. Hottest seller at Martha’s Vineyard this year: Bush “Miss Me Yet?” t-shirts
  21. LMMFAO @ this...
  22. Obama manages to piss off Californians
  23. Obama asks Bush to back him
  24. Jude throws out piracy charge for somalis
  25. Retirees need to pay more
  26. These voices don't speak for us- reagan compilation
  27. RIP George Lutz
  28. robert gates out in 2011
  29. Obamanomics
  30. Israel to Blow Iran the Fuck Up This Week?
  31. UAW halts vote on giveback deal at Indy GM plant
  33. Tillman letter released to public
  34. Obama makes clear support for ground zero mosque
  35. maxine waters (D)
  36. I was intereviewed
  37. Agents' union disavows leaders of ICE
  38. I thought I'd share
  39. The stunning decline of Barack Obama
  40. ZING!!! "Good, No One Will Hear It!" Hewitt Responds To Lib Talker's Threat To Replay
  41. The daily show: The race card is maxed out.
  43. Lt. Col. Allen West’s battle cry: “Come and get it!”
  44. JAMES CAAN: I'm not a G** damn Hollywood liberal"
  45. "Obama is the worst president in history"
  46. Illegal Immigrants Bear 8% of Children Born in the U.S.
  47. Here Is The Change... NOW Bend Over!!
  48. Line up and get some Obama money!
  49. Name thaaaaat PARTY!!!
  50. "How my G.O.P. destroyed the U.S. economy."
  51. Nuclear detonation timeline
  52. Seems the libs have a way of fixing the economy
  53. I found this interesting,
  54. HOLY WIN! Greg Gutfeld Raising Money for Islamic Gay bar next to G-0 Mosque!!
  55. Five Myths about the Tea Party..
  56. why not legalize drugs?
  57. Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit (feat. Brad Stine)
  58. It's a logical move against China but it just seems so wrong...
  59. Your legislature in action
  60. The stimulus failed
  61. Who's going to see Barry?
  62. Grade the President.
  63. Awesome monologue by Rush
  64. Just a thought
  66. Chinese new carrier killer missle
  67. New mortgage plan
  68. USPS posts 3.5 BILLION dollar LOSS
  69. Scott Fenstermaker - the dumbest idiot I've ever seen on my TV
  70. Amanananajanajad
  71. Did Breitbart set a trap for Obama and Sherrod?
  72. Goldman Sachs could make more money after FinReg legislation
  73. Gibbs
  74. More Apologizing.
  75. Obamacare - REVEALED!
  76. Pete Stark: There are no illegals
  77. Make Mine Freedom (1948)
  78. ALLEN WEST: Badass (And Floridas next Congressman)
  79. I bet he wants to be deported now
  80. DEM Congressman @ Town Hall: The Fed Govt Can Do Most Anything in This Country...
  81. Runaway Slave
  82. Voting Democrat has consequences.
  83. Obama Administration Considers Bypassing Congress on Immigration Reform
  84. Dennis Prager Q & A At University of Denver
  85. Koran BBQ anyone?
  86. Steve Wynn takes on Washington
  87. What Recession?
  88. Crack Down Illegal Aliens and Expelling them
  89. Kerry and Rangel are...
  90. Where has all the Gulf oil gone?
  91. So much for expiring Bush tax cuts only affecting the "rich"...
  92. New Arizona law gutted by judge
  93. SEC no longer has to disclose to public
  94. DISCLOSE Act stalled - for now
  95. Why legalize illegals?
  96. Migrants sell up, flee Arizona ahead of crackdown
  97. Basil Marceaux for governor...
  98. Putin > Obama
  99. Nothing about North Korea?? War?
  100. White House backed release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi
  101. Anyone browsing the "Afghan War Diaries" on wikileaks?
  102. Judge scoffs at pre-emption argument in AZ lawsuit
  103. Very intresting things going on in South Texas.
  104. Who is to blame for debt
  105. Harry Reid is an idiot
  106. Bomb in Jaurez
  107. His mission is almost complete..
  108. Displaced foreign traveler...
  109. Tea Party Caucus?
  110. BS Remover
  111. N. Korea executes peace negotiator
  112. Barack Obama birth certificate
  113. Racism
  114. Bill White lied....
  115. Stolen Valor Act Unconstitutional
  116. Hypocrites
  117. Welfare thought
  118. Obama vacation in ME
  119. And now, we're controlled...
  120. War on terror, going south?
  121. Conservative colleague voted for Obama...
  122. Really, there's nothing wrong at the border...
  123. Obama lied? No! Approves First Direct Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
  124. Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats
  125. Rick Perry on Cavuto
  126. Obama and Hitler billboard
  127. RACIST BULLSHITe FROM RACIST GOVT.. 10 articles in 1 thread to save space.
  128. Obama Debt Commission Leader (Democrat) Warns of Fiscal Cancer
  130. STAY OUTTA THE BOND MARKET: Crisis Awaits World’s Banks as Trillions Come Due
  131. Going to meet the president
  132. If at first you don't succeed
  133. So, who's had their visit from the Census Bureau?
  134. Gibbs Says Democrats Could Lose House in November
  135. First rig sails away over drilling ban
  136. An opinion regarding the upcoming elections..
  137. More Obama billboards
  138. Lawyer Who Defended 'American Taliban' Now Heads DOJ Suit Against Arizona
  139. NRA leaning to endorse Harry Reid? WTF
  140. UAE Diplomat Endorses U.S. Strike on Iran
  141. Here's the cost of Illegals, $113 Billion/yr
  142. Who was it on here that was saying the Cartels were targeting the Dam on the Border??
  143. Remember the Nice Black Guys Eric Holder Let off the hook for Voter intimidation?
  144. LATimes on SCOTUS makes me smile....
  145. Racist MSNBC viewers???
  146. NJ finally has a balanced budget
  147. Lt. Col. Allen West: ‘There’s a Storm Brewing That’s Heading for Washington’
  148. Chicago newspaper: What were we thinking in electing this narcissistic empty suit?
  149. Dems find way around earmark ban bill from 3/2010
  150. BP refuses to fuel Iranian Jets
  151. Welcome to Rome, Circa 450 AD
  152. NASA's CHIEF: Next Frontier-- Better Relations With Muslim World
  153. 50 Random Facts That Make You Wonder What In The World Has Happened To America
  154. Mr. President, now Mr. Fail Tard (Vero Beach, Fl)
  155. I thought for sure the 2nd amendment would go first.
  156. "A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan
  158. The state of california further implodes:
  159. Found something interesting in: Strapped U.S. Police Turn to Marijuana Busts for Cash
  160. What do you think this'll do to the price of gas...?
  161. Steve Irwin attacked by the Libyans
  162. Arizona's picking a fight
  163. Elizabeth Edwards: ‘I’m not just a cuckolded wife’
  164. Elena "Wayne" Kagan
  165. 10 commies arrested in US
  166. Bill Clinton: Blow up the well...
  167. So the Constitution does work?
  168. Good Riddance to another Dem
  169. What's the deal with the NRA?
  170. Obamas press conference live @ G20
  171. Christie-petraeus 2012?
  172. “No one will know until this is actually in place how it works”
  173. AFL-CIO economist to Cavuto: You’re an A-hole
  174. What ever happened with this?
  175. CLINT WEBB: The Brutally Honest Senator....
  176. Opinions on Bill 1835 Alternative Energy
  177. Ex HPD Chief heads ICE.
  178. North Korea demands compensation... in the form of $75 TRILLION
  179. Harry Who?
  181. The nuge': Declaration of defiance
  182. Price Controls... Jimmy Carter? Nixon? Hugo Chavez?
  183. Petraeus to Take Over In Afgamistam?
  184. Loophole closed for illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes
  185. Obama may be planning to grant amnesty to illegal aliens by executive order
  186. RED EYE: Terrorist Imbeciles Caught
  187. Mexico and Holder Both Suing AZ
  188. Judge blocks Gulf offshore drilling moratorium
  189. Border Patrol Charged Millions for Habitat Damage, Republicans Say Enough 'Extortion'
  190. Never thought I'd be happy to hear this...
  191. California stoops to new low for revenue
  192. NBC's Brzezinski: I'm "Working With The White House" On Oil Spill Talking Points
  193. HMMMM... Maybe BP wasn't the Devil afterall...
  194. president wants Super-E-Mod powers.
  195. AZ wants your help
  196. Gather your armies
  197. Sen claims Obama said he won't secure borders until amnesty granted to illegals
  198. Abnormal radiation detected near Korean border
  199. Obama Admin. Argues in Court That Individual Mandate Is a Tax
  200. Anything odd about Obama's Father's Day proclamation...?
  201. Long term unemployment benefits
  202. Obama admits to being Muslim.
  203. Hypocrisy at its finest
  204. Is this hard to find? And how long does it last?
  205. So this is what a Republicrat looks like.
  206. Hillary: Administration Will Sue Arizona on Immigration Law
  207. A Snakebit President
  208. Get away from that!
  209. Terrorist pilots w/ credentials on the loose
  210. Joe Barton
  211. 6 votes? wtf?
  212. In Oklahoma, not Arizona, what does it matter?
  213. Us land closed to americans?
  214. lord god we are done for now
  215. Saudis will allow Israel free path to bomb Iran
  216. So...Al Gore warming other globes or what???
  217. Anyone else listen to the CIC speech?
  218. America Rising
  219. John chastizes the democratic party for their whining.
  220. The next big crisis in this country...
  221. Why can't the post office compete?
  222. Think you knew? Your Social Security
  223. Pinal County Sheriff asks Obama for troops
  224. Congressman needs his skull thumped...
  225. Keep Your Health Plan Under Overhaul?
  226. Texas draws another line in the sand.
  227. What's missing from the first picture?
  228. Milton Friedman PBS Special: FREE TO CHOOSE 1980 The first.
  229. Etwawki
  230. Ayn Rand (atlas shrugged) Mike Wallace Interview 1959
  231. Milton freidman on donahue (1979)
  232. I do not like GB or the other talking heads. But
  233. Ever Heard of the Jones Act?
  234. Anyone but this A$$hole over here...
  235. Wow, PC gone to new BS level
  236. Victory for former Marine and father of killed service member
  237. Memri TV clips
  238. Mexico anger high as US Border Patrol kills teen
  239. Obama looking for an "ass to kick"
  240. Mexico is such a shithole
  241. Internet rumor that BP knew of the spill was coming and did nothing.
  242. Rod Blagojevich trial
  243. Roadmap for Americas Future
  244. Over 90% of bills passed secretly
  245. Chinese Iphone maker doubles pay after suicides...
  246. Looks like a tough day for the market tomorrow.
  247. Ex-Spokesmen Lead Charge for White House Reporter Helen Thomas to Be Fired
  248. Obama blames Bush....
  249. The Black Founding Fathers
  250. We con the world