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  1. This Iraq "Study Group" Report
  2. Assassination' schedule announced for Congress
  3. Send free Cards to our troops.
  4. "Democrats have made it a priority to cut taxes for the middle class"
  5. This is too funny!
  6. Oath For Congress
  7. AP Is Busted! Uses BOGUS Source For Months in Iraqi Fables!
  8. Whites Only Scholarship Creates Outrage
  9. China bought bomber secrets
  10. I never did trust the Ruskies
  11. So is US Airways safe?
  12. What do you think is a feasible option for Border Security?
  13. 3rd Party Possibilities?
  14. Cindy Sheehan arrested in Washington
  15. Oil and pricing
  16. Here's the Glenn Beck Special...
  17. Here is what you democrats voted for...
  18. An Interesting read and book I plan on buying
  19. Nevada town targets illegal immigrants!
  20. Man arrested with $78,000, nuclear info
  21. No more JROTC in Pelosi-land
  22. Delivering American sovereignty over to the United Nations
  23. Glenn Beck's "Exposed:The Extremist Agenda"
  24. Dems swinging into quick action
  25. American's are stupid
  26. Dems win? Immigrants come on?
  27. For Those of You Who Care About Immigration
  28. US Carrier stalked by chinese DIESEL sub
  29. When did the Simpsons get so preachy and anti-military?
  30. Nativist fears cause concern in Farmers Branch
  31. The Democratic Future
  32. Big Plus for GW that the Dems win..
  33. Iran, Syria Relieved That Democrats Won
  34. Bush Q&A today censored?
  35. Democrats now control the Senate too
  36. Will Texas ever follow in Arizona's Footsteps?
  37. Well...dammit...
  38. Rumsfield to resign.....
  39. Dems are in
  40. Some truly good news:
  41. kinky
  42. If you don't vote...
  43. You Car and the Left Wing
  44. Last Letters Home on HBO
  45. Saddam Hussein to be hanged
  46. Military Times calls for Rumsfeld resignation.
  47. Not to be outdone by the catholics...
  48. Kerry apologizes to troops after pressure from fellow Democrats
  49. lest we forget
  50. If you don't study hard you end up in Iraq
  51. Do your reps "really" support the troops?
  52. 9/11. Maybe there was another motive?
  53. And he wants to help run the country
  54. Bush approves border barrier.
  55. German soldiers in trouble
  56. baseball
  57. U.S. Troop Death Toll Now Worst In A Year
  58. North Korean Military Capabilities
  59. Michael J. Fox....
  60. Boycott Miller Brewing for supporting illegal aliens?
  61. CNN supports Terrorism
  62. Early voting starts today..
  63. Immigration advocates want Miami-Dade to be immigrant sanctuary
  64. What do you think the gift is?
  65. Boeing develops airborne laser weapon
  66. Billary's Campaign Music Video
  67. Navy Seal gives life to save peers!
  68. Oh NOEZ!!! Air America files bankruptcy.
  69. Comedy director David Zucker goes to GOP? You can't be serious!
  70. N Korean nuclear test may have been a dud
  71. So what does N. Korea want from the USA???
  72. North Korea threatens to fire nuke missle at us
  73. Wow, Another bomb went off....
  74. Kim's message: War is coming to US soil
  75. News Alert
  76. Anyone watch the governors debate on TV tonight?
  77. More liberal propaganda over the border
  78. Texas Governor Debate (Oct 6)
  79. DFW soldier needs your help!!
  80. BOOM! Foley case blows up in ABC's face
  81. Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis refuse to take you if you have alcohol with you!!!!
  82. North Korea to stage Nuke test
  83. Dashboard Mohammed
  84. Congressman Foley(Rep) investigated as possible sex offender
  85. OPEC cuts oil production
  86. Un f**king believable!
  87. No True Glory: The Battle for Fallujah
  88. Another Environmentalist Movie
  89. Psychological deterrent?
  90. Nick Berg beheading video a fake?
  91. Who saw the story last night about the abandoned convoy in Iraq?
  92. It's a Global Ice Age of Warming Ice!!!
  93. From my "CNN Breaking News" e-mail.
  94. Thank you President Clinton
  95. Some unexpected allies in the War on Terror, -- The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend
  96. What are your thought's on this?
  97. Clinton denys this ever happened
  98. He acts suprised....
  99. Hugo Chavez asassinated?
  100. Navy Seal
  101. Are they blowing smoke, or warning their enemies (per the Koran)?
  102. Next time you think this war isn't political...
  103. I love this bleeding heart liberal bull$hit...
  104. Pope makes muslims mad
  105. Congress defies Bush's detainee program
  106. Here comes the Reaper
  107. Thermite probable in WTC collapse
  108. Gulf war syndrome/Agent orange study
  109. Some of you might like this pic
  110. Bush is inviting them in!
  111. I guess you all have heard about the ABC 911 miniseries censored by democrats
  112. wonder what the people that let Terri Schiavo die think of this
  113. Senate Reports No Link
  114. France rejects "war on terror"
  115. Immigration video (very interesting)
  116. Former soldiers begin anti-Bush demonstration in Washington
  117. Can someone explain this?
  118. By Rush Limbaugh
  119. How Iran's Nukes Could Play Out - Good Read
  120. SUV runs over 14 infidels in SF
  121. Get out the slave vote
  122. Fox Jouralists released
  123. UN worthless and backs terrorists.
  124. Google the word "failure"
  125. 9/11 was an inside job?
  126. Iraqi girl hears for the 1st time
  127. Nagin opens pie hole again
  128. The Koran Says It Best
  129. Israel bought 2 submarines from Germany
  130. Does Islam support raping women?
  131. French UN troops surrender to Hezbollah
  132. 08-22-09
  133. did anyone else see this on discovery Sunday
  134. What do they think?
  135. Mutiny on Flight 613
  136. Redneck Pakistanis
  137. Go outside and play shoot the infidels
  138. Ambush in Iraq
  139. Explosives at Huntington, West Virginia Airport
  140. The treasonous ACLU did it again
  141. "Soldier's Diary" GREAT read
  142. How long will the peace last?
  143. From US news on Israel I think it's a good view.
  144. Pallywood productions
  145. mobile phones
  146. Terrorist plot thwarted with INVASIVE DOMESTIC SPYING!!!!
  147. One British Terrorist an Airport Employee
  148. Fraudulent Reporting in Lebanon
  149. Our war vs Israel's war.....
  150. UK Airplane Thingy, you know
  151. US military rape slyaings.. I'M TELLIN!
  152. Time Magazine Threatened by Hezbollah
  153. NYTimes photo fraud
  154. Letter from a dude that lead a wild life!
  155. Why civilians are getting killed
  156. 11 Egyptians Missing In U.S.
  157. More "funny" pictures from Lebanon found
  158. Doctored Photos
  159. Jihad coming in 48 hours
  160. what could this explain - Scientists estimate the parasite has infected 3 billiion
  161. Minimum Wage Bill Fails
  162. Popular Mechanics: Debunking The Myths
  163. July's Casualty List WOT
  164. Hezbollah not wearing uniforms
  165. Kerry to run for President in 2008
  166. Gitmo gaurds attacked by detainees
  167. Jihad in Ohio
  168. Syria tells it army"raise readiness"
  169. Iran is so backwards
  170. Shit, fan, about to meet?
  171. Obsession: What is driving radical extremists?
  172. Marine sniper metes out swift death in Iraq's most dangerous neighborhood
  173. MUST SEE VID:Someone on al-jazeera with a brain
  174. Sudden Jihad Syndrome
  175. "F*** Hezbollah!"
  176. Can't we jsut get rid of this idiot?
  177. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wants To Kill Bush
  178. I remember seeing gestures like this in history books
  179. Dungeons and Dragaons Kill
  180. Attack on school teachers
  181. The Lebanon & Israel "crisis"
  182. Hezbollah stores rockets in mosque
  183. China needs a waaambulance
  184. On another front of WOT
  185. What goes around, comes around
  186. 1916 USA invades Mexico
  187. F-14 gets one more chance?
  188. Damn , I can't believe my eyes
  189. Israeli Video of Bombing
  190. Lebanese fighting Hizbullah
  191. Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel
  192. Nearly 10 years since welfare reform
  193. Isreal destroys Iranian Long-Range Missle
  194. Bush tell it like it is
  195. More missiles
  196. New York Times photographer right there as they tried to kill American troops
  197. Palestinian militants blew a hole in a wall
  198. Shocking news
  199. Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
  200. Another piece of excellent news! We vetoed Qatar's UN resolution against Israel.
  201. Iranian Guard fired missle on israel.
  202. With what is happening in the middle east..
  203. The straw that breaks the camel's back?
  204. is Israel about to open up a can?
  205. June's Casalty List for WOT
  206. Worshippers of Thor blow up trains in India
  207. No blood for rice
  208. Chechen Rebel Leader Dead
  209. Proof the Twin Towers were imploded (Don't laugh)
  210. Scientologists Plan to Bomb tunnel in NYC
  211. Venezuela SU-30MK
  212. N. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii
  213. Watching TV could kill you
  214. Cindy Sheehan's Code Pink Protesters pwned by Tourists
  215. N. Korea reportedly launches 4 missiles
  216. N. Korea threatens U.S. with 'nuclear war'
  217. Are we...
  218. Canadian Gun Registry
  219. Slavery: Alive and well in the USA
  220. Jihad for peace
  221. Chemical weapons found
  222. Supreme Court rebukes Bush on Gitmo
  223. Putin orders liquidation of Baghdad embassy killers
  224. Palestinian Chemical Weapons
  225. Chemical weapons fired!
  226. Another reason to get rid of Rick Perry.
  227. I saw something the other day
  228. Bad Buddist
  229. Biodiesel, Worthwhile Fuel?
  230. 17% of British muslims believed that Arabs were involved in 9-11
  231. Kinky Friedman is on the Texas Govenor Ballot!
  232. Saw Something Kinda Neat Today
  233. New Global Warning Correlation
  234. WMD question for those who think Bush lied...
  235. Bodies of missing U.S. soldiers recovered
  236. Report: U.S. activates missile defense system
  237. An answer to Americans being kidnapped in Iraq
  238. DC Snipers Claim four shootings in Denton
  239. Crusades in Somalia
  240. Which is the real story.
  241. Conventional Trident Missiles.
  242. Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe
  243. Durkas mad about Marine's song
  244. Dubya makes surprise visit to Baghdad
  245. Cindy Sheehan is a bad parent
  246. guy in Philadelphia wants to make a stand
  247. Dropped him like a hot potato
  248. Oil rich Saudi Arabia get Tax money, WTF BUSH
  249. Jihad at Dallas Morning News
  250. Al-Zarqawi pic from NY Post