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Originally Posted by DOHCTR View Post
I disagree completely. I like that felons cant buy guns. Also I think the National Firearms Act is a half decent piece of legislation (but I hate the Hughes Amendment).

You can disagree all you want too, but until 2A is changed, any and all gun laws are constitutionally illegal, period!

So what do you have against non violent felons?

Did you know there was a bill floating around in congress that would make you a felon if you got caught pissing on the side of the road, even if no one seen your private parts? How would you feel about the felon part, if that bill had been signed into law?

All men should know Honor first, above all else!

Honor is not holding your hand out for something you did not earn.
Honor is not forcing your ideas, or belief on others.
Honor is not something given to you by way of job, or title.

Honor is learned, earned, practiced and respected by all decent men and women.
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