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Mac - Would like input on somethings

So, for work I decided to trying out a Macbook Pro.

Tell, why the HELL do windows apps run snappier in a VM running on a Mac? Why does windows in general run better in a VM on Mac? I suppose that alone could be the answer, its VMware running on a Mac and the Windows stuff is running on a VM.

Anyway, I'm like a fish out of water so far. I got my Windows VM up and running so I can work, here is what I did with the Mac itself...

-Time Machine
-Cisco VPN
-VMWare Fusion

In general I'm going to use my Windows XP VM for all work tasks. Was just cuious if there are any recommendations for must have apps...etc for the Mac itself.

For anyone that does not know....yes, owning a Mac is a little gay. However, the shit just works. I'm floored and I've been in the business awhile.

My '03 Sold.
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