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Re: Anybody else sick of...

Originally posted by Playahata
Protien shakes, chicken breast, tuna, and egg-whites. ating it all day-every day gets kinda old. The price of fitness...
yes but ive found some things to spice it all up and make it actually desireable
1)mustard in tuna with 2 hardbioled eggwhites
2)ice and peanutbutter in protein shake tastes like a malt
3)slice of ham in my AM eggwhites makes it taste gooood
4)steak is always gooooood
5)sugar free jello is good to fill a growling stomach and has a neglagible effect on blood sugar

after long enough its not an option you just feel like you are obligated to do it! wouldent trade my tuna/steak/chicken for all the McDonalds in the world!
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