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  1. Just wondering...
  2. lose weight
  3. Help with diet/calorie intake/%ages...(long)
  4. Final thoughts on ECA... (long)
  5. where to start
  6. If I just ate carbs in the AM and none after 12pm would I............
  7. New acomplisment!
  8. protein shakes / creatine
  9. Anyone have a fitness role model?
  10. Anybody else sick of...
  11. getting my strength back! Shoulders
  12. new best bench!
  13. Steroids
  14. Starting to workout... what suppliments?
  15. check out my new diet......getting shredded!
  16. AHHHH!!! burning on inner thigh
  17. All you Atkins Diet peeps are in luck!
  18. Who has the hookup?
  19. Alright... progress is good...
  20. Whats my motivation?
  21. Playa could ya explain this to me?
  22. workout/diet to enhance my rock climbing
  23. With all of the 'ALL NATURAL' talk for losing wait...can we get an ongoing meal list?
  24. ECA vs. natural
  25. Creatine ???'s
  26. How has weight training made you life easier?
  27. Iced Tea or Orange Juice?
  28. Best metabolic enhancement yet...
  29. Riding an exercise bike or even a regular bike...waste of time?
  30. Lifted 335lbs today!
  31. What does your workout consist of?
  32. Final word on nutrition...
  33. How many times a week to work each bldy part?
  34. I weigh 200 for the first time in 3 years...
  35. back at it
  36. i need motivation....
  37. Update on sprained ankle...
  38. Breakfast
  39. Best way to soothe a sprained ankle, or worse?
  40. anyone wanting exercise advice
  41. Eating
  42. Whats the proper weight for my height?
  43. My new toy
  44. Should I be happy with my arms?
  45. I've seen to have gotten immune to Ripped Fuel..........
  46. Turning it around
  47. Creatine
  48. Gain size..quickly...MASS...what supplements? Roids? kidding...help me out
  49. Pop in the back of my head..and a rush of pain...
  50. Torn rotator cuff...questions
  51. I just noticed I run on my toes...how bad is this for you? or is it good?
  52. My cousin wants to gain weight, help him out...
  53. I need some better eating habbits... Suggestions?
  54. Need weight gain opinions...Playahata, others>>>
  55. Dang! I've picked up some lbs!
  56. Supliments Any Takers?
  57. needing opionions
  58. atkins???
  59. People on Atkins diet, what do you eat?
  60. Heart rate monitors
  61. not for me for me
  62. Okay this new regime blows. Back to old faithful
  63. I'm getting fat!! I'm hitting a new regime today....how's this sound?
  64. how long to rest ???
  65. Anyone doing gear?
  66. need weight training advice
  67. Atkin's diet
  68. joint's
  69. playahata
  70. Back to gaining>>>
  71. Food
  72. Work out Times
  73. Beer, The New Sports Drink
  74. Where to find equipment for sale??
  75. Running no good - screwed up a knee.....
  76. Interesting Diet facts and formulas
  77. need to loose weight
  78. Ephedra
  79. a.m. vs. p.m. routine
  80. Work out Program
  81. Healthy Snacks
  82. Lean Body Protein
  83. Tired all the time????
  84. Stacker 2. Any good?
  85. Any supplements that help with cardio?
  86. Help! I just DO NOT FEEL LIKE working out.
  87. Ahh.. the burn!!
  88. Anyone noticed HydroxyCut and Xenadrine has changed?
  89. **Who's had good results with Body Solutions**
  90. cheap good gym
  91. Yea! Finally!
  92. Hey weighlifters, come here for a minute.
  93. Home Gym Recomendations
  94. Should you train cardio like other muscle groups, on and off?
  95. New moderator
  96. Another metabolism booster...
  97. Can I take Hydroxycut after my bottle of ripped fuel is gone?
  98. A little off topic...but, what does it take to be a 'nutritionist' and what is the $$
  99. any one work out golds gym in garland
  100. I need a basic workout Schedule...
  101. Creatine, Good or bad?
  102. Who takes protein and what kind would you recommend?
  103. Bad89Stang....
  104. Workout Music?
  105. How much does a gym membership cost?
  106. Dumbells or Bars?
  107. Need help targeting a few specific areas, look inside...
  108. Running?
  109. rebuilding the Feldmonster
  110. Week 3 update
  111. 'Roids
  112. Effective abs work?
  113. I need someone to workout with...
  114. Do they make weighted clothing?
  115. Anyone done HST?
  116. Cutting Gels?
  117. What is a good form of Cardio that isn't boring?
  118. BodyBuilders- programs
  119. pilates
  120. Playahata?
  121. Hydroxycut, two weeks later...
  122. What is a good diet consist of?
  123. Help A Girl Out...
  124. New protein bar
  125. Any fitness buffs? Got a question about supplements
  126. Hydroxycut, one week later
  127. Protein Bars
  128. What keeps you motivated?
  129. Goals?
  130. Abs
  131. Need to build pecks...
  132. Links for supps
  133. Cell Tech and Nitro Tech question
  134. My results with Diet Fuel ( makers of ripped fuel )
  135. Ripped Fuel vs. Hydroxycut
  136. check out pics of me before the summer.....
  137. question need help please
  138. Questions for walkers/runners
  139. Just broke ankle, don't want to get FAT
  140. Diet food sucks ! ! !
  141. what i don't recomend while trying to get fit
  142. Anyone in plano looking to start working out?
  143. Spare Tire Removal
  144. Question
  145. What Supplements....
  146. i need help!!!!!<decision>
  147. Started the Subway diet today
  148. had a w/o test today
  149. Help on a work out plan?
  150. One foot wonders?
  151. Body Solutions
  152. Results!!!!
  153. Soy?
  154. Well I finally did it!
  155. The most dreaded...
  156. Best energy drink.
  157. Where do you guys workout at ?
  158. Protein Bars...
  159. lets hear it...
  160. Anyone ever try the EAS/Body for life method?
  161. Supplements
  162. Hey Al P...get in here.
  163. Questions.
  164. Would anyone be interested in a powerlifting meet?
  165. Buff up on a budget
  166. I gained about 10 pounds over the holidays
  167. Help :)
  168. I'm gonna be in for some serious hurtin'
  169. What's the post x-mas tally?
  170. Creatine????
  171. New Year Resolutions?
  172. Got on
  173. What time of the day do you workout?
  174. What is a good web site for work out info?
  175. ????'s for all those that lift weights
  176. Just when you think your getting strong!
  177. BKENNIM, this will explain fully what I was talking about....
  178. Okay all you workout guys.......
  179. best place to buy used equipment
  180. Smootie Factory Smoothies
  181. who is benching what nowadays??
  182. Is the Mr O televised this weekend?
  183. How often do you work out?
  184. Need advice
  185. Whos gonna take steroids over the winter?
  186. Found a place for cheap fitness equipment, wieghts, etc.
  187. Anyone know a place for cheaper weights?
  188. What do you do to stay motivated?
  189. Supplements?
  190. Got Iron?
  191. Take a look inside...I know ya want too!
  192. Atkin's Diet
  193. MRPs/diet?
  194. hittin it at Old Denton 24 hr tonight
  195. Traveling and gym priviliges
  196. Good stack for strength?
  197. now i remember why i HATED working out in the beggining
  198. actually WENT to the gym the morning.....
  199. Eye contact in the gym
  200. Powerlifting gym in dfw?
  201. Anyone tried this stack? Mr. Evil...your thoughts?
  202. This is the fat burner Im going to try next week
  203. Make your own Cutting Gel - inside
  204. testing sig
  205. who wants to hit it tonight at The Old Denton 24hr.
  206. Bally's off Campbell/Preston??
  207. How about this
  208. Has anyone tried this????
  209. Losing weight
  210. Back and Neck...
  211. Everyone who thinks they know about steroids....
  212. What is the best protein for gaining strength?
  213. No pain - no gain - I must be gaining
  214. Ab Boot Camp Workout
  215. Women love out of shape flabby guys
  216. I'm a quitter
  217. So Where Can I get a Muscle Triplicator Bar???
  218. Who works out at 24 Hour Fitness?
  219. Hmmmm
  220. Fat loss made simple..........
  221. So is Hydroxycut the best fat burner out?