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  1. Bank of America (owner of Countrywide) settles suits over bad mortgages
  2. Collector items for sale
  3. This if for Black01gt
  4. Hannity's America
  5. Oil Down/Natty Gas down
  6. November 4th...
  7. Bill passes and dow drops 480 points
  8. P. Diddy scared of Palin
  9. Palin Accuses Obama of 'Palling Around With Terrorists'
  10. Who's really going to win this election?
  11. How to get your mortgage forgiven...
  12. Anyone pay attention to this?
  13. One the best investment minds in the world...
  14. We just spent 700 billion dollars
  15. The new bailout bill
  16. October 3, 1993
  17. Green Party candidate a real contender...
  18. Orielly tees off on barney frank
  19. Guess I'll start the VP debate thread
  20. Americas Oil EXPORT problem. (Yes, EXPORT)
  21. New Hedge Fund I'm investing in...
  22. No Homer! Don't do it!
  23. Wooden arrows are safe!
  24. Mi6
  25. question about the electoral vote
  26. Not real happy with Kay Bailey right now - bailout passes the Senate
  27. US Senators that voted NO to the bailout..
  28. Bargain Shopping Round 2
  29. VP Debate moderator...
  30. Interesting article: The Roots of the Crisis
  31. Tough times in the auto industry
  32. Rep. Sherman: Bill demands bailouts of foriegn banks.
  33. scary shit
  34. October Surprise #1...
  35. financial crisis explained
  36. Well, duhhh....
  37. Anyone know what this is about?
  38. 3 month treasuries...
  39. September Madness!
  40. Another tax reason not to vote for Obama
  41. Obama/Ayers video
  42. FED pumped $630 Billion in the markets today
  43. Oh, guess what happened during the AIG intervention
  44. Who are you really for?
  45. Economic crisis comparison
  46. Golf clap for the US senate
  47. Dow Jones has it's biggest point drop in history
  48. Bargain shopping
  49. And the bailout.....
  50. Looks like the bailout bill is going down....
  51. Barney Frank...
  52. News groups on politcal spectrum
  53. Interesting
  54. Who really is to blame.........
  55. Joe Biden not the sharpest tack
  56. Government runs out of Gold coins
  57. Sensible bailout plan
  58. a visit to
  59. I have a $50 on Biden in the VP debate...
  60. Debate
  61. Interesting video on the economic crisis
  62. Washington Mutual Goes Under
  63. Question for the economic savy guys
  64. Palin is hot but her interview is NOT.
  65. Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President says, NO!
  66. Open Letter about Bailout from 190 top economists
  67. Peter Schiff's 9-24-08 broadcast
  68. To a Soldier, with love
  69. Why Martin Luther King Jr was a republican.
  70. Bill Clinton...
  71. So McCain...
  72. WSJ: Blame the Dems
  73. Biden, the Retard
  74. Ron Paul Grills Bernanke Today
  75. They Want Mama To Make It All Better
  76. DAve Ramsey on the bailout.
  77. If we didn't bail a single company out..
  78. LOL.. check out this rant.
  79. National Enquirer - Sarah Palin's Lover Revealed
  80. McCain calls out Obama..suspends campaign.
  81. Bush to address country Wednesday on economy
  82. for all the mccain/obama up!
  83. Fed plows $30 billion in money markets overseas
  84. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer
  85. Newt Gingrich on the bailout
  86. Stephanopoulos: McCain Holds Key to Administration's Bailout Passage on Capitol Hill
  87. Bailout has no limit
  88. Whoa horsie
  89. *WTF is Denny?
  90. Slowly stop that bailout
  91. Ron Paul for treasury secretary!
  92. I'm going to puke.
  93. Pakistan, our ally in the terror war.... or not..
  94. Get ready for $6/gallon gas
  95. How we became the United States of FRANCE.
  96. So, its the Democrats fault for the financial crisis..?
  97. Poll results: Racism in America
  98. $million perks for killing Lehman
  99. Ever though about taxes? Watch this
  100. Dictators are born in crisis
  101. Foreign Bank want your money too
  102. Markets were 500 trades away from a meltdown
  103. Saudi Judge Issues Fatwa Against Satellite Broadcasters
  104. We don't like you but we want your vote...
  105. Ford and GM want money too
  106. Large explosion at hotel in Pakistan capital
  107. Texas can outperform nation during financial crisis...
  108. 700 billion buyout???
  109. Bob Barr sues to have McCain, Obama cast off Texas' ballot
  110. You, your children and your children's children are slaves
  111. CH-47 crash in Iraq, Grand Prairie national guard.
  112. Yahoo...
  113. Investing in a bear market
  114. Tear this article apart
  115. We the people have so much money
  116. Charlie Rangel....
  117. $ spent on Welfare - social and corporate
  118. More of the same with Palin
  119. Biden tells why Democrats will lose
  120. No bidders come for Washington Mutual
  121. Ultimate Bail-Out Coming?
  122. Biden: Paying higher taxes is patriotic
  123. Is The Democrat Party the Lawyers Party?
  124. DNC member endorses McCain...
  125. Tighten down your jock we go again
  126. Atf= Clowns.....
  127. Gold is up crazy today.
  128. We are all now 80% owners of AIG
  129. Sarah Palin's email account hacked
  130. California's New Budget
  131. Obama's making changes already!
  132. I proclaim today VZ day.
  133. This is disgusting! A great reason to not vote for Palin.
  134. Really Think About Your Vote.....
  135. Good morning, your money is on fire.
  136. Soldier's last letter...
  137. Where does the money go?
  138. Are the Masons voting...
  139. Blast from the past: Mozilo - End DownPayment Requirement
  140. SNL: Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton
  141. Damage reported to oil rigs
  142. world wide recession starts tomorrow?
  143. Appears no white knight for LEH
  144. Government out to lunch
  145. Pakistan order to kill US invaders
  146. Obama's momma
  147. Fannie and Fredie get taken over because of mismanagement
  148. Dear Abbey letter:
  149. Abortion Topic II
  150. Sarah Palin the racist..
  151. Are you "for abortion" if...
  152. Elizabeth Hasselbeck being KICKED OFF of "The View".
  153. Enough of the Election Topics
  154. Sick of both sides...
  155. Chavez kicks out US ambassador
  156. Gender Pay Gap
  157. "October surprise"
  158. Man in wheel chair asked to stand by wrong candidate
  159. So Obama is Jesus now? Palin is Pontius?
  160. Prove that Obama is bad.
  161. Israel asks U.S. for arms, air corridor to attack Iran
  162. Biden says Hillary might have been better VP?
  163. Now it is ok for McCain and Palin
  164. Good read on Obama
  165. Al Franken for the Senate??!
  166. Obama wins world poll over McCain
  167. Future Currency
  168. Food for Thought
  169. Patriot Employer Act of 2007
  170. seems as though Kim Jong Il wasn't present at todays "Yay to Be Korean" rally...
  171. Obama
  172. The Obamas want to create a boot camp for radicals who hate the military -
  173. So, during my daily browsing of
  174. Congressman Westmoreland on Colbert Report.
  175. Repost?
  176. The MSNBC ass kissing fest is being limited now
  177. What a bounce in the polls!
  178. A Obama little slip
  179. The Media
  180. Unofficial early DFWstangs voting poll.
  181. The Dangers of NOT having gun control.
  182. U.S. Near Deal on Fannie, Freddie
  183. Oil Shale in Colorado..
  184. Obama's new plane
  185. Conservative Hypocrisy
  186. Facts on Obama and Gun Control
  187. For those undecided voters
  188. Change I can believe in
  189. Buy a new lawnmower before 2011, jetski before 2010
  190. McCain's speech
  191. Protester during McCain tonight
  192. McCain/Palin bumper sticker...
  193. This is the liberal shit I despise!!!!
  194. Obama: Surge Succeeded Beyond ‘Wildest Dreams’
  195. HYPOCRISY - Can you define it?
  196. U.S. Must Buy Assets to Prevent `Tsunami,'
  197. Rumor about Palin (one of many to come)
  198. I didn't know the Wall Street Journal had comedy writers.
  199. Dems on Iraq's WMD before we went in
  200. Electoral Math
  201. Olbermann must be pissed
  202. Palin speach reviews
  203. Obama on with Bill O'reilly tomorrow night(9/4)
  204. Guiliani is AWESOME!
  205. RNC vs DNC protesters
  206. McCain wants to Double Child Tax Exemption: WRONG MOVE FOR AMERICA
  207. Palin: Who is anxiously awaiting...
  208. Fred Thompson kicks serious ass!!
  209. What's the word?
  210. Obama (IN THE) si(GH)t\e
  211. Ron Paul's book?
  212. McCain in talks with Ron Paul for backing
  213. Bristol Palin is pregnant
  214. Obama's beautifully packaged lie...
  215. Obama and Ayers the terrorist
  216. Yet another reason to not vote republican
  217. McCain facts
  218. Joe Biden's own words
  219. Obama and criminals BFF.
  220. This might get ugly...
  221. mccain/palin
  222. A letter from Exlax (Exlude) or Fatass2000gt (badass2000gt)
  224. Should People on Terrorist Watchlist...
  225. Be Careful What You Vote For! NO OBAMA!
  226. Kay Bailey Hutchinson for VP?
  227. Hillary
  228. Why does it seem everyone hates Obama?
  229. Obama Legal ?
  230. How much more change do you want?
  231. Leftist mob attacks Fox News crew at DNC
  232. Democratic National Convention
  233. Lowell Cannaday for Dallas County Sheriff
  234. So you think you know OIL . . . maybe not.
  235. That's Racist! Umm, No... Racism is over
  236. Future news article... or, If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
  237. LMFAO @ John Kerry!
  238. When the "oil bubble pops"...
  239. i have to ask this?
  240. Obama/Biden...
  241. Democrats Suing Democrats
  242. What you've been waiting for...
  243. Psychological Recession
  244. 2nd Amendment Obama info
  245. U.S. Secret Service on Way to Biden's House
  246. I thought Obama was the elitist.
  247. Tax breaks for the wealthy.
  248. Gumball 3000 Vids from North Korea (more political then car related)
  249. McCain takes lead over Obama: Poll
  250. The end of the $30K millionaire is here...