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  1. Oil producing countries saving $ for oil end time
  2. McCain says "No new taxes"
  3. Individuals were not the only adjustable rate idiots
  4. The Angry White Man
  5. Sarkozy defends Holocaust education plan
  6. Denny, this one's for you...
  7. Gun free zone article about recent school shootings
  8. Government goes on hiding the crap...
  9. Banks to write down another $203Billion
  10. US subprime crisis costs global 7.7 trillion dollars: bank
  11. The wonderful thing about Tigger...
  12. Bloomberg is dead on
  13. Man crying over no $ on Bush's new plan
  14. WTF is Congress investigating Roger Clemens for?
  15. Tax Stimulus Package ?'s and Article
  16. Coincedence? I think not...
  17. Hillary loves Fox News!...
  18. Feds: U.S. defense analyst leaked secrets to China
  19. Einstein figured it out
  20. Crackers a minority
  21. Subprime crisis and some historical comparisons
  22. When in doubt reverse your course of action.
  23. Putin warns of arms race. Says hes 'ready'
  24. It was only a matter of time...Sharia law in Britain?
  25. What are your main concerns/decisions in determining your vote?
  26. Looks like Bush's emergency stimulus plan passed
  27. McCain's speech @ CPAC
  28. Romney drops out
  29. Beware Republicans!
  30. Gov. Perry's e-mail thorn comes in form of Wisconsin man
  31. And we thought the Vietnamese were good at digging mountain tunnels...
  32. McCain nabs a whole 1% in West Virginia!
  33. Sweden Plans on Being the First Country in the World to Be Free From Oil in 2020
  34. $3.1 Trillion
  35. The future of oil and gas
  36. We lose top spot in the banking world.
  37. What is this? ( repost potential warning)
  38. Hillary: Garnish wages of people that won't buy health insurance
  39. Ron Paul on MTV/Myspace debates
  40. Flip Romney
  41. Mike Huckabee
  42. nswer 10 questions and find out which presidential candidate you should vote for in 2
  43. Ann Coulter to vote for Hillary
  44. Anyone else see this garbage...
  45. Obama On Gun Control
  46. Cali hates Marines....
  47. Inflation thought for the day...
  48. "We have to slow down our economy to prevent global warming" - Bill Clinton
  49. Just had this thought...
  50. Fitch and S&P stronger than FED
  51. Illegal immigrants to receive tax refunds
  52. McCain wins Florida
  53. A neat little article I wanted to share
  54. great ronald reagan speech from 1964
  55. State of the union address
  56. Ted Kennedy would much rather have man president than woman
  57. Hillary may be in trouble
  58. Obama wins South Carolina Primary
  59. The inflation rate doubles!
  60. GDP grew 11.4% ! ! ! !
  61. My letter to the City of Arlington regarding illegal immigrants, and their reply
  62. Hmmm... did the Fed waste some precious ammunition?
  63. Are you a Democrat or a Republican?
  64. Hoooray for Pelosi's tax rebate
  65. Hey, Jody, SocGen is gonna have a job opening...
  66. We don't need an income tax
  67. Current Conditions according to Soros
  68. Exxon setting record PROFIT margin's...again...
  69. Fred's out
  70. Iranian President's public spanking
  71. Stock Markets Plunge Worldwide
  72. McCain wins SC primary
  73. The Texas primaries may be HUGE
  74. money back?
  75. As much as I sometimes dislike Bush...
  76. So who is chelsea's father?
  77. Libertarian Party
  78. Brain washed people.
  79. A rather depressing economic assessment from pat buchanan
  80. Louisiana first non-white Governor
  81. Attn: 90 Notch
  82. Gold analysis
  83. The power of Al Sharpton?!?!
  84. OMG, I didn't know Jimmy Carter could write like this.
  85. Ok Democrats
  86. Thought you guys might enjoy this.
  87. Delegate Scorecard '08 Primaries
  88. Help the politically retarded...
  89. Fear is the enemy of reason.
  90. Ok, Republicans...
  91. Obama's insurance
  92. So is Hillary done?
  93. I write to you, Barack and Hillary.
  94. Newt Gingrich out greens Al Gore
  95. Obama puts a whoopin' on Hillary
  96. Great quote from Bush
  97. USA education below international standard
  98. Great Quote from Ex Pres Clinton
  99. Great quotes from Reagan
  100. Mad Made Global Warming? 10 questions
  101. Bush approval ratings
  102. Another one....
  103. Violence in Iraq at lowest levels since 2004, civilian casualties down 75%
  104. fred's message to iowa voters
  105. Happy New Year Baghdad!
  106. Medieval Crusades Vs. Muslim Jihad | compare & contrast
  107. Warmest year in England in 348 years
  108. Nuke Vermont!
  109. Has 'W' gone off the deep end?
  110. Forcing people to give blood for dwi??
  111. Bhutto assassinated!
  112. hillary would single handedly cause oil prices to drop
  113. Illegal immigrants packing up and leaving Arizona
  114. Presents from Hillary
  115. You go Vlad!
  116. Lakota Indians withdraw from treaties with US
  117. Tancredo dropping out of race
  118. Ya...waterboarding is just too mean.
  119. Senate Passes Bipartisan Gun Control Bill
  120. anyone for Ron Paul 2008? discuss...
  121. This scares me more than any terrorist
  122. New Jersey repeals the Death Penalty.
  123. Interesting correlation
  124. North Korea Replies to Bush With an Offer and a Condition
  125. Psychology behind gun control- --- pampered baby boomers
  126. damn them jews infiltrating mah facebook
  127. Racism I tell you!!!!
  128. Why the Housing Sector Collapse Is Wonderful
  129. Bush Approval Rating 37% - Congress 22%
  130. Feds cut interest rate quarter-point
  131. I got $20 on the Jews!
  132. And Bernake says
  133. Sold Alcohol to a Minor, But It's Not Her Fault...
  134. Victim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR
  135. Gore gets Nobel, warns of ominous threat
  136. Al E-Gore gets a Nobel Prize...
  137. British spy chiefs: Iran 'hoodwinked' CIA over nuclear plans
  138. Chavez invents new half-hour time zone
  139. 6 million muslims a year convert to christianity
  140. Fiscally conservative?
  141. What do you guys think of this???
  142. $1Billion in Military Equipment Missing in Iraq
  143. Prepare yourself for another attack on our gun rights
  144. +1 for NAFTA
  145. Like Iraq, US Intel on Iran Faulty
  146. Chavez loses
  147. US Intel report: Iran ended Nuke weapons efforts in 2003
  148. Putin - questionably elected dictator
  149. Michael Savage takes on CAIR
  150. Useless info that is good to know
  151. Hostages taken at Clinton campaign office
  152. The USA will military remain in Iraq.
  153. Communists at heart
  154. Peace-loving muslims (again)
  155. Putin at it again
  156. Chickenshit mayor refuses to lower flags for fallen firefighter
  157. Good Riddance to them all... (good read)
  158. Safe Homes - gun control for bad/poor kids
  159. Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah not invited to peace talks.
  160. I want Hillary for the Democrap candidate...
  161. Obama just took the lead
  162. Ted Nugent on Gun Control
  163. Black Friday, a great time for CNN to show it's liberal side.
  164. Decision '08--a deep dark future ahead
  165. Just when you thought they couldn't be more insulting
  166. The feds don't want to deal with illegals either
  167. US Could Ban Gun Rights
  168. McClellan: Bush, Cheney, and Rove involved in CIA leak
  169. North Korea - concentration camps
  170. Another blow to free speech?
  171. Send an E-card to the Soldiers in Iraq
  172. The Dollar is screwed
  173. Why isnt anyone talking about Pakistan?
  174. CNN making stuff up?
  175. Your loss is Our gain
  176. This is why I'm against government health care.
  177. I would much rather answer all these questions
  178. NY drops push for illegal immigrant licenses
  179. GOP candidates join spanish debate
  180. Bernanke: economy is heading for the crapper, but it will all be fine
  181. 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans
  182. Anhything else we can do for you and your family Mr. Bush
  183. Thanks Dallas More Taxes!
  184. Kucinich pushes to impeachment Cheney
  185. Infringement of Personal Rights
  186. Hope this isnt a repost...Still BS
  187. Thompson vs. Russert/Meet the Press
  188. So what is the difference....
  189. heed the warning
  190. uh oh....
  191. Hitlery's girlfriend?
  192. Curveball
  193. USAF nuked Syria!
  194. The Saudis knew about 9/11 & didn't warn us
  195. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  196. Bush Moves To Extend Gay Marriage Ban...
  197. Bush rips Congress for sitting on it's hands
  198. The definition of racism
  199. Ron Paul gaining momentum
  200. The Hitlery flip flops
  201. His hand is over his heart
  202. Marijuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion
  203. Democrat strategy - buy votes?
  204. More bullshit from the leftist media/"Rev. Al Sharpton"
  205. John Edwards plans to fill Robin Hood's shoes
  206. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
  207. We could learn some things from the Aussies
  208. Global warming causes lowest hurricane season in 30 years
  209. London, Islam
  210. New Sanctions against Iran
  211. Dems working to cut White House war funding
  212. So the cali fires are a result of global warming.
  213. Oklahoma is OK
  214. Chuck Norris is endorsing Mike Huckabee as the next President of the Unite
  215. If WWIII starts in Iran, what countries will fight?
  216. Navy Seal Lt. Michael P Murphy awarded CMH for actions in Afghanistan
  217. Iranian President Meets with Jews?!?!?
  218. O'Reilly said something that got me thinking
  219. Fred Thompson's Promise
  220. California bans "mom" & "dad" in schools
  221. Canadian Economy versus the United States economy.
  222. Anyone want to start betting?
  223. Putin is going to be the end of this world....
  224. Toll Road in the Park???
  225. World War III.........WTF?
  226. Reid letter to Clear Channel now on Ebay!!
  227. Merle Haggard on politcs
  228. Al Queda fed up with ground zero progress delays.
  229. Colbert For President???
  230. Soldiers capture kidnapper, free hostage ("Thank you, America" says freed hostage)
  231. Poor Syria lost a reactor?
  232. A quick quiz for your amusement....
  233. George W. Bush, Globalist
  234. Ann Coulture
  235. Russia getting all up in Condi's grill!
  236. I dumped Google today
  237. This website is the shit...
  238. more racial bias
  239. Are you racist?
  240. Single issue voters
  241. Me for President 2012
  242. federal judge: plan to enforce labor rule would harm businesses
  243. Presumption of innoncence.
  244. Guy has RPG in him!
  245. What is important to you...
  246. A new conspiracy theory liberals
  247. Yet another reason to be pissed off at the illegal aliens....
  248. Bush smooths path for Hillary
  249. supply side economics
  250. Awesome speech