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  1. Formal Debate Coming up in July
  2. What's the difference...
  3. Does God Want People to Go to Hell?
  4. test
  5. Come and celebrate with us!
  6. At what point did christianity become more than a cult?
  7. Night of Worship with Gina Cooper
  8. God got a Sex-Change.
  9. Recovering after loosing faith?
  10. I just started going back in Church here recently...
  11. Who is Right?
  12. Do you Forgive?
  13. anne rice
  14. Can a Christian really do that?
  15. westboro baptist church is coming here
  16. Red Sea crossing power point
  17. What's More Logical & Scientific?
  18. My personal Struggle...
  19. Got to see Joel Osteen live today
  20. What do you get out of worshipping God......
  21. New study shows 6 month olds distinguish good and evil inherently
  22. Answer This One Calvinists
  23. An Anti-Christian calls the Dividing Line
  24. Anyone see this?
  25. 120 years
  26. elohim
  27. history of the temple mount
  28. Jesus was gay!!
  29. Flinstones was a documentary
  30. My confession this afternoon...
  31. Calling Out Phillystang
  32. The Invention Of Lying
  33. Protestant Snow Day???
  34. The Great Debate - Does God Exist?
  35. 2012
  36. The Evolution of the God Gene
  37. Now they're saying he didn't even exist... ROFL
  38. introduction
  39. Stupid people
  40. Chaplains
  41. chalk
  42. My Issues with Christianity
  43. Ecclesiastes -- How should I respond to this book?
  44. Anybody seen Jesus Camp?
  45. Jesus Wants the Rose
  46. Anyone familiar with catholic laws?
  47. Fellowship Church..
  48. Genetic defects?
  49. Life on Earth: By Chance or by Choice ?
  50. Just if you believe, please no high-jacking
  51. The UN wants to ban critisizm of Islam
  52. Question for non-believers
  53. Codex Sinaiticus progress
  54. He spoke it
  55. Unbelievers...what is the reason(s) you don't believe?
  56. war
  57. Aborted and Lived to tell about it.
  58. Majestyk- everyone will get a chance to accept Jesus after they die?
  59. Proving Christianity without the Bible or Faith?
  60. Masturbation
  61. Looking for a bible verse
  62. Well I did it, Put my application in a Seminary.
  63. Just saying hello (first post)
  64. Just saying hello (first post)
  65. Institute for Creatation Research sues over denial of Masters program
  66. No Good Friday thread?!?!
  67. What is a Jew, what is Isreal?
  68. Redneck Liberation Theology
  69. // Jesus Died \\
  70. Christian-Jews
  71. What does it matter?
  72. What do you think if somone kills themself
  73. Mark 4-10
  74. Atheists Vs. Xians
  75. Opinions on this write up (Non-believers should read!)
  76. The Health Wealth and Prosperity Gospel
  77. Pope reinstates a Bishop who denied Holocaust
  78. A little reassurance for everyone!
  79. Non-denominational Church?
  80. Christianity + Good Stewards
  81. U.S. is founded on christian beliefs
  82. You Must Suffer - John Piper
  83. What happened today(dec 25)
  84. Suicide
  85. I Am Second
  86. For the dads....
  87. Old English Choral Music
  88. Lao Tzu, Jewish Cabalah, Adam and Eve
  89. Election Day
  90. Its so funny...
  91. Expelled- Now on YouTube
  92. Are there 3somes in heaven???
  93. In what church did you receive baptism?
  94. Who is flawed?
  95. Are you judging my judging?
  96. The Goat, Spiritually
  97. The Sin of Unbelief, Paid For or Not?
  98. Homosexuality?
  99. not one mention of demons...
  100. Oprah and New Age stuff
  101. American, God, and War
  102. God Bless our troops and civilians over seas!
  103. Biblical Interpretation
  104. "Sermon on the Mount"
  105. Operation Worship
  106. Seeing people at the end, how is make me feel.
  107. The Catholic Church Approves of Big Bang Theory
  108. The Catholic Church approves of the Theory of Evolution
  109. The Bodily Ascension of Sinless Mary Into Heaven?
  110. Taxes and Politics
  111. Who is going to watch McCain/Obama at Saddleback Church?
  112. Adam and Eve... Unravel
  113. Forgive me for thinking you guys were crazy
  114. Makes you go "Hmmmm?"
  115. Calling any christian volunteers to inspect cars
  116. wondering about dead
  117. Has anyone noticed...
  118. As if Islam couldn't be any more stupid . . .
  119. I would like to get your full opinion, of these 3 churches.
  120. Union of Mediteranean countries..your thoughts
  121. Miracles?
  122. Hey Scott (Casper)
  123. Confronting Sin
  124. I can't STAND listening to Coldplay
  125. Force
  126. I'm... I'm at a loss for words.
  127. What could Satan possibly think...
  128. So I was listening to some satellite radio...
  129. ?
  130. Non bible-thumpin church goers
  131. Jesus vs Atheist
  132. So, Christians and Jews, what do you think about the Veggie Tales?
  133. Tithing??
  134. Shopping for a church
  135. Do you like God?
  136. Wow! I've received a lot of requests for this...
  137. Does your church preach the Gospel?
  138. watch us live
  139. The Bruised Reed
  140. Fall From Grace - Westboro Baptist Church
  141. Irving Bible Church , Car Care event - volunteer?
  142. Ur
  143. Where are the Dead In Christ right now?
  144. Think about converting...
  145. we are live
  146. Christians who use porn
  147. steven curtis chapman's 5 year old daughter killed in tragic accident
  148. WELL WELL WELL . . . Baptists are pedophiles, too!!!!
  149. Adam vs Dinosaurs
  150. Theist or Atheist
  151. A note about worry
  152. Anybody Getting Together For
  153. Article shows data where dinosaurs bones date less than 10,000 years??
  154. Carbon Dating - scientists admit its shortcomings & inaccuracy
  155. Turning Point daily devotional. (David Jeremiah)
  156. Another God question
  157. Promise Keeper Event in Dallas and Houston
  158. Haley Hart 4 years old needs your prayers
  159. The Curtain is slowly rising...
  160. Rob Bell
  161. Julian Barbour: Relativity and NO Time
  162. Black Liberation Theology
  163. Gospel of John (FSON this is right up your alley)
  164. So what happens when
  165. Those who were not brought up in church
  166. Church questions
  167. If there is no God...
  168. Ben Stein interview about the movie "Expelled"
  169. Rome is changing?
  170. Sodom & Gomorrah Found
  171. T-Rex only a few thousand years old?
  172. More pieces of the evolution puzzle are falling into place...
  173. Masons / Mormons
  174. Free Youth Worship Concert
  175. watch us live now
  176. Sincere Input desired
  177. question for catholics?
  178. Science and Progress
  179. Casting Crowns / World Vision
  180. Hell Explained By Chemistry Student
  181. religious parents and there teaching
  182. Adventures in Catholic debates
  183. Black Folks...
  184. Athiests: Why Debate so Vigorously? Why Bother?
  185. Interesting video for the Athiests and Agnostics out there.
  186. Evolution compatible with the biblical account?
  187. Church of Scientology under attack!
  188. Speaking of genealogy
  189. what happened after Adan & Eve?
  190. Just a thought
  191. Are you too educated for your own good?
  192. Is There Any Proof of Jesus Other Than the Bible?
  193. Atheists will get a kick out of these
  194. God Being Kept Out of Universities
  195. The Great Pyramid: Proof of God (or Aliens)
  196. Why has Christianity piggy backed empires?
  197. First time....
  198. Great short video.
  199. The Eye and Evolution
  200. What would it take to make you switch sides?
  201. `Gospel of wealth' facing scrutiny from Senator
  202. Mission Trip to Honduras
  203. 'He saved me"
  204. Prophecy 1: (1290 days & 42 Months)
  205. Great message on the trinity
  206. The Innkeeper by John Piper
  207. A Christmas song for fathers
  208. Bigfoot: is he real?
  209. English Archbishop denounces biblical nativity as "legend"
  210. online
  211. Freestylin' "You just lost one"
  212. question for the anti god folks....
  213. Third Day and Jars of Clay Christmas Concert
  214. Need help
  215. American Atheists....
  216. Evolution: Land dwelling to flight
  217. Is heaven a nudy party? (not a joke)
  218. What's the deal w/ pork?
  219. Existence of the Spiritual World
  220. Explain this one, Atheists
  221. Indulgences?
  222. Weird Question about Sheep & Evolution
  223. Standing
  224. Natural Cretion vs God
  225. Mormons Preach A Different Jesus
  226. Atheism: Is there no evidence that God exists?
  227. Yet an other post.
  228. Thinking out loud #3
  229. Thinking out loud #2
  230. "The Maker"
  231. Thinking out loud.
  232. watch us live now!
  233. Christians: explain the June Bug
  234. For Casper
  235. Muslim Nations have it Right
  236. Have you perceived anything Supernatural?
  237. Lake Pointe Church Rockwall
  238. Biblical & Historical Prophecy Fulfillments (How do Atheists explain this?)
  239. Christian Guy Totally Owns Mormons
  240. How do atheists scientifically explain stories like this?
  241. I really hope no one here sends money to these Jerks
  242. 3rd Thread for BrianC
  243. Golden Compass GTG
  244. Free Will & Predestination: Answer this Question
  245. Bella the Movie
  246. Does your Pastor?
  247. Can You Lose Your Salvation? (Debate)
  248. Holy Mary, Mother of GOD???
  249. Fall Festival
  250. Origin, Philosophy & Atheism (critical thought)