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Q&A With VY

QB VINCE YOUNG, May 5, 2006

(on how day 1 felt)

It feels real good. The guys are working hard. Iím happy to be out here. Iím a little anxious and need to calm down a little bit, but overall weíre having a good time and weíre learning a whole lot.

(on if coaches are putting a lot of things in his head)

Theyíre doing a good job of making sure weíre picking everything up before we move ahead on anything. Right now the offense is doing a good job of picking up everything from the reads, from the offensive line picking up their blocks, me and the center calling out different things, adjustments to blitzesÖweíre doing pretty good.

(on if itís nice to get to football after four months of hoopla)

Yeah, to finally get with your teammates and guys youíre going to be playing with and basically get out here and learn with your family. Itís like starting from scratch all over again.

(on the chance to play with LenDale White)

Weíre a family now. Heís just sitting back right now. Heís just being a leader out there. Heís still talking and sitting with Coach (Fisher) and still learning the plays just knowing that heíll be there at any minute.

(on if he has grasped how much there is to learn yet)

Itís a lot, but itís pretty much similar things that youíve been running in college, but you just have to put it in their terminology now.

(on what he was working on with Norm Chow)

Just working on different things. When you see blitzes, things like thatÖstepwise, adjusting your feet to it because guys are coming a little quicker.

(on the biggest things he needs to work on)

The offense, keep working on the offense, get better and better. A lot of people say you need to be patient, but the coaches are saying to get yourself prepared, get out there and work and when you get home, get in that book and study those things.

(on if he has seen the playbook here)

Yes, I have a playbook.

(on if it is overwhelming)

Itís just like a college playbook. Itís big, but you start one by one. You donít go beat the coaches to anything. Whatever he gives you that day, thatís what you have to study and what weíre going to learn that day. You just take it page by page.

(on if he is used to the media crush that follows him)

Well, I was just in New York and there were a lot of people there as well, so Iím cool with it.

(on if there is pressure that comes with this much media coverage)

No, why should there be pressure? I play football. This is my business, this is my job.

(on how much he will try to set the tone to establish himself as a leader)

A whole lot, just going in and earning the guysí respect. Thatís a big key for a quarterback. The guys see so much on TV in college, but itís different now. When youíre around these guys now they want to see how you function. They want to see if you really are a leader.

(on if he feels like he has to be perfect every play)

No, I mean everybody is perfect, especially on the next level like this. Youíre starting over from scratch and youíre learning different things. You have a new center and you have to get the snaps right. Thereís a lot of different things where you have to start from scratch, literally all over again. When you get the rhythm, everything will fall into place.

(on how many mistakes he had today)

I just had two. I lost two snaps when the ball was snapped. On the reads and everything like that, everything is cool.

(on if he would be disappointed if Steve McNair is not here and ends up a Baltimore Raven)

This is a business. They can never take away our friendship, how we feel about each other. I mean heís still going to be my pa and Iím still going to be his little son.

(on how he felt he threw the ball today)

I think I threw the ball pretty good. There were a couple of balls where I didnít get my feet planted all the way to deliver the throw accurately like I have been throwing it. I mean it comes with it. Itís a learning process right now.

(on what the biggest transition is going to be into the NFL)

Thereís nothing hard about it. Itís just getting the different terminology of different plays and things like that. Thatís pretty much for everybody on offense and defense.

(on what coaches want him to do between now and when he comes back)

Just keep working, keep working. Even though a lot of people are leaving, Iím not going to leave. Iím going to stay here with coach working.

(on how much Jerry Rhome helped him prepare for this)

He prepared me a whole lot Ė just the drop-backs, different throws youíll probably be seeing, things on offense, adjusting to guys blitzing, adjusting to a lot of different things. He helped me out a whole lot. Itís pretty similar to what the coaches here have been saying.

(on his initial impressions of working with Norm Chow)

Well Coach, he is more relaxed. Heís not trying to push you or anything. He want you to go out there and learn and not try to go out there and do everything. Just take your time and if you have a mistake, just go onto the next play. Donít worry about that play anymore, go to the next play.

(on if his head is swimming yet)

It depends on how fast youíre learning. Right now weíre going script by script. Theyíre putting in different things. We put in something this morning. We did that right and then they put in some more things this evening and we came out here and did it again, so Iím pretty sure theyíll put in some more tonight and you just have to be ready for all of them when they call the plays. From Day 1 practice you have to know whatís going on defense and you have to go with the reads and be on the same page with everyone else.

(on what itís like being under center as opposed to being in the shotgun)

Itís not different. Iíve been doing it, so itís not different.

(on what he would like to tell the people in Austin)

Everything is going good. Go Horns!

(on if any of his teammates have asked him for his autograph yet)


(on the feedback he has gotten so far from teammates)

Just that it was a heck of a game. Congratulations. It goes both ways. Iím telling them congratulations for being here. Weíre all congratulating each other knowing that weíre teammates. Weíre all just getting ready to go out and practice.

(on potentially being on field sooner if McNair is not here)

It depends. It depends on me working and how hard Iím working behind the scene, how fast Iím picking up things. Whether Steve is here or not, itís all up to Vince as to how fast heís learning the offense.

(on if he thinks McNair will be here)

I donít know.

(on first NFL experience)

Just wow. It took a lot to get here, a lot of trials and tribulations, a lot of ups and downs, but Iím happy and blessed. I just thank God every morning for giving me this opportunity to put on a Titans jersey, coming out here and competing.

(on his expectations of contract negotiations)

I want to get it done quickly. I want to be out here sweating with the guys in the sun and with the veterans, learning different roles, learning the roles of those guys and just be out here.

(on if there is any chance he could miss any training camp time)

I donít want to miss practice. I would not want to miss practice, but itís just sitting down with my agent and those guys upstairs with whatever goes on. But Iíve already told my agent, (Floyd) Reese and Bud (Adams) that I want to be out there.

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