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  1. New scenario for the bitch
  2. Black churches. Breeding hate against whites since the 1800's?
  3. McCain li... mis-spoke.
  4. Poll Time!
  5. Hilary
  6. Saw a Bumper Snicker...
  7. Bob Barr '08!!!!
  8. John McCain reminds me of....
  9. Obama vs Mccain in townhalls?
  10. Interesting read on Asian views of oil prices.
  11. So...looks like Obama's got the nomination
  12. Brigitte Bardot Guilty in Race Case
  13. Clinton is done
  14. Delegate votes or popular vote
  15. Obama email
  16. global warming video --repost?
  17. Obama needs to get spiritual advisors out
  18. Benny strikes again!
  19. Glenn Beck Article
  20. Anyone else like Jim Webb?
  21. What if McCain...
  22. Scott McClellan's book is finally out
  23. Obama must have "misspoken."
  24. Obama is a flip-flopper!....
  25. Woo Hoo
  26. Have you seen this Obama video?
  27. Gas Prices
  28. liberal, put up or shut up
  29. Conservatives are funny
  30. what terrorists?
  31. Russias new president hard at work, Chinese airplane coming?
  32. Maxine Waters suggests nationalizing oil industry
  33. Truth on Obama by Black Columnist
  34. hillary: open mouth, insert foot
  35. Hitler was a messenger of God!
  36. Lets start it up
  37. We're gonna sue 'em!
  38. Old Puddin Head!
  39. 31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda
  40. 5 year amnesty for illegals
  41. Ted Kennedy dead?
  42. Bush's sacrifice
  43. I need to be on more often!
  44. False comfort of appeasement
  45. Mexican Police Chiefs flee to U.S. for safety
  46. Republican party keeps losing....
  47. Lotteries are not for education any more
  48. in just one year
  49. The GOP is screwed this year
  50. McCain's old spiritual advisor says we deserved 9/11
  51. Libertarian Candidate
  52. So how many states are there?
  53. Immigration quote
  54. Hyperinflation - $250,000,000 for Three Loaves of Bread
  55. global poverty tax?
  56. Nazi gasoline
  57. Oakland PD posted at schools to protect illegals from Immigration raids
  58. Ready
  59. Turning in a company that uses illegal aliens
  60. Is McCain in trouble already?
  61. New Russian Bomber
  62. Ruh Roh: Barack has ties to a terrorist group? WTH?
  63. Interesting read about president's security
  64. Voter ID's are racist!!!
  65. Gasoline use falls 6.2% in ONE MONTH
  66. American Civil War, please discuss
  67. Freedom of expression vs. Class disruption
  68. Wrights latest comments...
  69. Social Security for Illegals
  70. Obama Should Drop Out?
  71. Rev. Jeremiah Wright claims public is trying to paint him as 'some sort of fanatic'
  72. Easy Choice For President...
  73. An End to our MidEastern troubles???
  74. possible loophole in searches/seizures being conducted
  75. There is no gas shortage... (part deux!)
  76. Political correctness amuck
  77. I vote this guy for president...
  78. There is no gas shortage...
  79. China protestors
  80. I've come to realize
  81. new legislation for marijuana reform
  82. SHTF Zimbabwe?
  83. The Iraq War: "A Major Debacle"
  84. Zara: A whole Lotta members want to meet and eat with you!
  85. Cheney's been workin' overtime...
  86. Ahmadinejad as controlled opposition??
  87. abortion a medium for art, political discourse
  88. Tim Robbins speech to national broadcasters
  89. democratic debate
  90. Old E-mail making the rounds again
  91. Ahmadinejad casts doubt on 9/11 attacks
  92. So which dem would you prefer?
  93. John McCain '07!
  94. I've had the hots for her since I was 10 yrs old...
  95. Because they hate: Notes from the Quran
  96. The Madness of Ben Bernanke
  97. Jimmy Carter hugs hamas terrorist
  98. Angry Housewife
  99. U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11
  100. Two Minute Patriot Act read through
  101. So Herllary is a hunter now?
  102. Where is that guy from Iran?
  103. Omaba demeans people as bitter
  104. CHL at school
  105. They pay taxes too...
  106. Smart Man
  107. More Dem implosions!....
  108. Examples on how liberalism-creep works.
  109. No threads on the Jimmy Carter deal?
  110. Climate change confirmed but global warming is cancelled
  111. 5 years ago today...
  112. Minnersoter Muslim PS and religious teachings..
  113. "Get me some more white people."
  114. corn to ethanol shortcut
  115. Greenspan: "I support John McCain"
  116. Typical democrat? you decide
  117. Obama supports infantcide? More pro-choice than NARAL???
  118. M$ | Yahoo
  119. VP Rice
  120. Coming soon: superfast internet
  121. Obama releases new logo
  122. Zimbabwe causes me to shake my head
  123. LARRY SINCLAIR gets federal court trial
  124. Judge orders lien on Westboro church
  125. John McCain. Racist. Flip Flopper.
  126. "The Americans"
  127. Hillary and Obama a team?
  128. ABSOLUT-ly offensive
  129. Hillary fired for being unethical, dishonest lawyer.
  130. Past-due consumer loan payments at 15-year high
  131. Where In The Wrold is Osama Bin Laden?
  132. Mcain's Running Mate
  133. Cnn Rulez!!
  134. American Revolution
  135. Obama youtube clip legit?
  136. Interesting article on the current economic situation
  137. Obama and Oil ( He lies again )
  138. Is water wet?
  139. Worst Quarter in 5 years!
  140. Jeremiah Wright- Civil War?
  141. Bush has one friend left
  142. She should have posted a "no guns allowed " sign
  143. Big Brother 2008
  144. Calling Clinton "Monster" Offensive!
  145. Market Madness!
  146. Fitna:The film is accurate. Will Muslims rage against the truth?(link to film)
  147. Pa. judge sentences 3 to learn English
  148. Al Sadr's militia gets walking papers...
  149. Rev. Jeremiah Wright cancels Texas events
  150. a.t. & t. says it can't find enough skilled Americans
  151. Obama is related to Bush? Laura Bush is my 9th cousin...CRAP!
  152. We may have only seen a quarter of the problem
  153. This isnt a hate crime?
  154. Larry Sinclair and Obama?
  155. My name is Hillary Clinton...
  156. Hillary: The Movie
  157. Ok, Ok, Ok...
  158. Obama: Grandma 'Typical White Person' Fearing Everyone She Doesn't Know
  159. Very interesting outlook on mideast policy making practices of yore...
  160. Was Hillary responsible for the pardons Bill granted?
  161. How long until the fed gets its head out of its ass
  162. Hamas FTW!
  163. Obama's Spiritual leader: "God d#mn America."
  164. McCain poised for landslide victory
  165. Booker T Washington knew about Sharpton and his ilk....
  166. The privacy deficit
  167. Rep. Vo Caught Accepting Corporate Contributions
  168. Fannie and Freddie may reduce capital requirements
  169. This is refreshing
  170. Obama's speech concerning Wright
  171. Next Bank to Watch:UBS
  172. Credit squeeze applying more pressure to US
  173. Bear Stearns Sold!!!!!!!
  174. Emergency Emergency!!!!
  175. At the edge of the abyss
  176. Bear Stearns bailed out by Federal Reserve and JPM
  177. If Hillarious wins the Democratic nomination...
  178. "The Issues"
  179. Ethanol costing US jobs...
  180. Retail sales climbed 20.2 percent !
  181. Spitzer linked to prostitution ring
  182. mr 22
  183. Scenario for the dems...
  184. Taxes: Just a reminder of how good we really have it..
  185. Is Global Cooling FINALLY opening a REAL debate on Global Warming?
  186. I am truly sick of obama..
  187. Has no one else heard about the recruiter's station bombing?
  188. Security And Prosperity Partnership
  189. Troubling information regarding Obama
  190. Billary wants new Elections in Florida and Michigan
  191. Bush is not a big oil guy
  192. To everyone who voted for Hillary...
  193. All is not lost
  194. $104.52
  195. Fed has been cutting other things as well...
  196. So how would this work?
  197. Republicans Voting Democrat
  198. Douche or Turd Sandwich ?
  199. Bernanke Urges Banks to Forgive Portion of Mortgages
  200. Did we runoff 70Mach1?
  201. I voted for Hillary today!
  202. I'm not a cross-voter
  203. AL P Get's butt hurt... poor baby!
  204. Did anyone hear Ted Kennedy call Obama, "Osama Bin Laden"?
  205. Republicans like McCain most, but Obama not too far behind
  206. If Conservatives have any backbone...
  207. Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling
  208. U.S. launched missile attack in Somalia
  209. Chavez vs the world pt 1?
  210. Forget Global Warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age
  211. Obama owes me money....
  212. How bad is Hitlery hated?
  213. You've got to be kidding...
  214. It works for Arizona, it can work for Texas too.
  215. Largest US military contract in history goes to a foreign company
  216. If there is so much proof for Iranian support for terror, why haven't they been held
  217. Consumer Spending Rises .4%! ! ! !
  218. Not so sure i belive it or not time will definatly tell though
  219. Anyone make it to the Obama rally?
  220. It's was that damned American Dream again
  221. state of the Iraq War?
  222. I'm not a fan of Obama
  223. Voting for the opposition
  224. Why are taxes are so high
  225. Who is responsible if...
  226. I can't wait to see McCain play his hand...
  227. So, who's voting today?
  228. Economic QOTD
  229. I like Ron Paul......
  230. Separated at birth?
  231. Global warming models wrong
  232. Amended Dem vs. Republican list....
  233. Nader, Nader his our man!
  234. General Election, who is America most likley to vote for
  235. Barack Obama and Che Guevara
  236. great article about ME!!!
  237. Clinton's version of I have a dream...
  238. f-n serbs burn US embassy
  239. My fellow Republicans... Vote Hillary
  240. How the rich spend their money
  241. Bush gettin' down...
  242. Tell me why.
  243. Front page WSJ tommorrow
  244. Michelle Obama's speech just continues...
  245. District of Columbia v. Dick Anthony Heller
  246. Has anyone else noticed that Obama......
  247. Interesting take on saddam and WMD's....
  248. Interesting vid you won't see in mainstream media
  249. What To Do ?
  250. Nouriel Roubini: America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns