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07-08-2002 12:27 PM
Originally posted by rdgowens
A. 170x12 = 2040
B. 2040 x 1.6 = 3264
C. 720
D. 5040
E. (5040+720)/7=822
F. 4086

what is f (e+B). Im confused what that number is for
B: what does this tell me

so you need 2040 calories per day
and you burn 822 per day
A, 2040, is the calories you need for your heart to beat, and to breathe. B is the base metabolism you generally use per day without any "workout" activity, just sitting your butt in a chair eats up more calories than laying your butt on the bed. Standing requires more calories than sitting. Walking requires more calories than standing, etc.

So, you take your base calories, to beat your heart and breathe and add in other things like driving, sitting, walking, standing, etc. That gives you the "if you didn't lift weights or do cardio" calories expended per day.

Then you add in the calories expended lifting weights and performing cardio, per minute, and convert it to the average per day over a week.

Add that number to your "driving, sitting, walking, standing, shaving, brushing teeth, heart beating, lungs breathing" number and you get your requirements per day.

I need 2040 calories each day to beat my heart, lungs to breathe. I need 3264 calories to perform normal everyday activities. Since I workout between 2-3 hours a day, I also require, on average, 822 addt calories per day, for a total of around 4000 calories a day.

If I eat 3500 calories a day and expend 4000 calories a day, I will lose a pound a week.

If I eat 4500 calories a day and expend 4000 calories a day, I will gain a poind a week.
07-08-2002 11:03 AM
rdgowens A. 170x12 = 2040
B. 2040 x 1.6 = 3264
C. 720
D. 5040
E. (5040+720)/7=822
F. 4086

what is f (e+B). Im confused what that number is for
B: what does this tell me

so you need 2040 calories per day
and you burn 822 per day
07-08-2002 10:36 AM
01WhiteCobra easy one first-> Coors Light, or any beer, has about as little nutrition in it as can be. But, I like a buzz every now and then!

First thing you need to do is figure out how many cals you burn now, with your activities. I've used the following formula for awhile, and it is pretty accurate (for me):

A. Weight in Pounds x 12 = Basic calorie needs
B. Multiple result in A x 1.6 for your resting metabolic rate
C. Number of minutes of weight training x 4 per week
D. Number of minutes of cardio x 6 per week
E. Add C and D and divide by 7 (average over 7 days)
F. E + B

For example, myself, at 170lbs and 3 hours of weights and 2 hours cardio per day (1 1/2 swim, 1/2 run/bike)

A. 170x12 = 2040
B. 2040 x 1.6 = 3264
C. 720
D. 5040
E. (5040+720)/7=822
F. 4086

Play around with the factor in B. to get your base metabolic rate. Could be less of a factor (slower metabolism), or more of a factor (higher metabolism). A similiar (the same except for factors for weights and cardio) was published in Men's Health this month. The above formula came from somewhere along time ago, and I can't remember the source.

A pound of fat is 3500 calories. So, to lose 2 pounds a week (good slow 'keep it off' number), you would have to expend 7000 calories more than you take in, or 1000 calories a day.

You can do that through a combo of exercise and diet. 500 in exercise and 500 reduction of cals and you get 2 lbs a week.

To retain what lean mass (muscle) you have, get a gram of protien per pound body weight. Break up the rest in carbs and fats. Fat isn't bad, but it does contain more calories per gram than either protien or carbs, so while do get a full feeling eating fats, it "weighs" over twice as much (nutritionally speaking).

1 gram protien = 4 cals
1 gram carbs = 4 cals
1 gram fat = 9 cals.

The nice thing about a hi-protien diet is that protien is the only macro-nutrient that isn't converted to fat. It also flashes that "full" feeling fast.

Try to get 5-6 meals a day, your body can only process about 40 grams of protien per sitting, any more is a waste and will be flushed out.

5-6 meals seems like a pain-in-the butt, but breakfast/lunch/dinner, two power bars and a protien shake will get you there.

I've also found that I've been more in "balance" (mentally/physically) when I've cut down on the starchy carbs (bagels, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.) and filled the carb void with more veggies and fruits.

Good luck!
07-05-2002 09:08 AM
Big A
Re: need to loose wait

Originally posted by rdgowens
and just another question does anyone no the contents of coors light
Alcohol is one of the biggest no-no's when dieting. Even drinking just one day a week can curb all losses. The negative effects are three-fold in that alcohol adds un-needed calories, converts to sugar in the body(meaning that those are the worst kind of extra calories to add), as well as it lowering testoterone production significantly for a day or two after a binge night. I'm not talking about a beer or two (preferably red wine for it's anti-oxidant properties) on occassion, as that has been proven positive in over-all health, but keep it to a minimum if you are serious about losing the weight and converting that fat to lean-mass.
07-05-2002 05:39 AM
rdgowens what kind of ankle workout's
07-04-2002 05:22 PM
Cooter like he said... no refined sugar, lots of quality calories and run your ass off... you could also do stuff to strengthen your ankles and then tape them in competition

Forrest <-- rolled an ankle or two in my day!
07-04-2002 05:13 PM
KevinH78 I don't know about all the exact numbers on the calories, fat grams, and all that other BS but I just watch what I eat and stay away from the " un-healthy " foods. No fast food, fried foods, or junk food and I run about 1.5 - 2 miles ever other day after an hour or so of hitting the weights in the gym. The days in between I ride the stationary bike at the gym after my workout for about 15 minutes. I have been doing this for about a month straight now and I am slimming up a good bit. Oh yeah, I am about the same size as you also.
07-04-2002 08:03 AM
need to loose wait

I am very athletic
-i am to quick for my body wait 210 (5'10)
-therefore when playing basketball and football i role my ankles again
-i want to be about 175-185 of mostly musle instead of fat

I already got some advice from playhata
-just wanting to know what food and cardio to do


how many grams should i be taking
fat: ?grams
carbs: ?grams
sodium: ?mg
calories: ???
calories from fat: ???
protein: ???

and just another question does anyone no the contents of coors light

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