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You ever watch the movie "Heat"?

You know that mega action suspense flick with Deniro, Val Kilmer and Al Pacino?

You ever see that one scene where Val Kilmer passed out at Robert Deniro's place and he's on the floor when Robert comes in....

Val's elbow has a huge lump on it - I can't figure out where it came from... they don't make any reference to it and that's the only time you can really see it that I know of..

You know what I am talking about? It is about the size of a baseball right around the left elbow area...

What gives?
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Never noticed it, but it was a good movie.

"Time is the best teacher.........unfortunately it kills everyone of its students"
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The shootout scene in that movie rocks!
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maybe val kilmer is just deformed
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I love that movie, never noticed that before.
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NES Crew
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Chris Shiherlis was droppin' 'bows on them.

You should add it to the list:

* Continuity: When McCauley confronts Charlene in the hotel room, a coat hanger is visible in the mirror behind Charlene. When looking directly at the rack (which is located behind McCauley), the coat hanger is not visible.

* Continuity: The "Leader" logo disappears from the ambulance when it is set on fire.

* Continuity: The level of whiskey in Vincent's glass while he is talking to Justine.

* Crew or equipment visible: Camera and crew reflected in the balcony window when Hanna is in his hotel room.

* Continuity: After the bank robbery, the rear view mirror in the getaway car appears and disappears.

* Continuity: When Donald Breedan is shot driving away from the bank robbery the interior mirror in the car falls off as the window smashes. In the immediate camera shot after it falls off again.

* Continuity: During the attempted getaway in the midst of the shootout, Macauley, in the passenger seat, fires a gun repeatedly through the windshield of the car. We see rear view mirror fall twice.

* Continuity: The armored truck guard that Waingro shoots at the beginning of the movie changes positions before Waingro kills him.

* Continuity: The U-Haul truck at the bank jumps around between cuts.

* Crew or equipment visible: A few crewmembers and their equipment are visible in the rear view mirror of Van Zant's delivery man's jeep at the drive-in.

* Crew or equipment visible: A few crewmembers are reflected in the glass when Neil walks in front of Van Zant's house.

* Crew or equipment visible: The shadow of the equipment and a crewmember falls on the wall under the glass of the restaurant when the team is having dinner and waiting for Neil.

* Crew or equipment visible: The Steadicam operator's legs are reflected in the car doors following Chris's movement when he runs by a green car during the shootout.

* Crew or equipment visible: Two stage lights with blue filters are reflected in the glass behind Neil and Eady while they're standing and talking on the balcony.

* Crew or equipment visible: Shadow of the sun-blocker falls on the road when Lauren is sitting on the bench turned with her back to us seeing Vincent and Bosco approaching in the car.

* Continuity: At one point during the shootout, Vincent fires from behind the front portion of a red car. After the cut, he continues shooting and runs past that car which is now a black limousine.

* Continuity: During the night after the shootout and the next morning, Vincent's suit changes colors, although he was not at home twice during that time when he could have changed them.

* Continuity: Jessica's green stockings appear and disappear.

* Crew or equipment visible: A camera operator wearing a white hat is reflected in the getaway car's door at the bank.

* Continuity: Vincent's hair and Neil's shirt collar during the cafe confrontation scene.

* Revealing mistakes: When Neil shoots Van Sant, you can clearly see the wire running up his pant leg to trigger the gunshot wounds.

* Revealing mistakes: When Vincent is tailing Neil on the highway, he is holding down the microphone key of his walkie-talkie even when he is listening to other members of the surveillance team.

* Factual errors: There are numerous contradictions between real life weapons, their use, their effect, and the amount of times they can be fired before reloading.

* Crew or equipment visible: A cameraman's reflection can be seen on Vincent's jacket when he discovers he's been set up by Neil.

* Continuity: Alan Marciano's tie disappears and reappears when Vincent visits him in his office.

* Continuity: Marciano's tie disappears then reappears during his meeting with Hanna in Las Vegas.

* Revealing mistakes: Obvious stunt double tackling Hugh Benny about midway through the film.

* Revealing mistakes: When Hugh Benny is tackled through a glass door during a bust, it breaks before the actors crash into it.

* Audio/visual unsynchronized: During the scene in which Albert tells Vincent about meeting his brother, Albert says, "Vincent, Vincent, I swear man, tonight's the best I can do for you." His mouth clearly does not match what he says.

* Continuity: When the police are staking out Waingro's hotel room they use a camera on their hotel room door's peephole. After the fire alarm goes off, the door is opened and the display of the camera on the television in the room doesn't move in accordance to the movement of the door.

* Continuity: In the coffee shop, the man sitting behind Vincent Hanna variously has a wine glass, a coffee mug and a beer bottle in different shots.

* Continuity: The TV remote control placed on the table changes position during Vincent's conversation with Justine as he is watching the TV after returning from work.

* Continuity: Once during the armored car holdup, the spike strip is visible in the background before it has been deployed.

* Continuity: During the armored car heist the guys lay down a spike strip to blow out the tires of the police cars. The first police car hits the strip and drags it underneath. In a later scene the spike strip is visibly undisturbed.

* Continuity: When Chris confronts his wife Charlene at the house in the beginning, her hair changes radically between shots.

* Continuity: Two police cars of different make approach the spike strip (and a third behind them). As the angle shifts just as they run over it, they switch positions.

* Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Chris and McCauley are having coffee in McCauley's living room, we see smoke rise and appear on the screen before we hear the sound of Chris' cigarette being lit.

* Revealing mistakes: When Hanna enters his hotel room after deciding to call off his pursuit of the case, he closes the door and we can see that the anti-intruder latch has been fitted the wrong way round.

* Continuity: The blood that splatters on the window when Breedan is shot down in the car is already on the window in the shot of the outside of the car before he is shot.

* Continuity: At the drive-in, when Michael is firing his shotgun at the white Dodge truck, we see bullet holes in the passenger door. When the truck stops after hitting the fence barrier, these holes are missing.

* Continuity: Near the end, when Neil and Eady are driving the interstates of L.A., at one point they are approaching an interstate ramp curve to the left. In the next shot, they are clearly in a curve to the right.

* Continuity: When McCauley shoots Van Zant, he fires the pistol empty, as the slide is clearly seen in the locked back position. In the very next shot of the same scene, the slide is forward and the gun appears ready to be fired.

* Revealing mistakes: In the scene when Charlene and Drucker are waiting for Chris, when she puts the baby down on the sofa, it is obviously a doll and not a real baby (as she holds its arm with one hand).

* Continuity: When Chris is at Neil's place "sleeping it off" he lights a cigarette. There is smoke in view before he lights it.

* Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Neil steals the ambulance at the beginning, the soundtrack has the ambulance door slamming, although the door clearly bounces open again before Neil pulls it shut.

* Revealing mistakes: While Hanna is interviewing witnesses to the armored car heist, there is an abandoned TV playing outside. The TV is showing a blue "input" signal, despite being an older model that would be incapable of doing so; it should only be capable of playing static.

* Revealing mistakes: In the bank robbery/shoot out scene, there are a sequence of shots showing Robert DeNiro carrying an injured Val Kilmer to safety. One of the shots shows DeNiro is obviously carrying a doll/mock-up of Val's character, as it's arms flail around while DeNiro's character makes jerking defensive movements.

* Continuity: When we see the young prostitute in the hotel with Waingro, her hair is straight and combed back. However, when Vincent is examining her body at the crime scene after Waingro has killed her, her hair is combed back but is braided in dreadlocks.

* Continuity: Amount of ice in Eady's drink changes, when she first meets Neil.

* Continuity: Amount and pattern of blood on Neil's shirt.
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It's an injury he picked up while working on another movie. One scene required him to dive off a stage, and the director had him repeat this many times. During one take, he landed quite heavily on his left elbow, which caused a permanent swelling

Originally Posted by HOSSIERDADDY
Cool!! how would i stroke a 302 ?
Originally Posted by Roscoe
very gently.
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Cool Heat

Jesus, you just ruined one of my favorite movies
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