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  1. Creating Artificial Life
  2. Should Michale Savage run for President
  3. Ex Military T-shirts
  4. Iranian Military Might
  5. Anti terrorist protest at Six Flags Oct. 14
  6. Cruel and unusual punishment??
  7. North and South Korea sign reconciliation pact
  8. Mexican Flag Illegally Flown Over US Flag in Reno (Vet cuts it down with his Ka-Bar)
  9. Questions Hillary should be asked....
  10. What is "middle income" america
  11. Why do you hate Bush?
  12. Now THIS is what I'm talking about
  13. Woman dies after thowing fit in airport
  14. North American Union, Anyone?
  15. Holy Sh*t our cousins have balls
  16. Do NOT negotiate with terrorists!
  17. Democrats won't guarantee end of war by 2013
  18. This Is Horse Shit I Hate This Country!!!!
  19. Clinton: $5,000 for Every U.S. Baby
  20. 14 Good Reasons To Deport Illegal Aliens
  21. Fuck bush in th ass! And withhold same form condi
  22. Silence in Syria, Panic in Iran
  23. Best Republican Candidate?
  24. Map to keep you up to date on terrorism and other suspicious activity
  25. Lee Iacocca
  26. John Dingell (d) - congress = idiot
  27. San Franciso Friggin Losers
  28. Ronald Reagan on nationalized healthcare/medicine
  29. Clinton machine strongarms GQ magazine
  30. Ahmadinejad speaks at Colmbia Univ.
  31. Dubai Ports deal, I mean NASDAQ deal
  32. Hope Rides Alone
  33. Release the Lion near Borders to Iran
  34. More ME Drama
  35. Whats a Canadian dollar worth?
  36. Ahmadinejad wont be laying wreath at ground zero
  37. Senate Overwhelmingly Condemns Ad
  38. Damn, Bush nearly has 3 times the approval of Congress!
  39. Pakistan may be next
  40. The DREAM Act
  41. Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader killed
  42. write a Marine
  43. Report on nuke-hauling incident delayed
  44. "Bush wants to achieve universal health care before he leaves office"
  45. Clinton Blasts Obama
  46. Clinton unveils mandatory health care insurance plan
  47. So much for getting any worth while information...
  48. Blackwater kicked out?
  49. France warning of war with iran
  50. Fifty Years of Math
  51. Greenspan stirring the pot
  52. Fred at the funshow
  53. and General "Betray us"
  54. Luncheon and Photo-op with Fred
  55. So....
  56. So the Izzies did hit Syria
  57. The perfect day
  58. Funny email
  59. Fly Your Flag 9/11
  60. Rudy Giuliani: Illegal immigration not a crime
  61. If Hillery is elected ??
  62. Illegal immagrant workers to have a union?
  63. Mexican President demands US surrender sovereignty & open it's borders
  64. A public health care system that MIGHT actually work
  65. Discussing Fred on Meet the Press
  66. Two wrongs make a right?
  67. Another illegal arrested for a violent crime...
  68. Time for gas prices to go back up...
  69. How life returned to the streets in a showpiece city that drove out al-Qaeda
  70. Thompson to announce...
  71. Perry is getting weak! Commuted an execution.
  72. Iraq democracy and foreign ethics
  73. Huffines Plaza in Lewisville
  74. CEO pay
  75. U.S. troops arrest Iranian delegation in Baghdad
  76. Universal healthcare? Sure, if you want to bankrupt America
  77. Republicans are gay
  78. France grows a spine....
  79. A message to Kerry from Iraq
  80. EU urges Gov. Perry to halt executions
  81. Dear Moslem Association: Git Outa Here (MSU)!
  82. Islam in Europe - video rant
  83. Ex KGB agent explains Soviet "brainwashing" in the West
  84. D.C. School Official Convicted On Terrorism Charges
  85. Term Limits
  86. 9/9/07 ROP parade
  87. Russia is one the move
  88. stories from Iraq
  89. A run on countrywide is occurring
  90. Dick Cheney in ’94 – “Invading Bagdad would make a quagmire” !!
  91. Surpise
  92. conservative vs. liberal
  93. Well... that's a revelation!
  94. House approves 3.5% military pay raise
  95. Yet another blunder on Global Warming..
  96. Farewell Turd Blossum!
  97. Interesting info about Rudy Guiliani.
  98. Russia flexing?
  99. Haditha case against marine dropped!
  100. Affirimitive action for white people coming?
  101. Dems to raise gas prices to fund bridges?
  102. china threatening to wreck US economy
  103. NYC to ban Bitch and Ho
  104. Democrats Cheat to give Illegal Aliens Welfare
  105. Iraqi Security Forces and Paratroopers captured a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist
  106. Discuss...china/russia military exercise
  107. Bush Has New Strategy For Iraq
  108. What breed of Conservative are you?
  109. Russia weighs relocation of Black Sea Fleet to Syria
  110. John Edwards makes an ass out of himself AGAIN...
  111. Bobby Brown on Bin Laden's hit list
  112. Sean Penn the diplomatic dumbass.
  113. Left Wing Loonies in here!
  114. Rupert Murdoch to control Wall Street Journal
  115. Anyone Heading To Camp Fallujah?
  116. Iran may buy 250 jets from Russia
  117. russia moving toward fascism
  118. OK... who was it?
  119. Patton on iraq
  120. US, Iran and Iraq have set up security subcommittee
  121. I'd love to see this...
  122. 1 hour video about Vince Foster death
  123. Thespians on the Hill
  124. Edwards Plan?
  125. Letter to Opponents of the War in Iraq
  126. foreign conflict fundementally unresolvable?
  127. First Muslim in Congress says Bush like Hitler
  128. 45% foreign fighters/bombers in Iraq are Saudis
  129. WMD's... let's end this discussion right now.
  130. Whataburger
  131. North Korea, war averted without a shot fired.
  132. Edwards+Clinton=Crooked
  133. Al Qaeda Group Threatens War Against Iran
  134. President Bush Speech.....
  135. Billary video courts lesbos
  136. Chertoff
  137. Moral Republicans
  138. Want to know what we are facing
  139. Did y'all see this deal....?
  140. Edwards to announce "poverty" tour
  141. Ya... Iran is just misunderstood
  142. new CBS news anchor
  143. Somebody has to lead the way.
  144. Terrorism comes from disconnected poor muslims
  145. Gore's son arrested...again?
  146. Olbermann has some balls.
  147. Islam... religion of peace Vol. 2435786
  148. Just heard on the radio
  149. Can a good Muslim be a good American?
  150. Tony Blair to Islamists: 'Nobody is oppressing you, you are absurd'
  151. Iran Cracks Down on Dissent, Parading Examples
  152. Black Rebublicans attacked by Democrats
  153. Buddhists try to blow up two car bombs in London
  154. Test successful!!!
  155. Senate Immigration Bill IS DEAD!!
  156. Patrick Leahy on White House Attorney Firings
  157. Never done this before... but
  158. Trouble brewing in Iran
  159. I'd just like to thank the US Senate..
  160. Danke Deutschland
  161. Well that is interesting
  162. Russia, China and India—Coalition to Offset U.S. International Dominance?
  163. Children of the Secret State, North Korea
  164. Global Intelligence Briefing
  165. Osama Bin Laden may have...
  166. Ross Perot Part 2
  167. Suicide bomb teams sent to the U.S.
  168. political faux pas
  169. Lieberman: U.S. Must Prepare for Possible Strike on Iran
  170. Is Global Warming over?
  171. Why doesn't Israel conquer the Gaza Strip?
  172. Republicans abandoning Bush
  173. Illegal immigrants responsible for woman's death.
  174. Has the USA image abroad really been damage?
  175. Nutbags in San Francisco trying to ground the Blue Angels, during Fleet Week!
  176. Fucking soldiers!!!
  177. Bush: Immigration Part Deux
  178. lone star card FTL!
  179. Kudos to the Chicago tribune
  180. I would support amnesty if......
  181. So Bush got sick at the G-8 conference
  182. Immigration reform is DEAD!!!!!
  183. Iran: Caught feeding the fire?
  184. U.S.-Based Arabic Channel Faces Probe
  185. Proof that big business WANTS illegal immigrants.
  186. NASA: We have only 10 more years...
  187. Terrorist plot to crash airliner into White House
  188. Blame fuggin Bush on this too!
  189. GOP debates
  190. Libby gets 30 months in jail.
  192. Ohh save this quote....
  193. What!!!!
  194. You've gotta be "Putin" me on...
  195. Man Made Global Warming, pshaw, Cosmic Dude.
  196. This explains our debt/deficit
  197. South American ally.
  198. Without protected borders there is no protection
  199. Rebuilding of Irag Predates 9/11
  200. English Only Ordinance in Oak Point
  201. Ron Paul - Avoiding War with Iran
  202. Will Pres. Bush leave office w/o attacking Iran?
  203. Ron Paul - Who are the Patriots
  204. Refugees
  205. The plan
  206. This Amnesty bill will cost us trillions of dollars
  207. $59.1 trillion in debt
  208. Cindy Sheehan finally shuts her trap
  209. Obama Says Memorial Day Not for Politics
  210. Memorial Day
  211. Army Taking Dragon Skin Case to Hill
  212. Article: Beyond Conspiracy: American Hegemony
  213. Democrats cave...
  214. Torture, Al Queda style - link
  215. If you threaten our profit margins...
  216. Iran defying the UN...DUH!!
  217. Newt Gingrich will be in DFW tomorrow..
  218. So we're gonna sue OPEC now.....
  219. CIA covert ops to destablilize Iran
  220. It's like this was written this year.
  221. Deport 1 million illegals in a year
  222. Fox News loves Michael Moore
  223. The funny shit old people say...
  224. 9000x9000 image of WTC
  225. It obviously pays to appoint loyalist judges
  226. Interesting
  227. World Bank's Future?
  228. The truth
  229. Here they come...
  230. Bloomberg seen as more threat to Democrats
  231. Sandy Berger surrenders license to practice law...
  232. "Pelosi Lowers the Boom"
  233. North Korea Test Fires Long Range Missle in IRAN
  234. Fred Thompson milking his Cancer?
  235. I <3 Fred Thompson
  236. Something has to be done about global warming
  237. Tax alternative
  238. April surplus rises to $177.7 billion
  239. post
  240. A World Without Guns
  241. Blair is steeping down!
  242. Here we go...
  243. Obama speech claims 10,000 dead in Kansas toronado
  244. A Joke - but could very well be real ...
  245. What, nothing????
  246. Pro American Nicolas Sarkozy elected President of France.
  247. Anyone notice Verizon dropped their sponsorship of Akon?
  248. Democrats will cause draft to be reinstated
  249. Went to the wake/vigil of a family friend/soldier tonight...
  250. If these sub-humans had a brain...