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  1. john edwards is an idiot
  2. GOP Debate on MSNBC
  3. I guess the Okies have had enough...
  4. Senator Frankenstein busted! haha!
  5. Bush veto's Iraq spending bill.
  6. Rick Perry - CHL - you should be able to carry everywhere
  7. My political view, what do you think I am?
  8. George Tenent.
  9. Venezuela siezes control of oil fields, pulls out of IMF & World Bank
  10. They keep settin' 'em up...
  11. Democratic party's plan under Billary
  12. What is El Presidente up to now?
  13. ruh roh.
  14. just wow!
  15. Black and Right
  16. Corps Restricts Non-Issued Armor Use
  17. this is embarrassing
  18. Democratic debate
  19. Speaking of grabastic gatherings of blowhards
  20. US might have to confront Iran
  21. Want to see a globalwarning alarmist's head explode?
  22. The Govenor of California...
  23. Political Forum GTG?
  24. Does America use too much military force?
  25. what Billary said and what she ment
  26. Okay, here's my idea to effect some changes over there in the Mid-East
  27. good news
  28. A word from Ted Nugent on Gun Control
  29. Denny, you know this guy?
  30. Reid - "War is lost"
  31. Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.
  32. Was this or was it not an act of Terror
  33. Thank GOD!!!
  34. And so it begins.......
  35. 1 in 2 Americans receive significant income from the government...
  36. Killing Immoral people
  37. This is the Bullsh%t I am talking about...
  38. Too bad...
  39. Remember these "Nut Cases for God"?
  40. This guy has it SPOT ON!!!
  41. Interesting post from a U.S. Soldier
  42. Those silly Arabs...
  43. Glenn Beck
  44. Tony Blair blames black people
  45. Deployments extended by three months for Army folk?
  46. Rudy
  47. Democrats refuse to meet with Bush about war spending bills
  48. Illegal Immigration down
  49. IPCC Report on Global Warming
  50. 911
  51. Nancy Pelosi a liar?....
  52. Fred Thompson Gears Up
  53. Primary Red & Blue
  54. Photoshop request...
  55. One Hostage held in solitary
  56. Iran leaders are a bunch of pussies.... Please God get this post to Iamadeamondjob
  57. More from the peace loving religion
  58. Okay, how long....
  59. Well, well, well, so it seems cancer IS milkable...
  60. RIP Cpl. Chris Mason, message to the Dems.
  61. Government must deal with greenhouse gases: US Supreme Court
  62. One citizen's response to the State of the Union and Democrat response
  63. So Hillary lines up some help....
  64. Pelosi a terrorist sympathizer?
  65. Deadline Set For Attack On Iran?
  66. British Sailors and Marines apologize for trespassing? Who thinks torture?
  67. rappin' karl rove
  68. UN Human Rights Council
  69. Finally, top honor for Tuskegee Airmen
  70. MOD briefing proves Royal Navy personnel were in Iraqi waters
  71. Think we're bluffing?
  72. My opinion on terrorism
  73. cowardly democrats
  74. Confessions of an Economic Hitman
  75. Do we really need a big ass wall around our borders?
  76. Tax and spend
  77. Dem. Rep. William Jefferson
  78. Obama for the three-pointer, ITS GOOD!!!!
  79. History of Politics
  80. Some see impeachment as an option
  81. Ted in Iraq
  82. Here we go...
  83. Governor Goodhair
  84. Tony Snow to face surgery
  85. House votes for war spending and withdrawl mandate
  86. Kinky layin' the smack down on FNC
  87. Fred Thompson 2008
  88. Iranian navy captures British sailors
  89. FBI: Extremists Signing Up to Be School Bus Drivers
  90. John and Elizabeth Edwards...
  91. I swear on Al P's life if this shit ever comes
  92. Hey liberals, read this...
  93. A new low in the war
  94. Politics of Global Warming
  95. Bong Hits For Jesus
  96. Court Rediscovers 2nd Amendment, Liberals Fear Other 'Rights' May Soon be Found
  97. Got yelled at for talking politics at work
  98. Hilary RottenCrotch Clinton alienates gay supporters with weak stance
  99. I guess they finally beat it out of Khalid Skeikh Mohammed
  100. little surprise
  101. Sen. John Sununu want Gonzales to be fired
  102. mexico pressures bush for immigration reform
  103. Libertarians?
  104. iraq pics you don't see on the news(graphic)
  105. Sioux trackers to hunt Taliban
  106. Rules of Conservative Correctness
  107. John Kerry finally doing something right!
  108. The TRUE cost of and respond
  109. LOL at the Moral Majority, check out
  110. Democrats speakout about Iraq video
  111. That Stang Seller moron...
  112. Moving the War to Iraq
  113. Federal gag order against a Madam?
  114. russian journalists turning up dead
  115. Go tell the Spartans
  116. Pallywood (Palestenian's big lie)
  117. Libby was convicted...
  118. This is important!
  119. For Sale - Talk08's whore of a mother $2
  120. Russia threatens U.S. missile defense.
  121. Tom Tancredo's Speech at CPAC
  122. Cowboy in the white house.
  123. Global warming = Dollars for Douche Bags
  124. McCain is in!!!
  125. Please explain Cheney's comments
  126. Can you Revoke My Citizenship?
  127. Interesting bit about Hillary Clinton
  128. Asian weekly's "Why I Hate Blacks" column blasted
  129. Black Baret in Vietnam?
  130. Medal Of Honor Awarded
  131. Political Cartoons
  132. Do You know where your Texas Republican party stands?
  133. Wives of Illegal Immigrants WANT Immigration Laws enforced....
  134. I love Fox News. (Bias at its finest)
  135. Mexican who was shot by BP Agents brought drugs across while waiting to testify
  136. WTF are they up too now?
  137. Here we go... Let the decrees begin!
  138. psychics hired to find osama bin laden?
  139. Al Gore won an Oscar
  140. Al Qaeda Resurgent - Bush's lagacy
  141. More Americans killed by illegal aliens than Iraq war, study says
  142. The truth about Muhammed: by Robert Spencer
  143. Listen up
  144. Insurgents using Chemical Warfare
  145. Multinational force pulling troops out of Iraq
  146. Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive
  147. President Bush's crazy ideas
  148. Nationwide Boycott of Bank of America in the works! Who's joining??
  149. Congressman Johnson (R-TX) Pleads for the Troops
  150. Is the Cold War over?
  151. Meet the newest member of the house's Homeland Security panel.
  152. Another officer convicted for doing his job against illegals
  153. What will happen when we run yellow from Iraq/Afg?
  154. Democrats just made it official....
  155. The NFL sold us out to Latin America!!
  157. China > USA, or, "why multinationals stay here"
  158. Bank of America will give credit cards to illegals
  159. Final Salute
  160. buying peace from N. Korea... again
  161. Stop Rick Perry!!!
  162. Lmao @ today's Obama Drama
  163. Evidence on Iran...
  164. Governor Mike Huckabee
  165. Arizona teens have dems to thank for losing jobs
  166. This Iran situation could go bad real quick
  167. Pure Intimidation
  168. Bravest SOB's I know........
  169. Oh shit, we might as well contract our weapons systems out to India too.
  170. Giuliani is in...
  171. Mossad takes out Iranian scientist
  172. EU planning to impose "kyoto" tax on US
  173. Perry is a Liberal?
  174. Iranians arrested in Gaza
  175. The beast on oil profits
  176. Sergeant in Afghanistan - Stop the BS and "Let's Get It Done"
  177. Interesting Video about Immigration
  178. Meet King Chavez
  179. READ:Saudi Arabia, Iran,and price of oil....
  180. Do our presidential votes count these days?
  181. I hope Hillary is the democratic presidential nominee for 2008.
  182. Americans Demand Response After Chinese Shoot Down Satellite
  183. Washington Soon to Release Evidence of Hostile Iranian Activity in Iraq
  184. Im sorry but dont you wanna hit people when this crap goes on?
  185. Is there a good Muslim?
  186. Would you support a war with Iran?
  187. Terror-Free Oil Initiative
  188. Water Vapor vs. CO2....better stop sweating, you are contributing to global warming
  189. how many of you hate our soldiers for iraq like this?
  190. How far left or Right are you?
  191. Bush on the Constitution: "Just a goddamned piece of paper"
  192. Democrats 2004 presidential candidate supports Bush in Iraq
  193. Bush people, give this a look
  194. B-2 is getting a new toy.
  195. Great....The Bitch "is in"
  196. Muslims offended by '24'
  197. more trouble stirring in Iran
  198. This is no Good, China fires missle.
  199. Mexican Gov't Blasts Killing of Migrant
  200. There Are Klingons In The Whitehouse !!!!!!!!
  201. The Dangers of the"North American Union"
  202. Sign the petition to pardon the Border Patrol Agents!!!
  203. 16 years ago today Congress authorized the use of force against Iraq.
  204. Yet another terrorist group that loves the US!
  205. Freakin Dems!
  206. Freaking Canada?
  207. Denver residents > New Orleans residents
  208. U.S. Military strikes Al Qaeda targets in Somalia
  209. People....we've reached a new f'n low in this immigration stuff.(TWO stories,read on)
  210. Powerful letter from American Airlines pilot...
  211. Time to light up some illegals
  212. Mexico offers satnav to illegals crossing into the US
  213. Please join me in welcoming our new speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi.
  214. Pat Robertson to Go Apeshit?!
  215. Bad day to be a jihadist!
  216. Bill Frist saves the day?
  217. One mans death?
  218. ACLU takes on Farmer's Branch
  219. Sadam's death sentence upheld
  220. Somalia take two
  221. Insurgents offer U.S. 30-day truce...
  222. Hispanic groups call for moratorium on work raids
  223. Questions about joining the US Navy :)
  224. London Braces for Attack; 'Miracle' If There Isn't One
  225. Super Size!!!!!!!!!!
  226. Iraq Study Group
  227. Ahmadinejad: Iran now nuclear power
  228. Ahmadinejad's allies struggle in Iran elections
  229. I stumbled across this today .
  230. Republican vs Democrat
  231. what's wrong w/ uncle jeb?!
  232. The LARK Program
  233. came from pics forum
  234. Cow 'emissions' more damaging to planet than CO2 from cars
  235. Sean Hannity in Iraq
  236. Illegal immigrants $18 bln boost to Texas
  237. Screw Hutchison too
  238. Abuse of power by Dems?
  239. Senator Cornyn sucks a huge dong
  240. The Ethics Committee has concluded the Foley investigation
  241. This Iraq "Study Group" Report
  242. Assassination' schedule announced for Congress
  243. Send free Cards to our troops.
  244. "Democrats have made it a priority to cut taxes for the middle class"
  245. This is too funny!
  246. Oath For Congress
  247. AP Is Busted! Uses BOGUS Source For Months in Iraqi Fables!
  248. Whites Only Scholarship Creates Outrage
  249. China bought bomber secrets
  250. I never did trust the Ruskies