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"Vintage" music gear sellers

I wish you dumbasses would stop wasting space on craigslist with this crap. You can't honestly can't be selling this shit when reviews, prices and info is just a click away, but maybe I underestimate the idiocy of the interweb. You know who you are.

Your 15 watt crate amp is not "vintage" just because guitar center no longer sells that brand. It does not provide "all the warmth of real tubes without the hassle".

Your Esteban guitar is not "vintage", especially when it comes with the original CD. And it sure as hell isn't worth more than you can get one for on Amazon just because the sticker is signed by esteban himself.

Your Harmony electric guitar is not just like a fender custom shop strat. And if you paid for a custom setup you got ripped off twice, the buyer is not going to eat that cost for you.

Your Mel Bay "how to play guitar" booklet is not worth an extra $20. That gig bag and little battery powered amp and the tiny little headphone cable pretending to be a guitar cable does not increase the value of your squier, after all it is worthless once you sell the guitar; and you can buy the starcaster setup for $100 new. No one cares that you shelled out 4 bills except the punk at GC, and he is laughing.

Your Epiphone is not "just like a Gibson SG except for the name on the stock". See above.

Your "antique piano with real ivory keys" is anything but an antique and the keys are celluloid, only high end pianos used ivory after about WWI, and plastic keys were around in the 1800s. Anything that looks like it has sat on the porch for the last 50years is probably something you should PAY to have hauled away, it is no longer a piano, it is firewood and scrap metal.

That Sterling bass is not "just like a musicman". It is EB's bargain brand, so don't expect half of what a real EB goes for, it is worth about half of what a sterling goes for.

A Boss OD-2 is not a "boutique" pedal.

The plastic cheapo amp out of your squier starter kit is not a "real fender blackface".

Your custom built crap out of your garage is not the same quality as a custom built Tobias bass when you have to post on forums asking how to install a pickup, or how to adjust a nut for heavy strings; Being a decent carpenter doesn't make you a luthier. And if someone posts on said forum asking if you can do a zero-fret model for them, your answer probably shouldn't be "yes, I can do a fretless, but it will still have the lines". That means you don't have a clue AND you don't build your fingerboards.

Just because it says silvertone, don't try and confuse it with certain fairly collectible items with the same name. It isn't.

The "Gobsin" on the headstock is not a super rare example of a factory mistake that went out the door; it is a factory mistake alright, but it came from Nanking, not Nashville. The tip-off? The flamed maple top that is clearly a plastic lamination as seen by the area where someone has scratched through it.

That purple or pink flute is a $10 toy, it has only one note, and just because some music store made you shell out $300 for that along with a nice plastic case and a music stand doesn't mean it is worth that much. And no, it isn't "music teacher approved", it is a cheap toy that some music teachers stick into the little brats' hands to teach them timing and breathing. A kazoo would be about as useful.

That Tascam all-in-one casette mixer is not "vintage studio equipment just like the pros used back in the day".

Your Stradivarius violin is not worth anything since it has sat in a closet for the last 20 years, it is pretty much ruined now and Stradivarius was not the builder, it is the most commonly used model designation in the world of mass produced violins. Same goes for virtually any wooden acoustic stringed instrument. If it isn't played and maintained for decades it is probably crap by now. No need to embarrass yourself with picks of a split bow hanging together by a few strands of hair and the split all along the back that "is only cosmetic". Like you actually played it without a bridge to be sure.

I'm pretty sure Paul McCartny never played a Jay Turser violin bass. Hendrix never played a Jay Turser strat. And it is Turser, not Turner. Have you considered looking some things up to get an idea what you have before you sell it?

No one wants your nasty old harmonica. If anything, the fact that is has a wood body means it can't be cleaned to get your green-toothed-spittle out of it.

For those of you with legitimate, well thought out ads on CL, I thank you, and I won't waste your time if I am not interested or try and haggle when you say "firm" instead of "OBO". I generally look to start at 1/2 of what they go for new, and that leaves a lot of room for other circumstances. Not 1/2 of what your mommy paid for it as a dumbass who got screwed at the music store.

Damn! I need to

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