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  1. Our new leader in action
  2. Should the government bail out the auto makers?
  3. Bush gives us a shocker
  4. $237.2 billion deficit for just October
  5. Obama/Dems and the Internet
  6. Redistributing the wealth
  7. Conservatives didn't lose the election...
  8. How to get out of this Economic Quackmire?
  9. Kuddos to Rush Limbaugh
  10. A Thousand word picture
  11. Anyone read this guys book?
  12. Bush's Resignation Speech
  13. Have a good laugh at these cavemen....
  14. Don't hurt the whales with your sonar!!
  15. Banks say thanks for the tax money
  16. Paulson trying to kill the economy
  17. The Death of White Guilt
  18. Bush's Regrets..
  19. Obama's NPD
  20. My sincere Thank you to Obama...
  21. crude oil closes under $60. Continues to move lower...
  22. Damn Market
  23. Texas A&M Commencement Address
  24. Do you discuss politics at work?
  25. A sincere THANK YOU...
  26. Please hold your tongue about O'Bomba
  27. AIG execs PARTY in Phoenix
  28. An Open Letter to Barack Obama --- to be a full page ad in USA Today next week
  29. The truth about Obama & the mortgage disaster....
  30. Palin on Bush
  31. This is ridiculous.
  32. Democrats' first move: kill conservative talk radio
  33. About [email protected] Time!
  34. Fannie Mae near insolvent too
  35. Obama Supporters...
  36. Circuit City chapter 11
  37. AIG Déjà Vu
  38. What steps would be necessary
  39. Whites: The minorities?
  40. Global warming... a good read
  41. Met an Obama supporter
  42. Achievement Unlocked.
  43. The aftermath .........
  44. Obama on your guns
  45. Election Results Are Our Fault.
  46. Teacher berates elementary student for supporting McCain.
  47. Indentured Servitude...
  48. Dr. Richard Land on Obama and being president elect.
  49. First day without a teleprompter....
  50. The GOP has a hispanic problem...
  51. I'll be waiting
  52. and the victim politics begins now...
  53. is the term "mulatto"...
  54. Texas $10-15billion surplus
  55. Patents on diseases ???
  56. Reality bites
  57. Obama's successful Presidency will be...
  58. Lets Be Positive Bout Obama Bieng Elected
  59. Toyota is even having problems
  60. President of the World!
  61. Check out this statistic!
  62. Obama may have chance to pick two Supreme Court justices
  63. Amero Currency
  64. Texas responds to Obama's election...
  65. I feel bad for Sarah Palin.
  66. Who here wants to run for some sort of politcal office?
  67. conservatives did get some help from the black vote
  68. United States Cabinet
  69. History
  70. Now that the election is over, can we admit 2 things?
  71. Nader calls Obama an "Uncle Tom"
  72. Race to zero percent
  73. Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are
  74. Industry Changes...
  75. Coal industry offers congrats to Obama ???
  76. LOL @ southpark
  77. There is still hope for America, at least Al Franken lost
  78. A message for all those that voted for McCain.....
  79. Well, Obama's already started the BS,
  80. So DFWstangs is Republican....
  81. change...
  82. We elected the right guy!
  83. Texas
  84. Sad
  85. Analysis
  86. Well, there is one bit of good news in all of this.....
  87. Welcome to a new era in history...
  88. How will obama live up to the hype?
  89. Good bye Bush, Hello Russia.
  90. FREE at last!
  91. Kenyan National Holiday?!?!
  92. Washington Monument Speech
  93. so on my way to work this am...
  94. Conservatives in exile
  95. Welcome to Animal Farm
  96. Did Irving go Wet/stay dry?
  97. Tiger woods
  98. The best man actually won!
  99. So...when's Israel gonna strike?
  100. Get your orders in now...
  101. dfwstangers fair weather fans?
  102. Political left of DFWStangs
  103. the bright side of Obama
  104. Obama's Kenyan family sings "we are going to the White House"
  105. the 2010 presidential speech
  106. So....
  107. Racism Is Over!!!!
  108. Quote
  110. The sky is falling
  111. The Taxman
  112. Biggest bunch of sore losers!
  113. Be A Better American
  114. Welp...
  115. sigh
  116. Thanks...
  117. get over it, Obama is the President of the USA
  118. are you more scared of what obama will do? or what other will do with him in office?
  119. For the record!!!!!
  120. This will be my last post in the Political Forum
  121. shit
  122. Fox Just Called It
  123. I have got a general election question
  124. For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country...
  125. the media rigging the election
  126. Ya know what the worst thing is about this election?
  127. The President
  128. game over man
  129. So, is the vote
  130. as if dallas couldnt get any worse....
  131. im quitting my job
  132. Young vs Old
  133. This can't be happening!
  134. McCain 8 Obama 3 -- Stop the counting
  135. Cool map with real time election updates..
  136. so which canidates are getting more of the racist votes??
  137. Pull out of Chicago!
  138. Obama/ Biden vs. McCain/ Palin.......
  139. US$ down 2.8%
  140. Black Panthers voter intimidation
  141. Palin cleared of all charges...
  142. I expected to see more minorities at my voting location
  143. What is up with oil?
  144. The Marston prediction; McCain by 81
  145. Imagine that...
  146. So i just bought 3 votes for $25.87
  147. Playing the market
  148. No candy for you!
  149. Obama, how long before he's uncle tom?
  150. Voting in TX, does it really matter
  151. site for incoming poll results???
  152. Get ready for the insanity
  153. Attn: Obama supporters
  154. SNL Presidential 08
  155. Dr. Mr Obama
  156. Blackie Lawless Opinion
  157. Obamas grandmother...
  158. Obama linked to another radical...
  159. The Best Voting 'Gift' of All
  160. If the other side wins...
  161. This is greatness!
  162. Obama and Michael Jackson
  163. Not tied to the credit crisis but something
  164. How it should always be
  165. Obama flipping off McCain
  166. Twas The Night Before Elections
  167. Old dudes are better than young dudes
  168. Feds deny GM help in merger
  169. Poll hours...
  170. Some things in common ....
  171. I am my brothers keeper .....
  172. You know that $143Billion to save AIG
  173. LMAO at this guy .......
  174. Obama, his aunt, and yet another controversy.
  175. Obama wants to bankrupt coal
  176. How much voter fraud will...
  177. Why do some refer to Obama as "Barry"?
  178. Obamas gonna change the word now LOL.....
  179. I need some honest help here
  180. Why you should vote for the Obamanator
  181. McCain is gaining, Obama is losing his lead - within margin of error per Zogby
  182. 20/20 talks with Palin
  183. Freakin Awesome!
  184. What's Obama's stance on illegal aliens?
  185. A few notes on Obama
  186. Lower those expectations! I honestly can't meet them!
  187. What do you guys consider rich?
  188. The incredible shrinking middle class...
  189. Juan Enriquez - Debt Crisis and the Future
  190. Hey fastdem...
  191. W + J = love
  192. McCain spreads the wealth!
  193. Civil War if Obama loses
  194. Oh noes! I made Obama lose!
  195. The dead are now voting...
  196. Why cant we get along Obama?
  197. "Change you CAN'T believe in"
  198. If obama was white?
  199. Obama FINALLY produced his CERTIFIED Birth Certificate!
  200. Econ news from Volvo
  201. The lone black conservative....
  202. Dallas County voting fraud
  203. Obama's 'not Exactly'
  204. like this would be any better lol
  205. I have been thinking about something .
  206. Here's a little fun fact for you guys .....
  207. You think Bill Clinton is still holding a grudge?
  208. Hmmm... imagine that Al Gore
  209. Share the wealth!
  210. The only serious thread I'll start, today.
  211. Aggie ain't so stupid....
  212. Shocking political sign
  213. John McCain, Redistributionist
  214. "Obama is not a socialist" -John McCain
  215. Iraq/Afghani Vets give McCain a D
  216. John McCain's healthcare plan is worse for women
  217. "John McCain, you have no convictions"
  218. John McCain is a Maverick?
  219. GDP shrinks by "only" .3%
  220. Yahoo deciphers Obama's infomercial
  221. Exxon/Mobil Posts Record 14Billion Profit...
  222. Funny Obama Poem...probably a repost
  223. Black Conservatives conflicted on Obama
  224. Obama's redistribution of wealth
  225. Thoughts?
  226. Joe The Plubmer In Talks For A Record Deal
  227. Obama just gets worse and worse every day...
  228. "Obama getting there on a broken promise"
  229. its my fault
  230. Bailout research
  231. TOMMY, Nay Nay and JC: Black Approval
  232. The wife and I cancelled each others vote out...
  233. Man shoots teen defacing his McCain yard sign..
  234. More of the same for the Dems
  235. New forum?
  236. Long read but worth it.
  237. does this make me a racist?
  238. Context, Exegesis and Eisegesis
  239. Please Vote Wisely...
  240. Obama has all sorts of cool friends
  241. Socialism Question?
  242. Megyn Kelly & Obama Spokesman Bill Burton debate Over Fox News Coverage
  243. I'm sorry, please forgive me, I was wrong...
  244. Our token black conservative...
  245. $5 says...
  246. Why should I vote for John McCain?
  247. Palin 0; Fruit Flies 1
  249. hit on obama
  250. Ben folds song - more appropriate for this forum